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Here’s Why You Need to See the Giant Groom Cross in Texas



After filling up your tank in Amarillo, TX, and taking off towards the heartland state of Oklahoma, you may need to stretch your legs a bit. There aren’t many stops to rest out in that part of the country. Except of course for this one! There honestly is no better place than at the Groom cross in Texas.

Where is the Groom Cross in Texas?

The I-40 will take you on a long trip with the horizon at eye level. Then suddenly as if out of nowhere, a giant cross will appear! It is the Cross of Our Lord right off the interstate, the largest cross in the whole United States!

It’s an Amazing Roadside Attraction in Texas!

A silhouette photo of the Groom Cross in Texas.
Flickr User: cgpgrey
Flickr User: cgpgrey

Visible from 20 miles away, this 190-foot tall cross will be the first thing you’ll see. And if that isn’t enough, once you arrive, you’ll experience so much more.

Statues of the Passion of Christ play out in order up to the point of the three crosses on the hill where Jesus was crucified. Each statue tells a bit of the famous religious story and will captivate you with the brilliant workmanship.

Photo of a statue of Jesus Christ on top of a brown rock fountain in Groom Texas. This is outside of the Cross of Our Lord Church.
Photo by
Quinn Dombrowski

Who Built the Groom Cross?

The cross itself was erected in 1995 by The Cross of Our Lord Ministries. The church is still active today and is located in the same place. The church and the Groom Cross are open to the public 24/7. There is also a rather lovely fountain and gift shop, located near the Passion exhibit.

Statue of a Roman man helping Jesus carry his cross during his Crucifixion. This statue is at The Cross of Our Lord Ministries in Groom, Texas.
Photo by DMichael Burns

The Groom Cross in Texas may actually end up being the highlight of your journey. It may be in the middle of just about nowhere, you would definitely not regret visiting it. It’s even worthy enough to be your final destination.

Photo by CGP Grey

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