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Here are 10 Things People from New York Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else




Welcome to the Big Apple, where New Yorkers live life at a different pace! From confidently jaywalking through traffic to folding pizza slices with finesse, residents of New York engage in behaviors that might leave outsiders bewildered. Join us as we uncover 10 quirks and customs that showcase the bold and fast-paced nature of New York culture.

“Jaywalking with confidence”

New Yorkers are notorious for confidently jaywalking across busy streets, navigating traffic with ease and disregard for pedestrian signals, showcasing a boldness that may seem reckless or daring to those from more cautious communities.

“Pizza folding mastery”

New Yorkers have perfected the art of folding their pizza slices in half lengthwise for easy consumption on the go, a technique that may seem unconventional or sacrilegious to those accustomed to eating pizza with utensils or without folding.

“Subway acrobatics”

In New York City, subway performers entertain commuters with acrobatic feats and musical performances, often balancing on poles or flipping through train cars, showcasing a daring and unconventional form of entertainment that may seem insane or dangerous to those from less bustling transit systems.

“Bodega reliance”

New Yorkers rely heavily on their local bodegas for convenience items, groceries, and even meals, often forming close relationships with bodega owners and frequenting these corner stores multiple times a day, showcasing a dependence on small-scale convenience that may seem excessive or inefficient to those from regions with larger supermarkets.

“Street cart cuisine”

New Yorkers indulge in street cart cuisine, enjoying everything from hot dogs and pretzels to halal food and empanadas from sidewalk vendors, showcasing a love for affordable and accessible street food that may seem unhygienic or risky to those with food safety concerns.

“Rooftop partying”

New Yorkers take advantage of rooftop spaces for socializing and partying, with rooftop bars and lounges offering stunning views of the city skyline and a unique atmosphere for gatherings, showcasing a penchant for elevated entertainment that may seem extravagant or exclusive to those from regions without such access.

“Midnight diners”

New Yorkers enjoy late-night dining at diners and delis that are open 24/7, with bustling crowds and a lively atmosphere well into the early hours of the morning, showcasing a nocturnal dining culture that may seem excessive or unusual to those from regions with earlier dining hours.

“Sidewalk speed walking”

New Yorkers walk with purpose and speed on crowded sidewalks, weaving through pedestrian traffic with agility and efficiency, showcasing a fast-paced lifestyle that may seem frenetic or overwhelming to those accustomed to a slower pace.

“Central Park escapades”

New Yorkers escape the hustle and bustle of the city by seeking refuge in Central Park, where they engage in activities like picnicking, jogging, and sunbathing, showcasing a desire for green space and outdoor recreation that may seem surprising or refreshing to those from more urbanized environments.

“Taxi hailing tactics”

New Yorkers employ aggressive tactics to hail taxis, from whistling loudly to waving their arms frantically, showcasing a determination to secure transportation in a city where taxis can be scarce and competition for them is fierce, a level of assertiveness that may seem assertive or confrontational to those from more reserved cultures.

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