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Here Are The 10 Best Things to Do in Strawberry, Arizona



Strawberry, Arizona, was named after the abundance of wild strawberries found in the area upon its discovery. Now, the tiny community filled with pines located around the base of the Mogollon Rim has many things to offer more than just their nationwide famous strawberries. 

The pine-scented air that Strawberry, Arizona, boasts pridefully is one thing you need to experience. Additionally, the activities in this small town range from learning about the place’s history, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, visiting historic landmarks, viewing and possibly buying antiques, and more. See below the 10 best things to do in Strawberry, Arizona.

Visit the Strawberry Schoolhouse


The Strawberry Schoolhouse is a one-room schoolhouse located northwest of Gila County in no other than Strawberry, Arizona. The small building is made of pine logs and was erected in 1885. It is now considered as Arizona’s oldest existing schoolhouse. Now, the Strawberry Schoolhouse serves as a local history museum with a late nineteenth-century classroom display. The Strawberry Schoolhouse has been registered on the National Register of Historic Places since May 10, 2005. 

Location: 9277 Fossil Creek Rd., Strawberry, AZ 85544

Enjoy your summer at Fossil Creek


Strawberry, Arizona’s Fossil Creek, is the pinnacle of the summer season. Safe to say it’s the best place to be, and the locals and tourists head over to the falls to enjoy the sound of free-flowing water and lounge around its shores. 

Fossil Creek is just an 8-mile hike away, leading to the stream and eventually to the waterfalls surrounded by red rocks. It’s a beautiful sight to see, but what makes it even more majestic is the trail. The trees will protect you from the sunlight as you pass by and keep your 8-mile adventure as breezy yet breathtaking as possible. 

Location: Fossil Creek Rd., Strawberry, AZ 85544

Try a variety of pies at PieBar, AZ


There has got to be a way for Strawberry, Arizona, to help you satisfy your sweet tooth, right? Considering the place is named after a sweet and sour fruit, it would be nice to find a place where it would be paradise for your sweet tooth. 

Luckily, you have PieBar AZ at Strawberry, Arizona. The pie bar offers a variety of homemade pies you can choose from. They also serve handcrafted empanadas, mini pies, cocktails, coffee, kombucha, specialty beverages, and more. PieBar AZ has been a staple for the locals and has also become a tourist favorite. 

Location: 5096 AZ-87, Strawberry, AZ 85544

Grab a cup of joe at the Windmill Cafe


The Windmill has been around since the 1970s. This multi-family and multi-generational business has seen several kinds of transformation. Over the years, it has become a BBQ joint, storage unit, and tanning salon, and now, it’s a coffee shop that serves exquisite cups of joe that you can sip in the building or have delivered to your doorstep. Locals claim that the Windmill Cafe is one of the best coffee roasts in town, so this one is worth adding to your growing list of Strawberry, AZ, places to be. 

Location: 5073 AZ-87, Strawberry, AZ 85544

Learn about the place’s heritage at the Pine-Strawberry Museum


The Pine-Strawberry Museum, found in Pine, Arizona, contains the prehistoric and historic heritage of Pine and its sibling, Strawberry. More than the written entries, you will be able to find several artifacts used by the early immigrants on display in the museum. Irons, oil lamps, and wash buckets can also be found, predating 1945. It’s an awesome place that tells much about Pine and Strawberry’s history and heritage. 

Location: 3886 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544

Appreciate the breathtaking views at the Pine Strawberry Trail


Do you want to explore Strawberry, Arizona’s great outdoors? The answer would undoubtedly be yes if you’ve seen the photos online. Strawberry, Arizona, offers the Pine Strawberry Trail. The area has several paths, including hiking, biking, and equestrian. 

The Pine Strawberry Trail allows its visitors and locals to do their thing while surrounded by nature without the dangers and hassles of running into other people doing the same thing. The Pine Strawberry Trail is an incredibly safe area where you can explore the great outdoors while trekking, mountain biking, trail running, and more.

Embark on a walk at the Bearfoot Trailhead


Strawberry, Arizona, has many trails for adventurous locals and tourists. People not only go because of the trails but because of the natural beauty they will witness as they embark on their adventure. 

The Bearfoot Trailhead is one of Strawberry, Arizona’s famous trails, offering a variety of paths for every skill level. It is a well-marked and well-maintained trail that will reward you with stunning views, forests, meadows, and canyons. 

Location: Strawberry, AZ 85544

Fulfill your outdoor adventures at the Pine Creek RV Park


Do you want to fully immerse yourself in Strawberry, Arizona’s great outdoors without the hassle of going home to your cabin or hotel? Well, you’re in luck! The Pine Creek RV Park is the best choice for tourists who are on an RV. Enjoy 50 full-hookup sites with complete access to water, electricity, wifi, and amenities, including a shower, laundry room, and clubhouse. 

Location: 3584 AZ-87, Pine, AZ 85544

Let the kids experience the joys of camping at Camp LoMia


If you’re looking for a great yet safe place to expose your kids to the great outdoors, Strawberry, Arizona’s Camp LoMia could be the one for you. The camp offers kids various activities and outdoor adventures, including swimming, arts and crafts, hiking, outdoor games, and more. 

Camp LoMia sits on 200 acres of forested land, including modern amenities such as a dining and recreational hall, cabins, and more. It’s the perfect place for your children to enjoy the great outdoors while mingling with other children. 

Location: Pine Creek Canyon Dr., Pine, AZ 85544

And finally, have a great vacation at the Cabins on Strawberry Hill


For those looking for a romantic getaway in the middle of nature, the Cabins at Strawberry Hill is the perfect place for your bonfire dreams while surrounded by the lush forest of Strawberry, Arizona. 

The cabins contain kitchenettes, private decks, fireplaces, and more, essential for a romantic time with your significant other. Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings while cozying up next to each other on the viewing deck or by the fireplace. 

Location: 5306 AZ-87, Strawberry, AZ 85544


More than wild strawberries and beautiful pines that freshen the air, Strawberry, Arizona has many things to offer, and almost everything fits your indoor choice or outdoor activity. The wonders of this place are understated, and embarking on an adventure in this small, quiet, but naturally beautiful place is a must.

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