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10 Stunning Photos of the Superstition Mountains That Remind You Why It’s Arizona’s Pride & Joy



Who wouldn’t love the Superstition Mountains? It is a gorgeous destination with a bit of mystery and – you guessed it! – superstition! It is one of the most sought-after places in Arizona, and you wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is the state’s pride and joy. Many people, locals and tourists alike, feel like this place is simply stunning. And they’re not wrong. Do you need photos of Superstition Mountains to believe it? Then, check out our list.

Here are 10 stunning photos of the Superstition Mountains that look too beautiful for words:

1. This place is not bad luck. It’s an Arizona landscape you can’t ignore!

superstition mountains arizona

Source: Instagram

Okay, you’ve probably already heard about the Superstition Mountains. It’s easily one of the most beautiful destinations in Arizona. But what’s the hype all about? Is it really something special? The answer is a big YES, my friend.

The Superstition Mountains have formed millions of years ago as a result of a major volcanic activity. It got its name from the Pimas Indians, who were very superstitious with these mountain ranges. They believed that people disappeared, and deaths mysteriously occurred. Overall, they felt that the Superstition Mountains were bad luck.

But just look at this photo. It sure is beautiful. If you ask us, it’s definitely an Arizona landscape you can’t ignore.

2. It’s mesmerizing under the starry night sky.

arizona night sky best photos

Source: Instagram

Among the hundreds of thousands of photos of the Superstition Mountains all over the internet, this has got to be one of our favorites. It looks so magical and mesmerizing. The desert landscape and the mountain range humbly conceal its beauty under the starry night sky. In fact, it looks like an enchanting place you want to go to in your dreams.

If you’ve read our article on 8 facts about the Superstition Mountains, then you already know that one of the famous superstitions about this place is about the story of the Lost Dutchman. According to the story, the Lost Dutchman has his gold and treasures lying somewhere around this area, and up to now, it hasn’t been found yet.

3. You will fall in love with the fiery beauty.

lost dutchman park what superstitions

Source: Instagram

We already said it before. The Superstition Mountains have formed millions of years ago as a result of a major volcanic activity. The mountains are formed by volcanic ash which are cemented by extreme heat (Arizona, right?). It’s also composed of breccia or rock fragments that were cemented together with lava or welded turf, as well as dacite, basalt, granite, and some conglomerate.

But it’s not like all that science has something to do with the fiery beauty of this destination. Take a look at this photo for example. The way the sun shines at the mountains is simply glorious.

4. It’s a sunny, lovely day.

wildflowers superstition mountains arizona

Source: Instagram

Not all photos of the Superstition Mountains have to be so mysterious and fiery. Sometimes, you just have to appreciate it on a fine, sunny day. It’s pretty “chill” to look at. The weather here is predominantly sunny, and there are only seasonal winter rains coming from the Pacific Ocean.

The photo may seem “chill,” but if you are actually here during summer, you’ll find it extremely hot and the temperatures can soar above 100°. On the other hand, the months of July and August can also see thunder and lightning, blowing dust, and occasionally heavy rain.

5. Say hello to all the desert plants.

beautiful photos of the superstition mountains az

Source: Instagram

Sunday morning hikes sometimes give you the loveliest views. Wouldn’t you enjoy doing outdoor activities more if you’re presented with something like this? It’s simply beautiful. Look at all the desert plants. If you come here, you will see chollas, prickly pears, barrel cacti, saguaro cacti, agaves, ocotillo, and yuccas. You should also visit this destination during spring or early summer to see all these plants in full bloom!

6. It will give you a surreal hike.

superstition mountains hike arizona

Source: Instagram

You will fall in love with hiking more if the trail is not just challenging, but also beautiful. The trails in the Superstition Mountains marries an exhilarating experience with a picturesque view. If you have the time to stop for a short break, just take out your phone and capture the photo. We are sure it will look great!

7. The mysterious aura.

arizona desert landscape beautiful

Source: Instagram

The clouds are down so low in this photo, giving the mountains a mysterious aura you’d probably expect from a place that got its name from people who thought it was superstitious. Legend states that the Lost Dutchman’s gold mine is hidden somewhere within the 160,000 acres of this Arizona desert. But where is it now? That, we’ll never know. In the meantime, we can just enjoy the extraordinary beauty and mysterious aura of the Superstition Mountains with this photo.

8. This view is a tired hiker’s reward.

best mountain views az arizona

Source: Instagram

There are so many beautiful photos of the Superstition Mountains but we can’t afford not to share with you this one. The mountain view is simply gorgeous. For some reason, we think this might be Wakanda. Don’t you just agree? Well, the view is a tired hiker’s reward.

One of the popular Superstition Mountain hikes includes Treasure Loop Trail. It is a 2.4-mile loop hike at the west of the mountains. The area is relatively flat, so anticipate that you’ll already see the beautiful views just less than half a mile up the trail. This is a perfect hike you need to take if you just want to go on a quick outdoor trip with the family, or if you want to take your dog out for a first hiking adventure. It’s incredibly scenic! Not to mention, you will enjoy reliving the stories about gold-mining history and the Lost Dutchman’s Buried Treasure in your head.

9. Well, the dust storm added a hauntingly beautiful charm to Superstition Mountains.

arizona haboob photos of the superstition mountains

Source: Instagram

The lightning bolts, the dust storm, and the gorgeous desert landscape. What’s not to love about this photo? This was taken just as the dust storm passed, and we truly think it’s hauntingly beautiful!

Summer storms in the desert, or monsoons, might bring massive thunderstorms with severe wind, dust storms, and heavy showers. However, the silver lining in this “scary moment” is the unforgettable picture it provides. If you are wondering about dust storms in the Superstition Mountains, you should know that most of the storms here result from the warm, moist air flowing in from the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez).

10. One summer night at the Superstition Mountains.

night photos of the superstition mountains az

Source: Instagram

According to many adventurers, the summer heat can be really unforgiving and merciless to unprepared visitors. However, you can’t afford to miss summer nights because it’s also the time where you can capture your own photos of the Superstition Mountains at its best. This, for example, is a winner!

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