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There Is an Undergound Bar in Phoenix That Looks Like a Tiki Wonderland

Suny Errot



Everybody loves to have a drink – whether it’s to chill, to relieve the day’s stress, or simply to enjoy something cold. We already have the list for the state’s best coffee shops, but if you want something even more fun, why don’t you check out UnderTow Arizona? It’s the coolest and newest cocktail lounge and it will transport you to a Tiki Wonderland! It’s everything you need for a fun night out with your friends.

UnderTow Arizona is the Newest and Hottest Cocktail Lounge in Phoenix

UnderTow Arizona bars

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Yes, it is. UnderTow Arizona is a beautiful world inspired by an old-world ship, and you’ll immediately notice that because it’s adorned with nautical lanterns and carved wooden heads. It is basically a hip, subterranean cocktail bar that serves refreshing tiki-style drinks you surely can’t get enough of. The energy in this place will make you feel good. Not to mention, they boast an immersive experience with the changes in low visibility, strobe lights, and occasional smoke. They even play some ocean sounds just to simulate the actual below-deck experience. You will love the tiki-themed drinks, and even the less tropical options with unique ingredients such as cinnamon smoke and Thai chiles.

And nope, the place is not cramped. But take a look at this perfect spot that lets you enjoy your drink and the ship decorations. Not bad, huh? You can just snap many photos at the bar. The people there will be glad to help you out.

There Lies Treasures Waiting to Be Discovered at UnderTow Arizona

UnderTow Arizona

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You will be delighted just by looking at the entrance. But once you come inside, oh boy, you will really be excited! You will think it’s the best place to be in!

Tiki Bar in Arizona where you can dress up

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Take a chill pill. You’re at one of the hippest bars in Phoenix (and possibly, all of Arizona). You are totally free to express yourself and dress up “accordingly.” If you feel like coming here wearing a Hawaiian dress or a matching floral top and pants, go for it!

subterranean cocktail bar in az

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Am I still in Arizona? Are you sure I’m not on board an actual ship? If you have one too many drinks, there’s no doubt you will ask yourself these questions. And we get that. We are also convinced that UnderTow Arizona is a vessel floating on waters. Every detail is in their designs!

You’ll be enthralled at the bar.

What Should You Try?

Jungle Bird drink cocktail

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Ooh la la. What do we have here? This drink is not only tasty, it’s also pleasing to the eyes! Make sure you try this off-menu masterpiece, or the “Jungle Bird” when you come to UnderTow Arizona. This drink actually originated at the Aviary Bar (at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton in Malaysia) back in 1978. It became an instant hit and a classic! Let’s get this party started and have a drink or two of the Jungle Bird!

Rum Barrel cocktail

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It’s time to imbibe in a ‘Rum Barrel’ from The Captain’s Shrunken Head mug. Surely, it’s not only refreshing. It’s perfect for your Instagram feed, too!

Tiki Classics UnderTow Arizona

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Make sure to order any of the Tiki Classics when you come here. These are must-tries, and we’re pretty sure you are going to love it as much as you love the whole decor of this place.

Cotton Mouth Killer do it yourself drink

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Who needs more drinks? I do! Try this cocktail, which is UnderTow Arizona’s Commandeered-version of the Virtual Happy Hour. The Cotton Mouth Killer features a house rum blend paired with stone fruit and herbaceous Galliano. It also has Galliano Liqueur, Giffard Apricot Liqueur, Simple Syrup, lime juice, apple juice, and guava juice.

Website: https://undertowphx.com/
Location: 3620 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, Arizona 85018

Note: UnderTow Arizona is temporarily closed until further notice. This is to ensure that they do their part to prevent the community spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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