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5 Restaurants In New York That Will Make You Drool



Restaurants in New York are among the best in the world. The cultural diversity along with a long history creates unique opportunities to experience different cuisines. We have examined 5 New York restaurants, in particular, to get your mouth drooling.

1) The Black Ant

The Black Ant is one of many restaurants in New York.

Crispy duck dumplings, rabbit barbacoa, agave braised veal cheek, grasshopper crusted shrimp, cactus fries…this is just a sample of what you’ll get at this adventurous Lower East Side eatery. My recommendation: the spicy margarita rimmed with black salt and crushed black ants. (Website:

2) Masa Restaurant

Masa is one of many restaurants in New York.

25 courses with a daily changing menu? $600 per person? Yes, located in Time Warner Cable building on 59th st, is Masa, America’s most expensive sushi restaurant. Go for the Shirauo (ice fish with cherry shrimp), Yara Ika (squid with salt and yuzu zest), cocoa and black sesame ice cream, miso crème brulee, and pair it with a Mikan Agave (don julio 1942, sudachi, and fresh Japanese tangerine juice). The menu is extravagant, and the selection mouth-watering, but also pricey; at Masa, a dinner for two will set you back over roughly $1300. Don’t forget your wallet. (Website:

3) Per Se New York Restaurant


Also in the Time Warner Cable building is new American and French restaurant, Per Se. $300 (that’s per person) let’s you choose between two nine-course prix-fix menus. The menu is incredibly decadent, here’s a taster: Pommes Soufflees (sunny side up quail egg, marble potatoes, Brentwood corn, summer squash, and chimichurri), Salad of Compressed Watermelon (English cucumber ribbons, pickled green chilis, banana mint, and almond pudding), and Charcoal Grilled Miyazaki Wagyu, with parmesan buttered shallots, avocado, market greens, and sauce raifort. Well I never. (Website:

4) Brooklyn Grange


Not anything like you’d expect from NYC, Brooklyn Grange is a 2½ acre organic vegetable and honey farm spanning the tops of two buildings. One is in Long Island and the other in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. They also experiment with different farms every year. They mainly sell to local markets and restaurants, but they also do events (yes, you can host your wedding reception there). The picture (above) is their family meal. *Want* (Website:

5) Dark Dining at Camaje Bistro


French-American cuisine is common, yet the idea is not. Bi-monthly, Camaje Bistro hosts ‘Dark Dining,’ where you are given a blindfold before your meal; the idea being that your other senses will be heightened. This experience is easily one of a kind, and the food is delicious. Although, I wouldn’t recommend taking a first date ‘Dark Dining’ because it’s not somewhere you’ll want to eat in awkward silence. (Website:

Josh began writing for When In Your State in 2016. Josh is a born native of NYC and went to school in Leeds, and Miami, where he was a staff writer for the Metropolis newspaper. He now resides in Washington Heights. As well as writing for WIYS, Josh cofounded a production team, and does various freelance work.