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One of the Smallest Churches in the World Is Right Here in Arizona and It’s Adorably Worth Every Visit



You’ve probably come across a bunch of tiny house videos on Youtube during the quarantine. They appeal so much to the public because it represents simple living and creativity. We found out that in Yuma, there is a place similar to a tiny house. While it may not be a house meant for a family to live in, it is a place where individuals can seek refuge. If you’re curious about the Pause, Rest,Worship Chapel, then keep reading.

A Tiny Church in the Middle of a Crop Field: Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel

Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel az

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You must be wondering what a chapel must be doing there in the middle of a crop field. Well, let’s go back in time. In 1995, a cotton farmer named Loren Pratt built this tiny house of God in honor of his deceased wife Lois. This little chapel is his labor of love, and the great thing about it is that you can literally pause, rest, and worship!

Pause Rest Worship Sign

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At present both the farm and chapel are being managed by his son Cecil. The name of the chapel came from the sign that says “Pause, Rest, Worship” leading to the tiny chapel. The majority of the people remembered the place because of the sign. It’s so small, with a size of only 8 feet by 12 feet only and 12 people at max can fit inside. It was destroyed back in September 11 when a microburst storm flung it 60 feet, crushing the steeple and losing a wall. The Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel have since been reconstructed to the same dimensions by the Pratt family.

This beautiful and tiny chapel has already seen first dates, weddings and even memorial services. In fact, there was once a time when a family came to sprinkle their grandmother’s ashes.

The Owner Built a Chapel in Honor of His Wife

Pause Rest Worship Chapel az

Source: Instagram

If you’ve ever heard the story of why the Taj Mahal was built, it’s very similar to the history of Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel. Loren Patt loved his wife so much that he built a place of worship to honor her. This proves how religious and God-fearing the couple was.

For a few years before Loren passed away, a storm had broken the wall of the tiny chapel. His family had renovated it following the same dimensions. Today, it still stands brightly with its blue exterior and the signature cross at the top. The bushes and flowers surrounding the chapel make the place more beautiful.

If you happen to be around Yuma, you can just stop at this beautiful chapel and pray with your lover. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find peace inside a tiny church in the middle of a crop field. You can even pretend-marry your lover or profess your undying love. Whatever it is you’re up to, just remember to keep it romantic, light, and heavenly.

Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel Conducts a Church Service Every Easter Sunday

Tiny Chapel in Arizona

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Since the chapel is so small, they don’t hold masses regularly. It is just meant for the road trippers, weary visitors, or even the normal people dropping by to pause, rest for a while, and pray. A lot of people join the Pratt family once a year every Easter Sunday because that’s the only time they hold a church service.  It is being held at sunrise, just behind the chapel on the squat mountain. Nobody knows for sure who started this tradition. Some claim it’s been that way every year for at least two decades.

Since then, many worshippers gather together to climb up the dark dirt path, and join the Pratt family’s tradition as if it was their own.

People Come and Go but They Leave Stories Behind

Pause Rest Worship Chapel

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No one tracks whoever visits this tiny chapel. It’s so small to even have a designated person monitor everyone who will come in. Since this is a place of worship, the Pratt family openly lets people see and take their time inside.

Founder Loren Pratt died in 2015, so without a founder or a congregation, guest books now hold the chapel’s history. The books are actually one-part travel log, one-part diary, and one-part Pratt family history. You can see what all the previous visitors who have been here before think about their experience inside the Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel.

Guest Books Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel

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Some visitors leave their traces through the journal placed at the pulpit in front. There are people who only write their names and the date when they visited. On the other hand, there are also some who share stories of their sweet milestones such as getting married. The unfortunate moments that speak of agony towards illness and sadness are also written in the journal. You might find a bitter message of “Cancer Sucks!” when you come here.

You can pretty much say that each person who goes here has a story to tell. But there’s one thing that is very common for all visitors. They all feel at ease after reflecting inside the tiny chapel.

How to Get Here

Smallest church in the world in arizona Pause Rest Worship Chapel

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1. Take I-8 and exit 12.

2. Continue on North on Fortuna Rd for two miles, then north on US 95 for a little over five miles.

3. Keep your eyes peeled. The Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel is super cute and small that you might miss it! The chapel is just north of the Bridge to Nowhere — within view of its towers, in the middle of a crop field, to the west of US 95.

A thin dirt road will lead you straight to the front door. The door of this chapel is also never locked. Everyone is welcome to find peace in prayer and worship.

Note: If you want to really have a serene experience after praying inside the chapel, you should wait until the sun sets so you can see the amazing mountain views in the background. You’ll thank us later.

Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel

Location: S. Ave. 13 E., Yuma, Arizona

Have you been to Pause, Rest, Worship Chapel? How was your experience? Feel free to share it with us so other visitors can also get an idea. If you like visiting tiny spaces, you should also look at this artsy Airbnb in Arizona with beautiful mountain views!