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Everything You Should Know About Weed in South Carolina



As an avid cannabis-enjoyer who also likes to take road trips, I always need to know where I can travel on the road in the US, and still enjoy my cannabis without illegalities and hassle.

Unfortunately to date, in the evolving world of cannabis legislation, South Carolina remains a state where the use of marijuana is still subject to legal restrictions. This guide aims to provide you with an overview of the legal status of marijuana in the Palmetto State. We’ll dig into the details surrounding recreational marijuana use, explore the penalties associated with possession, and offer insights into the future of cannabis legalization in this region. Additionally we will discuss the marijuana alternatives that are available to South Carolinans and visitors.

Is Weed Legal in South Carolina?

Marijuana South Carolina


Currently both medical and recreational use of marijuana remain prohibited throughout South Carolina. In other words, it’s still very much, ILLEGAL. Let’s break down some aspects of the State’s marijuana laws to help you gain an understanding of what is allowed and what is not.

Exploring Low THC/High CBD Oil:

Although traditional marijuana usage is banned, South Carolina does permit the use of THC/high CBD oil. However, it’s important to note that this option is only available to those who successfully navigate through licensing and permitting processes for cultivation and manufacturing.

Understanding Penalties for Possession:

South Carolina enforces penalties for individuals found in possession of marijuana.This article discusses the consequences that result from levels of offenses related to marijuana. These consequences range from jail sentences and fines for infractions, to more severe penalties for larger quantities and intent to distribute.

Insights on Marijuana Arrests:

In a statistic South Carolina ranked second in the nation for arrests related to marijuana in 2018 with a total of 34,229 individuals being arrested. This emphasizes the seriousness of the repercussions faced by those involved with cannabis.

Public Opinion and Legislation:

The prevailing public sentiment indicates that a significant percentage of South Carolina voters – 72%, support the legalization of medical marijuana. However, there is less support for recreational legalization at only around 23% in favor.

Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC:

Interestingly, there is a pathway to experiencing effects through hemp derived delta 8 THC in South Carolina, which is perfectly legal. These products contain no more than 0.3% delta 9 THC, providing a milder alternative to traditional marijuana use. Despite their legality it’s still important to ensure that you obtain them from vendors who provide third party lab reports on potency and purity. The future of legalization in South Carolina presents a combination of possibilities and uncertain outcomes. While the introduction of the Compassionate Care Act in 2019 aimed to expand marijuana legislation, progress faced obstacles in 2020 due to the impact of the pandemic. This article also examines the status of bills presented to the House and Senate contemplating the potential for decriminalization.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weed Regulations in South Carolina

Weed South Carolina


Curious about marijuana laws in South Carolina? We’ve got you covered with some common queries regarding medical marijuana, possession, usage, and more.

1. Who Qualifies for Medical Marijuana in South Carolina? Wondering about medical marijuana access in South Carolina? Unfortunately, the state doesn’t have a medical marijuana program like other states. While there’s no comprehensive system in place, individuals with certain forms of epilepsy can legally use low-THC/high-CBD oil. Efforts to expand the list of qualifying conditions have faced challenges so far.

2. Can You Cultivate Cannabis in South Carolina? Interested in growing your own cannabis? In South Carolina, growing marijuana is illegal. The penalties for cultivating cannabis vary based on the total weight of your plants.

3. Is Public Marijuana Smoking Permitted? Curious about public marijuana consumption? Lighting up in public is against the law in South Carolina. Public smoking is treated similarly to possession and carries corresponding penalties.

4. Traveling with Marijuana: What’s Allowed? Planning to travel with cannabis in South Carolina? You can only carry low-THC/high-CBD oil within the state. It’s important to note that you can’t take this oil across state lines if it’s derived from marijuana. Transporting cannabis across state borders is treated as drug trafficking, leading to potential jail time of 5 years and fines up to $250,000 for possessing fewer than 50 plants or under 50 kg of marijuana.

5. Can You Buy Weed Online in South Carolina? Thinking about online weed purchases? Unfortunately, besides CBD and Delta 8 products, online sales of marijuana are prohibited. Any intention to sell or distribute marijuana can result in felony charges.

6. Legal Status of Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Wondering about CBD oil derived from hemp? Good news! Hemp-derived CBD oils are legal in South Carolina. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and its derivatives were removed from the list of controlled substances, categorizing hemp plants as agricultural commodities.

7. Where to Get CBD Oils and Delta 8 THC Products Looking to purchase CBD oils or delta 8 THC products? While local hemp stores offer legal CBD oils, consider buying online for a broader range of options and competitive prices. Similar to delta 9 THC, delta 8 THC provides a milder high and comparable benefits, plus it’s federally legal. This variant offers a gentler high than Delta 9, with similar advantages and most important, federal legality. Prioritize purchasing from reputable sources that openly share manufacturing and lab testing methods. If you’re in South Carolina, and want to order Delta 8 cannabis products online, some solid stores for purchasing Delta 8 strains include:

Fresh Bros:


Area 52:

Whether for medical or recreational use, purchasing weed in the state of South Carolina is not possible. Individuals with severe epilepsy can obtain low-THC/high-CBD oil, but the limited availability is due to complex licensing processes.

Well… to summarize, cannabis legalization in South Carolina doesn’t look like it’s coming any time soon. A 2022 proposal fell flat, and now lawmakers are talking about a proposal for the 2024 election year. See:

It appears that SC legislators like to talk a lot about cannabis for the people of the state, but take very little action. With support for medical marijuana but less enthusiasm for recreational use, discussions and anticipation surrounding the trajectory of cannabis laws in South Carolina remain quite stagnant unfortunately. Looks like if I want to enjoy cannabis on a road trip, I’ll have to avoid using it in South Carolina for the time being!

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