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10 Photos That Prove Arizona is Nothing But a Hot, Dry Desert



Images of Arizona Show How It’s More than Just a Desert

Most people probably think of Arizona as hot desert landscape where cacti abound. But, is Arizona more than just a dry and hot desert? These 10 images of Arizona prove how diverse the state truly is.

1) Check Out Monument Valley!

Monument Valley provides for some of the best images of Arizona.

Monument Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful location in Northern Arizona. It has been the location of many great Hollywood westerns. Images of Monument Valley, Arizona when it snows, make for some of the most beautiful art.

2) Images of Sedona, Arizona and the Famous Red Rocks

The best images of Arizona always include the breathtaking red rocks of Sedona.
Flickr User Liz Roop

They’re looking pretty dry right? Not quite. The red rocks of Sedona provide for some of the best images of Arizona. When it’s winter time, the red breaks through the white snow creating a unique contrast of color. 

3) This Image of Arizona Doesn’t Look Toasty Warm

Snowfall over Sedona, Arizona is always a beautiful image.
Flickr User Matt Bell

Feel like breaking out your bathing suit yet? It’s definitely not dry in the Sedona winter. The landscape looks especially gorgeous when it is covered with snow.

4) Nothing grows in the desert anyway, right?

Snowy trees in front of a red canyon during the Arizona winter.
Flickr User Pete Harris

The high desert environments allow for a lot of different trees and plants to grow tall and green. You’d be surprised by how much life there is growing in Arizona.

5) These Images of Arizona Sure Don’t Look Too Hot

The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona with snow in the foreground.
Flickr User Liz Roop

Hiking in the winter up in Sedona, Arizona, is nothing like walking on a dry and hot desert landscape. Pictures of Arizona and snow are not as commonly shared as they should be.

6) Here’s the Sun Over Agassiz Peak in Flagstaff

Agassiz Peak in Flagstaff with snow on the ground. One of many great images of Arizona.
Flickr User Misty Ihrke

I bet it’s blindingly hot.

7) Images of Snow in Arizona Show It’s Not a Dry Barren Desert

Snow covering the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.
Flickr User Pete Harris

Arizona isn’t commonly associated with snow-capped mountain peaks. But, if you visit at the right time of year, you’d be surprised by how much snow the Arizona actually receives. You’ll also be able to take some the most breathtaking photos of your life. 

8) The Cathedral Rocks Overlook the Desert Below

Images of Cathedral Rocks in Arizona.
Flickr User Dave Coppedge

The Cathedral Rocks provide a striking contrast of red on white when photographed with snow.

9) The Grand Canyon Provides the Best Images of Arizona in Winter

Winter at the Grand Canyon giving an excellent contrast of high desert and snow.
Flickr User Alex Derr

Nothing but hot and dry right? Hardly. Arizona landscapes are much more diverse than most people would think. 

10) Is it Strange to See a Snow Saguaro?

Snow-covered hills of the Sierra Anchas.
Flickr User Paul Gill

The hills of the Sierra Anchas get a lot of snow during the cold winter months. Photos of Arizona like this make it seem like a different planet.

Point made?