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10 Reasons Why Arizona Loves This Lake Havasu Balloon Festival



Why do you keep hearing about this annual event? Is it just pure hype, or is it something you should really explore? Here are the 10 reasons why Arizona loves the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival.

1. It’s a Good Way to Have Fun Outside While Enjoying the Weather

Havasu Balloon Festival
Source: Havasu Balloon Festival | Life is Art Studio

Lake Havasu City is always one to treat the locals and visitors alike with year-round events that showcase its warm weather, beautiful skies, and beautiful landscapes. This makes the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival a particularly good event and a famous Arizona premier outdoor adventure destination.

2. You Get to Experience a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Havasu Balloon Festival Arizona
Source: Havasu Balloon Festival Arizona | Lake Havasu Properties

If you’re done listening to the balloon teams talk about art and history of hot air balloons, then you might think riding one is a good idea! Try the tethered balloon rides for the best experience with your family or loved one! It’s not going over Lake Havasu City or in and around the Bridgewater Channel and the London Bridge, but it’s still a great activity!

Rent your time in the basket during the festival! The untethered rides cost $20 per adult, $10 for kids from 6 to 11 years old, and $5 for 5-year-olds. You can also take the untethered rides which cost more at $200 per person.

*All rides are available as long as the weather cooperates

3. You Will Have a Good Time Listening to Live Music

Havasu Balloon Festival Entertainment
Source: Havasu Balloon Festival Entertainment | RiverScene Magazine

There is never a dull moment at the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival because of the live stage bands. If you’re keen, you can find the entertainers and the excited crowd at the main stage. There are also musical and theatrical groups depending on the program!

4. You Can Do Your Part in Giving Back to the Less Fortunate

Havasu Balloon Festival Arizona
Source: Havasu Balloon Festival Arizona | RiverScene Magazine

The festival is promoted as an entertainment event. But it’s actually more than that. The Lake Havasu Balloon Festival is, in fact, run by approximately 1,400 to 2,000 volunteers who give their best to make sure all visitors have a great time here. The planning stages take a long time (one year), but it’s worth it because the funds raised are divided among the two Lake Havasu City Lions and three Rotary clubs. These groups donate back into the local community.

5. You’ll Be Able to Try Many Different Carnival Rides and Games

Havasu Festival Carnival Games
Source: Havasu Festival Carnival Games | Today’s News Herald/Chelsea Curtis

The festival has a lot going on all day and night. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, you shouldn’t miss out on the carnival rides, pony rides, and games held inside the state park.

6. It’s So Reasonably-Priced for Such a Great Show

The 10th Annual Lake Havasu Balloon Festival already took place last January 2020. The general admission tickets cost $15 each and were available for online purchase. The other visitors bought it at the festival box on site any day during the three-day event. It’s a pretty cheap expense for such a great show.

Next Year’s 11th Annual Lake Havasu Balloon Festival

January 22nd, 2021 – January 24th, 2021
General admission: $15 (tickets are good for all 4 days)

7. You Can Browse for the Best Food or Arts and Crafts

If you’re not watching the balloons fill up the sky above Lake Havasu, then you should definitely discover whatever arts and crafts you can find! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a unique charm for your girl to serve as a souvenir!

There’s also a big selection of food on-site, so you don’t need to worry about getting hungry.

8. It’s an Epic Experience

We’re talking about a full-blown live entertainment, arts and crafts, gastronomic adventure, carnival, balloon airshows and more!

We’ve already told you it’s cheap for such a great show, and we’re not bluffing!

9. The Best Moments Can Be Captured Here

Havasu Balloon Festival
Source: Havasu Balloon Festival | Lake Havasu

Imagine breaking pregnancy news to your family, proposing to your longtime partner, or simply confessing to your crush how much you like him or her. The Lake Havasu Balloon Festival makes for an amazing backdrop to capture the sweet moment!

10. The Hot Air Balloon Mass Ascension Are Simply Amazing

Havasu Festival Balloon Glow
Source: Havasu Festival Balloon Glow | Lake Havasu

During daytime: Wait for the balloon pilots’ to do the “splash-and-dash” over the water close to the London Bridge. The airshows will amaze you with the skills of these pilots, and keep you on your toes the whole time!

During the afternoon: The hot air balloon mass ascension is a wonderful aerial scenery! There are several launch sites around town, but you can always get the vantage point from the launch field itself.

During the night: One of the most popular activities in the Lake Havasu Balloon Festival is the Balloon Glow activity wherein the balloons glow in the night in sync with the music of the DJ. It’s a spectacular sight that shouldn’t be missed!