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There Is a Hidden Castle on Camelback Mountain That Looks Like a Film Location From Game of Thrones




What if we tell you, there’s another beautiful castle in Arizona aside from Montezuma Castle or Tovrea Castle? Would you even bother checking it out? The place we’re pertaining to now is actually quite mysterious. Not everyone knows about this place, much less think there’s something like this that exists. The Copenhaver Castle is hidden on Camelback Mountain, and it can definitely pass as a Game of Thrones filming location. Did we catch your attention? Well then, keep scrolling!

Who Knew Camelback Mountain Was Hiding Such a Beautiful Gem?

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You can just take a photo of it (you have to ask permission from the owners) and pretend you are a character in Game of Thrones.

The Copenhaver Castle is definitely a beauty to behold! It is nestled high above the rocks, and boasts a timeless vibe you’d only get from castle architecture. If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a medieval fortress, this one might just be the best place for you. It features rose-hued cut stone crenellated walls, round towers, and arched windows.

This castle is actually a good example of Moorish castle architecture. This big home wouldn’t be able to stand on Camelback Mountain for many years if it wasn’t for the massive stone walls and solid construction of the building. The exterior features are also quite remarkable because it includes battlements, or the gaps that allow the knights to shoot at the enemy. Did the owner of this castle need such features then? Not quite.

Copenhaver Castle Was Once the Home of a Wealthy Orthodontist

Since we’re talking about castles, you might get the idea that this was owned by a prince. However, we don’t really have princes in Arizona, so that leaves the ownership of such buildings to the elite and wealthy individuals. Copenhaver Castle was constructed by Dr. Mort Copenhaver, a wealthy orthodontist who had a love for a medieval fortress. He definitely made his dreams come true when he saw the birth of this castle, which is a 7,000-square-foot structure that is eight stories high. If you go inside, you’ll find 20 rooms, a dungeon and 10 balconies. You can choose from a lot of rooms whenever you’re having friends over, or if you’re just bored and you want to look at the views of the valley.

There is a retractable roof inside the “Great Room” (mostly used as a spa) for views of the famous Arizona blue sky. It also has a 17-foot waterfall in the living room above the fireplace.! That’s impressive. It just reminded us of the Arizona restaurant that features a waterfall, because not many places have this kind of display indoors. Overall, this was one hell of a Moorish castle.

The Doctor Lost His Home…

It might be because of the waterfall (it’s actually not), but Copenhaver lost the castle in 1988 due to bankruptcy. It saw a new owner, but then he also suffered the same fate. This gave birth to the idea that the property is cursed. Not a single offer was made for the castle because of the fear of financial troubles.

The locals thought the Copenhaver Castle will be left to decay forever. It wasn’t until a wealthy man named Robert Pazcerka finally purchased it 25 years later. He didn’t change a thing about the exterior, but spent quite a lot refurbishing the interior. Let’s just say he probably customized it to his own liking.

Copenhaver Castle Will Continue to Be a Favorite to Phoenicians and Visitors Alike

The Copenhaver Castle is now known as Camelback Castle. It’s definitely still a beauty up to this very day. It is currently undergoing renovation, so we bet it would look more wonderful.

coperhaven castle in arizona

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Can you just imagine how divine it looks under an epic full moon? Seeing it from that light will probably be one of the most amazing experiences in your life.

castles in arizona that looks like game of thrones locations

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We can just imagine Dr. Copenhaver looking out the balcony and enjoying the unobstructed views of nature? It would be perfect to start the day seeing such a sight!

copenhaver castle az

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The Phoenix sun shines in, giving you a peek of the interior of the castle. This is part of the renovation of Copenhaver Castle. We bet it would look so great once complete!

castles beautiful in phoenix

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At night, you’ll see Phoenix lit up in beautiful colors. It’s best to look at this view from the balcony with original archways. It’s just so beautiful. Each arch is actually lined with gold pebbles and stones.

copenhaver deck az

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There’s a future observation deck in Copenhaver Castle. You can already see the platform, but it’s not fastened down yet.

copenhaver castle renovation

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It will look completely stunning once finished!

Note: The castle is a private residence and is currently undergoing renovation. It is being photo-documented by the owner to show the renovation process. However, there are still no updates if it will be open for tours once completed

Location: 5050 E Red Rock Dr., Phoenix, Arizona 85018

What do you think about this castle? We can just imagine Daenerys soaring high above it with Dracarys.

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