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Mona Rope Swing: Utah’s Best Swimming Hole




When it comes to perfect summer destinations to add to your growing bucket list or to simply spend the hot days of the summer destination, does Utah come to mind? Unbeknownst to many, Utah is a great summer destination! Not only do they have the Great Salt Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats, a few national parks, stunning natural landscapes to camp in, and the Sundance Film Festival (this one’s not during the summer season), but Utah has one hidden gem you never thought you needed for the summer.

mona rope swing, utah


The Beehive State has tons of summer activities you can line up to get the optimum summer experience. You might have a hard time choosing which ones are possible to experience if you’re coming from a faraway state or, better, a different country. Let us help you narrow down your choices and keep your summer one to remember.

Utah’s Hidden Gem

mona rope swing, utah


Let’s cut to the chase. Do you know how to swim? Mona, Utah, is home to several stunning lakes you’ll want to return to every summer. Not only do these lakes offer tranquility, clear waters, and an overall relaxing atmosphere, but they also have none other than rope swings!

Yep, you got that right. Rope swings are the long dangling ropes hanging from big trees by the lake. You’ve probably seen a bunch of movies already where rope swings are utilized to make summers look more dreamy. Those handcrafted ropes make summers more worthwhile by providing a thrilling experience.

Several rope swings can be found in Utah’s lake. You can find some in the Mona Reservoir. The lake is bordered by lush greenery that boasts the most iconic rope swings in the region. Rope swings aren’t the only thing you’ll return to in the Mona Reservoir. The stunning Mount Nebo in the background makes a great backdrop for the photos you’ll be storing and reminiscing.

mona rope swing


The Millsite Reservoir is yet another local (and tourists!) favorite/ The iconic Millsite Reservoir rope swings made it a favorite spot for everyone to cool off and have fun, all while making memories that will be cherished forever. Additionally, the Millsite Reservoir, being surrounded by a beautiful landscape, makes it an ideal place for many other summer activities you have in mind.

If you want to go more than the roads of Mona, the Burraston Ponds are a great destination for rope swinging, too! Its clear blue waters make it a great place for swimming with friends and family, and the greenery that surrounds it makes the Burraston Ponds an ideal place for outdoor picnics and other activities that strike your fancy.

The Nostalgia That Is The Rope Swings in Utah


With several summer activities you can do in Utah, rope swings don’t come to mind. Especially in Mona, where the annual Lavender Festival takes place, along with the distillery tours, skydiving, and a ton of hiking and biking trails if you are the adventurous type. Isn’t that more fun than swinging on ropes and crashing in the pristine waters of Utah’s prized lakes? Well, you might be faced with more mundane summer days.

The rope swings are a great way to connect with nature in the age of technology. Turn off your devices and immerse yourself in the wonders that are Mona, Utah, and of course, its rope swings that bring about great and thrilling experiences. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, the rope swing, which is somewhat of a daring activity, brings about sheer excitement. It’s a summer activity that will never lose its charm.

You Might Need The H2O Dip More Than You Think In Mona, Utah


You might think rope swinging and crashing on Utah’s clear blue and cool waters is overrated until you find out that Utah can get relatively hot during the summer. Mona, Utah, has an average summer temperature of 90 degrees on a regular day. Boating, fishing, swimming, and other water activities can do just the job of beating the intense heat in Mona.

Mona, Utah’s Rope Swings Are Made With Love

The rope swings scattered around Mona, Utah’s lakes didn’t just grow on the trees where they are hanging. If only the ropes could talk, they could tell various stories of how they came to be and the people that have held onto them for dear life before getting devoured by the deep blue waters that hold a menagerie of summer activities you can add to your Utah bucket list.


The rope swings you can find and hang onto around Utah’s beautiful lakes are handcrafted by the surrounding community. Likewise, the ropes are also well-taken care of by the community who made them. If you could, leave no trail behind and ensure you’re not destroying anything while you’re having fun.

Safety Precautions for Rope Swinging

Rope swings are mostly safe if you know how to use them. Surprisingly, some people think rope swinging is as easy as 1-2-3. And surprisingly, again, it is not. If you are Tarzan’s descendant, you’ll have a swell time clinging onto the ropes and crashing into the waters several times. If you’re not, you need to know a few things.

First off, most of the time, there are no lifeguards around rope swings. Rope swings are a community effort, which means the people living around the area have the most fun with them, lending them to tourists and other people who come to experience the thrill. You can say it’s a local summer delicacy.

Several users of all shapes and sizes have tested rope swings. The rope swings can hold much weight since it is tied to a sturdy tree. But remember that ropes and trees deteriorate over time, so you should keep it a habit to check and do a little tugging before going all in.

Lastly, remember to let go at the right time. When the rope swing reaches its apex, that’s the best time for you to let go and enjoy crashing into the deep blue waters of Mona, Utah. If you don’t, you might have minor or even major injuries due to landing on shallow parts of the water. You might even land on the shore if you didn’t let go at the right time. Remember to check the depth of the water from the shore first before doing all the acrobatics that will leave everyone’s jaws on the floor.

The Best Time To Visit Mona Rope Swing Is During…


Summer seems to be the perfect time to visit Mona, Utah. With its Lavender Festival in the middle of summer that holds many summer activities for locals and tourists alike, the distillery tours, a draft horse competition, the rope swings, and more—Mona, Utah has got to be the perfect summer destination!

Aside from rope swinging in the heat of the summer, Mona, Utah, also boasts several water sports like kayaking, fishing, and more. With several kinds of fish swimming around Mona’s lakes and ponds, such as catfish, trout, carp, and walleye, anyone would be tempted to take their fishing rods for a dip.

However, the fall season is another great season to visit Mona, Utah. Mona boasts a great spectrum of fall colors that would make great backdrops or subjects for your Instagram posts. Additionally, the fall season’s slightly cooler weather will allow you to appreciate Mona more without getting fried by the summer sun’s heat.


With the summer season in “full swing,” you can add Mona, Utah, to your long list of summer destinations and experience the rope swings, one for the books! Celebrate the summer season by unleashing the inner Tarzan in you, or simply cool off in the deep blue waters of Mona’s lakes and ponds you’ll surely return to.

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