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Take a Trip to This Beautiful Blue Beach in Arizona to Escape the Scorching Summer Heat




Arizona, known as the “Grand Canyon State” among its many nicknames, captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring desert landscapes, but did you also know Arizona is plentiful with natural lakes with beautiful beaches too? Let us introduce you you to Lake Powell! Lake Powell is a major vacation spot visited by approximately two million people each year. It is a man-made reservoir located on the Colorado River, and lies between Utah and Arizona. It offers its visitors picturesque views with its awesome rock formations. It’s also a good place for boating and fishing. Did you know that there is an underrated beach in Arizona that offers gorgeous views of the famous lake? That’s right. You can say this is one of the good hidden beaches in Arizona. Keep reading if you want to learn more about Wahweap Beach.

Wahweap Beach Is a Beautiful Place That You Shouldn’t Cross Out Of Your Itinerary List

Wahweap Beach

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Sometimes, we can’t get over how amazing Lake Powell is. You can explore it through different activities such as boating, but there is another way to appreciate it. Visit Wahweap Beach and see the lake from a new perspective. The beach is not too crowded and if you come during the day time, you’ll find it really peaceful.

Wahweap Beach az

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You can just take in the scenery before you and walk along the shoreline with your dog. The waters look inviting, and you will be tempted to cool off and swim right away. There are no lifeguards in this area, so you need to swim at your own risk. If you don’t know how to swim, we suggest you just wade in the shallow part of the waters. Still, you should also be careful even if you know how to swim.

Swimming in Arizona Beach

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Dogs are allowed in this area, but they must be kept on leash so as to not disturb other guests. The management also encourages all visitors to act on the proper dog owner duties by cleaning up after them. Remember, this is a public place. It’s not your home. You better scoop if they poop. In the same manner, you should not litter around and make sure you dispose of your trash properly.

The beach is roughly 0.7 miles from the parking lot. You basically just need to do a little cardio to access it. What do you think of this beach?

You’ll Be Amazed at How a Lake Can Look Like the Ocean If It’s Big Enough

Lake Powell

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Did you know that Lake Powell has over 2,000 miles of shoreline? It is actually more than the combined states on the Pacific Coast. It is 186 miles long and has a water storage capacity of 27,000,000 acre feet of water. The lake’s depth will surprise you (or not) as it is 400 feet deep. If you are coming to visit, you can enjoy many facilities and amenities such as the visitor centers, five marinas, lodging, restaurants, campgrounds and RV facilities. There is also a permanent mooring for over a thousand private vessels. You can easily rent a boat so you can fish, or rent a water sports gear for a more exciting experience. There are also plenty of guided tours you can choose from, as well as a general merchandise store.

The Lake Powell is truly amazing. It’s a magical lake you need to check out before you die! Don’t you think you deserve to admire and appreciate it from an equally gorgeous and peaceful spot? Wahweap Beach will make your weekend trip or quick getaway worth its while.

Get Some Family Fun Time at Wahweap Beach

Wahweap Beach arizona

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Arizona museums with free admissions may sound appealing, but nothing can beat a good, relaxing trip to the beach. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your family, this is the perfect place for you. Your kids will surely have fun running along the shoreline, or posing for a quirky photo. They are also free to wade in the waters or swim, as long as accompanied by an adult.

There Is Even a Campground Nearby

Camping Lake Powell

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You can enjoy Wahweap Beach for a longer time if you stay the night or camp out for days. The Wahweap Campground is the perfect basecamp for all your activities. You can take challenging hikes on the Utah/Arizona border, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and Page, Arizona from here! It has modern facilities that will ensure you have an incredible time. There are picnic tables with fire rings, as well as decent bathrooms with electrical outlets and a dishwashing sink. You can shower in the area near the camp office and it costs $2.00 for 15 minutes (quarters only!).

This is within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. You will have to pay an entrance fee unless you have the National Parks Pass (the latter costs $25 fee, but it’s already good for one week).

Wahweap Campground az

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Wake up to beautiful sights and the serenity of nature. Staying in the campground is ideal if you are coming from a far place and you want to make the most out of your stay. It is also worth noting that while the Wahweap Campground is large, it fills up really quickly. Many visitors like to stay here to unwind and enjoy the Wahweap Beach. Anticipate lots of other campers even on weekdays and in the cooler months. To be safe, you should just make a reservation.

The camping fees also vary, but are approximately about $26 per night for tent sites and $48 per night for RV sites. You should also take advantage of discounts for AARP, AAA, National Park Senior Pass, and National Park Access Pass.

From the campground, you can just walk to the beautiful Wahweap Beach, which is just about a quarter mile. Take a dip or watch the gorgeous sunset. Whatever you plan on doing, we know you will have an amazing time. You can also avail the Lake Powell boat tours at the nearby Wahweap Marina.

Location: Page, Arizona 86040

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