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20 Best Things To Do in Oregon



Oregon is a beautiful state known for its unique culture and wide breadth of natural beauty. From the forested mountains to the gorgeous beaches and the lively cities, there are many things to do in Oregon.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation, thrills, or something in between, the Beaver State is sure to impress you. There are plenty of incredible things to do when visiting Oregon. Make your next vacation a memorable trip by exploring the most scenic areas of the West Coast.

Check out our list below of the 20 best things to do in Oregon.

1. Thor’s Well

Source: Jakub Skyta Photography / shutterstock
Thor’s Well

Thor’s Well, also known as the Drainpipe of the Pacific, is an impressive pit that swallows up seawater off the Oregon Coast. Located in Yachats, this natural attraction is lovely and powerful, particularly during high tide. Visitors are cautioned to maintain their distance, even though researchers estimate that this pit is only around 20 feet deep.

2. Oregon Museum Of Science & Industry (OMSI)

Source: flickr
Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is a popular attraction in Portland, serving over 1 million visitors every year. OMSI displays natural sciences along with incredible innovations in industry and technology. Highlights of the museum include a planetarium, theater, and a wide range of hands-on exhibits. This destination makes it easy to learn while you have fun.

3. Boardman State Park

Source: Manuela Durson / shutterstock
Boardman State Park

Boardman State Park is a gorgeous coastal park surrounded by beaches, dunes, and wooded scenery. This destination is a must-see during any trip to Brookings. The pristine landscape will take your breath away while you relax on the shore or hike the Oregon Coast Trail.

4. Lava River Cave

Source: Hrach Hovhannisyan / shutterstock
Lava River Cave

Lava River Cave is a part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in Bend, Oregon. Visitors can admire natural wonders and geological formations while they adventure through 5,211 feet of the lava tube. Wildlife lovers can also spot chipmunks, porcupines, mule deer, and even cougars in the surrounding wilderness.

5. Prehistoric Gardens

Source: Gary Hayes / Coast Explorer
Prehistoric Gardens

The Prehistoric Garden of Port Orford, Oregon is a popular, family-friendly roadside attraction. Explore this rainforest filled with sculptures of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals, including an 86 foot long Brachiosaurus. Checking out these ancient natural habitats is a fun thing to do while visiting or road-tripping through Oregon.

6. Abiqua Falls

Source: JPL Designs / shutterstock
Abiqua Falls

Abiqua Falls is a breathtaking natural wonder situated at the end of a hiking trail near Scotts Mills, Oregon. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful scene of crystal clear waters cascading down into a large, blue pool. There’s a chance you could also see wildlife, like chipmunks and birds, in the area. Nature lovers will definitely consider this destination worth the effort of the trek.

7. Pittock Mansion

Source: flickr
Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion is a gorgeous luxury home in the hills west of Portland. This 46-room mansion is worth visiting to admire the opulent architecture and stunning landscaping. Sitting on 46 acres of land, this property is ideal for bird watching or taking a leisurely stroll while enjoying the view.

8. Eugene Saturday Market

Source: flickr
Eugene Saturday Market

The Eugene Saturday Market, held at Park Blocks every Saturday from April to November, has been happening since the 1970s. This hotspot attraction is great for socializing, shopping, and listening to live music. Grab a bite to eat at the international food court and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Artisan crafts and fresh produce from the Willamette Valley are popular goods to buy while visiting this Eugene farmers market.

9. Cannon Beach

Source: Sharon Eisenzopf / shutterstock
Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Oregon, with awe-inspiring views, plenty of activities, and delightful wildlife. Many tourists visit specifically to see Haystack Rock, an impressive rock formation that’s preserved as a part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. This rock is the home to starfish, crabs, mussels, barnacles, urchins, puffins, anemones, and more.

