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There Is a Small Taxidermy Place in Phoenix and It Has All the Weird but Interesting Things

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Arizona has long been an intriguing destination. It is home to many out-of-this-world landscapes and dry deserts that entice travelers from all over the globe. The place even boasts multiple gorgeous waterfalls and unique roadside attractions. But did you know that you still have a lot to learn about this state? There are also lots of different places you wish you knew but didn’t. That’s why we’re here. Today, you’ll be delighted by Curious Nature Phoenix, a small taxidermy place that has something new for everyone to discover. Be prepared to see a fantastic variety of specimens!

Curious Nature Phoenix is the Best Place For Individuals Who Fancy Oddities

Curious Nature Phoenix might be just a small taxidermy emporium, but don’t think you will be disappointed once you step inside. There are a lot of interesting things here that will catch your attention, and it’s perfect if you especially love oddities from framed butterflies to freeze-dried toads. You will immediately think that this place is one fine natural history emporium. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for something fantastic or strange, you will find it here. The management provides a wide and ever-changing assortment of oddities as well as museum-quality specimens – from ethically sourced taxidermy and skulls, to gifts and other collectibles. It’s not a rumor that this store once sold tanned bison scrotums and strange taxidermy ducklings. Woah!

Step inside and embrace your love for weird things. Everything is well-arranged and displayed beautifully here at Curious Nature Phoenix. The staff will also delight you because they are very friendly and not pushy. Unlike the staff at other stores, they won’t bug or follow you around the whole time. They know that you are there to satisfy your curiosities, and that’s why they want you to really look around, minus the annoyance. Of course, you can always ask them about a particular taxidermy or a quirky find that you think needs answers (or maybe a bit more information).

The Things Here Are Not Gross, But Fascinating

Curious Nature Phoenix Shop az

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Try to remember yourself as a 12-year old kid. What if you were to see a little pig or a bloated heart from some animal held inside a jar full of liquid? Would you think it’s gross and unsettling? A part of you may immediately scream “yes,” but we bet there’s also a part of you that will find it fascinating. These are something else – like odd wonders you can’t help but look at. If you think about it, this is how oddities collectors are made. They first become curious, eventually grossed out or bothered by the taxidermy, but what comes after is a huge appreciation for these cool things.

The owner of Curious Nature Phoenix, Mason Conway, may have experienced a similar scenario. His interest in critters actually started when he was a child. He helped and trained as a veterinary technician, where he spent the past decade saving animal lives. On top of that, he has also taught at some local colleges, and worked with organizations such as the Arizona Humane Society and Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue. His experiences may have sparked his love for oddities more, and this led to him having his own collection, and eventually opening the famous taxidermy place that is now filled with skulls, preserved animal specimens, exotic plants, and more. He prides in the fact that the shop offers items that are all ethically sourced, with prices that start under $10.

Oddities in Arizona shops

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Curious Nature Phoenix is basically an elegantly curated space. Conway is particularly picky about what he displays and sells. He only wants his customers to find the best specimens from his shop. The result is a beautiful space with many interesting and weird items that will definitely compete for your attention.

Critters Curious Nature Phoenix az

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Don’t be afraid to show your true curious nature here! Conway encourages guests to look around and touch the items to have a feel of it. This is not a stuffy museum where the management is so strict about anything. As long as you don’t damage anything, you’re good to go.

What Can You Find Here?

Take a look at Curious Nature Phoenix’s collections:

Wet Specimen oddities shop in arizona

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Wet Specimens – There’s something about wet specimens that are just so fascinating. You can find lots of these here such as the diaphonized snake, dissected half pig wet specimen, preserved fetal sheep, and more.

Curious Nature Phoenix Butterflies

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Insects – Leave it to Curious Nature Phoenix to source all their insects from farms and botanical gardens around the United States. The framed butterflies, rhino beetles, tokay geckos, tarantulas, and more will surely catch your attention! Just look at the butterfly collection. It’s simply amazing.

Occult – Learn about life after death with the occult items available at Curious Nature Phoenix. You will find an enchanted oracle tarot deck, casket antique photo, an “in memory of” church plaque, antique Ouija board and more.

Earrings bugs weird

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JewelryYes, you will also see a beautiful selection of jewelry when you come to this taxidermy place in Phoenix. Choose from bear paw dome or brass fly earrings, a beaver jaw necklace, a Bengal tiger skull pendant, a raccoon jaw necklace, and more. But if you want something more unique, you can ask them to make custom pieces for you. They can design something with natural treasures from the shop here or you can bring your own pieces to incorporate. They have previously worked to create some pet memorial pieces using ashes, bones, fur, and feathers.

Stones and Minerals – Take a gander at dozens of minerals and stones. This place has quartz, amethyst, bismuth, citrine, celestine, fluorite, and more. Look at this cute Amethyst votive candle holder. It’s pretty.

What Else Can You See at Curious Nature Phoenix?

Botanicals where to shop in phoenix

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Botanicals – Make your room pretty or simply stock up on botanicals if you’ve always interested in plants. There are several species of air plants offered depending on the season. They also have a terrarium display with supplies like moss, glass and metal containers, shells, and other fun specimens. Just take your pick!

Skulls and Bones taxidermy place in phoenix

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Skulls and Bones – What taxidermy place wouldn’t have a good collection of skulls and bones? You will find a wide variety of ethically sourced and professionally cleaned skulls, may it be squirrels, chickens, or zebras. According to their website, the bones that they sell are often by-products of other industries like farming. On the other hand, some skulls and bones are salvaged from roadkill or zoos. This is just a collector’s haven. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see (before anyone buys it) the massive elk skull. It measures 45 inches and can easily be the perfect statement above your home’s fireplace.

You Need to Check Out These Interesting Items

Epitaph Ideas notebook

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Admit it. You may not have the “Epitaph Ideas” or “Deathbed Requests” notebooks at the top of your shopping list, but you will still consider buying it. It’s something odd but interesting.

Backyard Adventure Bundle Curious Nature oddities shop in phoenix

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You can also find interesting bundles at Curious Nature Phoenix. For instance, there is the Backyard Adventure Bundle complete with a nature notebook, binoculars, a compass keychain, magnifying glass, water buffalo horn mug, horn knife, a box of Patchouli Forest incense, another box of Tree of Life incense, a turkey feather, and one 10 piece sticker pack. This bundle is priced at only $174.99 but it actually has a $200 value.

Why You Should Come to Curious Nature Phoenix

Curious Nature Phoenix’s inventory changes frequently, and it has a lot to do with the owner’s passion to hunt and offer new things. You won’t get bored because there will never be a shortage of weird and interesting pieces at this shop. It’s just like the quote “Curiosity is eternal.”

Website: https://curiousnatureshop.com/
Location: 5032 N. Central Ave. Phoenix, Arizona 85012

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