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5 Swimming Holes In Arizona You Must Visit

Cheyenne Reed



When the sweltering, summer heat in Arizona is at it’s worst, the crowded pool down the street just isn’t going to cut it. Check out these awesome swimming holes in Arizona instead if you’re looking for a gorgeous place to cool down!

1) Bull Pen


The Bull Pen swimming hole is located about fifteen miles east of Camp Verde. Found alongside the West Clear Creek, this hidden spot is fairly easy to get to. Less than a mile’s hike on flat ground from the main road, this swimming hole has a lot to offer.

Visitors say the water here is clear and cool – often the perfect temperature. Another perk of this location is that the rocks surrounding it make it perfect for cliff jumping. Whether you want to jump from the top – around twenty feet up – or play it a little safer and jump from one of the lower ledges, there are plenty of jumping spots to choose from at various heights. The depth slowly increases here, topping out at about ten feet.

2) Red Rocks Crossing


There’s a chance you’ve heard Sedona referenced as one of the most beautiful locations in Arizona, and we’re inclined to agree. This swimming hole can be found there with Cathedral Rock, one of Sedona’s most iconic landmarks, in the background.  

This well-kept secret means that you’re likely to find fewer crowds here than the popular Slide Rock State Park. The water here isn’t as clear as some other locations, but it’s warmer than many swimming holes. Just be sure to watch out for slippery moss on top of the rock formations so you don’t take an unexpected tumble.

3) Fossil Creek


Fossil Creek is designated as a “Wild and Scenic River,” and many people who have seen it swear that it has some of the clearest water they’ve ever seen! Fossil Creek is so popular, in fact, that you’ll need a $6 permit to visit it. Park officials instituted this formality to limit the number of visitors coming to Fossil Creek daily and to reduce the amount of trash appearing in the area.

This swimming hole is more than worth the nominal fee, though. You’ll find that it’s a great place to spend a day relaxing in the sun, swimming in the cool water, or enjoying the peace and quiet of the wilderness. There’s even a campground nearby. Keep in mind, though, that the drive-in can be a bit rough on some vehicles.

4) Havasu Falls


This swimming hole isn’t for those who aren’t willing to put in some work, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. Havasu Falls and swimming hole is located inside the Grand Canyon near the village of Supai. To get to this incredible location, you’ll not only need a reservation to make the trip, but you’ll also need to prepare for an eleven-mile hike.

When you finally arrive, you’ll see why people make the journey. Life Magazine has named Havasu Falls America’s best swimming hole, and this 100 foot falls never fails to take anyone’s breath away.

With cool, seventy degrees, turquoise waters and plenty of space for stretching out to soak up some sun, this location is one of the most beautiful and unique swimming holes in Arizona.

5) The Crack


This swimming hole found alongside Wet Beaver Creek near Camp Verde requires a bit of work. All in all, to get there, you’ll end up hiking about three and a half miles of decently easy trails. This location boasts waters that are quite cool – cold depending on who you ask – so head there on an especially sweltering summer day.

Here the rock formations surrounding this swimming hole tower as high as thirty feet, which makes it a great place for cliff jumping. You might see some stunts you would rather miss if you consider yourself a cautious person. Don’t forget to haul out everything that you hiked in with and keep this special piece of nature pristine for all of its future visitors.

Plan For Next Summer

So, now that you have an extensive list of swimming holes in Arizona, you’ll have to indulge yourself next summer!