10. Crater Lake

Source: Pung / shutterstock
Crater Lake

Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States, is also widely regarded as the most beautiful lake in the country. Nature lovers will enjoy hiking along the park’s trails or swimming in the stunning blue waters. This caldera lake was formed around 7,700 years ago when the volcano Mount Mazama collapsed. Today, Crater Lake National Park is the only national park in Oregon.

11. Enchanted Forest

Source: benagain_photos / flickr
Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest of Salem, Oregon has been delighting families since it first opened to the public in 1971. This theme park is influenced by classic fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, and Humpty Dumpty. Visitors will be amused by the psychedelic sights and endless opportunities for photos. Children love the mystical atmosphere of this unique park.

12. Octopus Tree of Oregon

Source: Andriana Syvanych / shutterstock
Octopus Tree Of Oregon

The Octopus Tree of Oregon, also called the Monstrosity Tree, the Council Tree, and the Candelabra Tree, is about 50 feet tall and around 300 years old. Located in Tillamook, Oregon, this unusual natural spectacle will take your breath away. Experts theorize that the odd structure of the tree could have been caused by extreme weather, human intervention, or other factors.

13. Portland Japanese Garden

Source: flickr
Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is a gorgeous, peaceful area filled with culture and natural beauty. The five distinct sections of the park each honor a unique harmony, tranquillity, and history. Visitors can spend hours exploring the gardens, ponds, and bridges. Many guests report feeling enlightened and at peace while touring the grounds.

14. The Wreck of the Mary D. Hume

Source: melissamn / shutterstock
The Wreck Of The Mary D. Hume

The wreck of the Mary D. Hume is a fascinating, haunting sight for history lovers. This vessel carried goods between Oregon and San Francisco for 97 years, making it the longest-serving ship on the Pacific Coast. Now rusted and wrecked, the remains of the ship rest in Gold Beach just a few feet away from where it was originally built. In 1979, the shipwreck was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

15. Mitchell Shoe Tree

Source: Bob Pool / shutterstock
Mitchell Shoe Tree

The Mitchell Shoe Tree on Route 26 is a strange and amusing roadside attraction. Tourists have been throwing their shoes up into this tree for years, although nobody knows how it started. This Mitchell, Oregon tree is now dead, but the tradition lives on. Make sure you take some photos or toss up a pair of shoes if you’re ever in the area.

16. Willamette Valley Wine Tasting

Source: viator.com
Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley is an area of Oregon known for wine tasting tours, luxurious vineyards, and outstanding countryside scenery. Guests can enjoy premium beverages while touring some of the most popular wineries in the state.

17. Meyers Beach

Source: Peter Kunasz / shutterstock
Meyers Beach

Meyers Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches on earth. This location is often used in commercials, movies, and television shows due to its extreme beauty. Photography enthusiasts and sightseers will definitely want to visit during sunrise or sunset. For adventure seekers, these waters are perfect for surfing, swimming, and diving.

18. The Bigfoot Trap

Source: Mdvaden / wikimedia
Bigfoot Trap, Jacksonville

The Bigfoot Trap of Jacksonville, Oregon is a fun attraction for families, nature lovers, and fans of cryptozoology. Sightings of Bigfoot are common in Oregon, particularly in the woods of Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest. Nonetheless, the legendary creature has still never been caught. This trap is the only one of its kind in the United States.

19. Oregon Zoo

Source: flickr
Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the entire state. This destination is great for families, dates, animal lovers, school groups, and anyone else with a sense of wonder. The Oregon Zoo is home to around 2,000 animals, including 232 species, 21 of which are endangered or threatened. Explore the exhibits of this zoo during your next trip to Portland.

20. Forest Park

Source: flickr
Forest Park

Forest Park is a sensational 5,000 acres of nature in the Tualatin Mountains near Portland, Oregon. This park is one of the most expansive urban forest reserves in the United States, offering over 70 miles of hiking trails. Visitors can enjoy incredible sights of local wildlife and the Willamette River while trekking the area.

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