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The Most Impressive Holiday Light Show Will Grace Arizona Soon and You Shouldn’t Miss It




You need not travel far and wide to be able to enjoy spectacular activities. For instance, there is a big holiday light show that will soon grace Arizona. The World of Illumination promises to be a delightful experience that will set the mood for Christmas festivities. Are you up for it?

World of Illumination Is a Drive-Through Light Spectacular in Arizona That Lives up to Its Name

World of Illumination light show az

Source: Instagram

Yes, you read that right.

This event is a drive-through light spectacular right here in the state. Not only that, but the symphony of sight and sound is also actually considered the world’s largest, so you are sure to have an awesome time! It’s not everyday you can drive through a beautiful world of music and lights. You better make the most out of the event and enjoy the heck out of it!

World of Illumination boasts more than two million LED lights animated. The lights are synchronized to the tunes of holiday classics, letting you dance along to the cheerful and delightful sounds while admiring the show. Indeed, this is one of the best family events of the season and you should not miss it for the world! Kids will most certainly enjoy this fun experience.

light show az

Source: Instagram

You won’t have to worry too much about practicing social distancing because you’ll be staying inside your car for the whole show. You can just turn up the volume, roll down your windows, and marvel at the dazzling display that happens only once a year! Of course, don’t forget to munch up on delicious food.

Once you see this light show, you will definitely believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

There Are 2 Valley Locations and 2 Different Shows for World of Illumination

World of Illumination

Source: Instagram

We can only guess that you do not want to miss out on this amazing light show. There are two locations and shows for World of Illumination so you need not worry. Just choose the location closest to you! Previous visitors who have experienced watching the holiday spectacular all say that it is a completely fun and worthwhile experience. You can just zigzag many times through the field and drive across the bright and shimmering light tunnels. The beautiful lights flicker and dance to the music of Santa’s songs, and it is perfect to get you into the holiday spirit.

drive through light show

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Every angle is bathed with lights, and everywhere you look is a true wonderland. If you want to share memories with your family and friends here, that will certainly be unforgettable. The big igloos, Eskimos, and polar bears, among many others, will make you believe that you are not in the desert. It is basically a storybook adventure perfect for kids of all ages as it is “larger than life” and exploding with radiant colors.

The Dazzling Display of Lights, Music, and Technology Is an Experience of a Lifetime

Light show in arizona

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Christmas will definitely be sweeter once you try this experience that will literally light up your holiday. Each World of Illumination show is filled with RGB LED lights. These can be customized to 16 million different shades of color, and are all synchronized to your favorite holiday music. When driving through, just tune in to the radio for a more “Christmassy” feeling. It is best to roll down your windows so you can be fully immersed in the World of Illumination. After all, this “world” is a divergence from everyday life.

The lighted gigantic ornaments that surround you all set the perfect photo opportunity. Make this your new holiday tradition! It will surely be enjoyable.

What You Should Know

World of Illumination az figures

Source: Instagram

  • You should just buy online tickets if you want to see the World of Illumination. Online tickets are less expensive, and will guarantee you faster access to the park. Just pick a date, pick your park, and only pay one ticket for the whole car. That’s such a sweet treat! The number of passengers is also entirely up to you! If you purchase your tickets online, the process will be pretty straightforward. Once you arrive, the staff will just scan your code, have you tune in to the right radio station (with the Christmas songs) and you will be on your way.
  • If you want to purchase your tickets at the gate, you are free to do so. However, these tickets are not guaranteed. You might also not be accepted during peak nights, such as weekends and holidays. With this, we recommend that you just purchase online to save both money and time.
  • Don’t forget your snacks and drinks! Even if you fail to bring some treats, you can always purchase from the concessions by the entrance. That way, your family can enjoy the season’s favorites. Just remember to bring enough cash.
  • No limos, busses, or RVs are allowed at the World of Illumination.
  • Do you want to know the secret to make this animated light show more spectacular? Then you better prepare your 3-D glasses! Just grab a pair and get ready for a wild ride! We bet you’d be taking lots of photos so you can capture the magic forever.

World of Illumination Details

Multiple Locations

TEMPE: 2200 W Alameda Dr. Tempe Diablo Stadium

GLENDALE: 6797 N 93rd Ave Westgate Entertainment District


Isn’t this experience fun? Don’t forget to check the website for updates about the World of Illimumination.

If it’s your first time spending Christmas in the state, check this out: Arizona Christmas: The Best Places to Celebrate the Holidays. 

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