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This Rare Gallery in Arizona Has All Sorts of Stunning Rocks, Gemstones, and Fossil Specimens



Arizona is a geological wonderland, so it’s no surprise that people would find many sought-after gemstones here. There are so many beautiful rocks that you have to see yourself! The great thing about it is that you don’t have to be in two places at once to know what we are talking about. You only need to come to Rare Earth Gallery to see all sorts of stunning rocks, gemstones, fossil specimens, and other minerals! Keep reading…

Visiting Rare Earth Gallery Is Like Being in a Museum

Don’t get us wrong. While this place may not be part of the 10 Fascinating Museums With Free Admission, you won’t waste your time checking out the incredible collection displayed here. There are many rocks, minerals, and other specimens that are worth looking at. Even if you are not a knowledgeable collector, you will be surprised to see the amazing items that are worth every cent.

Rare Earth Gallery home decor

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“Earthy” type of things abound the space, and it includes everything from rough cuts and polished pieces, to more intricately crafted art and jewelry. You just need to determine if you need to get a gift item, or if you need to shop for a stunning home centerpiece or home décor. It will surely provide a lifetime of natural beauty and elegance.

You should stick to your budget because you can easily spend from $20 to $20,000. If you need more help, the friendly and suggestive staff there would be more than glad to assist you.

Rare Earth Gallery shop crystal

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One thing is for sure – Rare Earth Gallery, with a self-proclaimed “8th Wonder of the World” title, offers the most comprehensive shopping experience in all the land (literally).

Shop for Unique Gifts This Holiday Season

Unique Gift Shop in Arizona

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Are you thinking of something special to give to your loved ones and friends?

Rare Earth Gallery Gemstone Tree

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Well, bath towels and scented candles are probably the last things they want to receive this holiday, because, you know, you already gifted it for the nth time. If you really want them to know how special they are to you, then shopping at Rare Earth Gallery may just do the trick. This way, you can snag the most unique and stunning holiday gifts!

The only problem you’d encounter is how to choose between the gems, stones, and other spectacular things.

Rare Earth Gallery az

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Since the gallery has unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, there is a possibility that you’d have a hard time choosing. If you have plenty of cash to spend, then the giant works of art may be worth looking at. There are plenty of heavy and delicate geodes, including crystals, stones, and sculptures. Heck, there are even fossils that date back millions of years. It’s both a prized treasure and an important piece of history!

Note: Rare Earth Gallery has an online shop where you can pick from their well-curated and world-class One-Of-A-Kind Collection of Fossils and Minerals, the Art of the Earth. They offer free shipping for purchases over $250. You will find minerals from around the globe intricately crafted into unique sculptures, furniture, as well as some keepsakes!

Your Elegance Will Be a Statement With the Jewelry From Rare Earth Gallery

Nothing says elegant and classy than the comprehensive gemstone jewelry collections from Rare Earth Gallery. There are over 150 varieties of gemstones to choose from! If you fancy getting a new rock for special occasions, then you will enjoy the 300+ gorgeous displays here. Everything is epic and awe-inspiring. What is most beautiful is that these are treasures of the earth – so it is natural art available like never before.

Beautiful Finds at Rare Earth Gallery

We mean it when we say this place is home to the most interesting, pretty, and mind-blowing rocks and minerals. Here are some of the unique finds:

Muonionalusta meteorite

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This piece is literally out-of-this-world. Can you believe that this chunk right here is something from the “world beyond?” The Muonionalusta is a meteorite classified as fine octahedrite, type IVA. It was impacted in northern Scandinavia, west of the border between Sweden and Finland, about one million years ago.


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If you are obsessed with keeping things in order, attracting balance or abundance, and manifesting all you want in life, then this might be for you. The beautiful green mineral is called Malachite, and it is formed when copper minerals are altered by other chemicals. This mineral is also believed to transform negative energy, absorb pollutants, and guard against radiation.

Silver Sheen Obsidian

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Why does this one look like a miniature and sleeker version of the monolith from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? Well, it’s not. Still, you can’t deny how this Silver Sheen Obsidian on a custom spinning stand is absolutely beautiful!

Selenite minerals

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Some people just want to cleanse their aura. Selenite is a great option if you want to strengthen your energy field, enhance your focus and mental clarity, or to sleep well at night. There are many amazing picks at Rare Earth Gallery, so you may as well take your time choosing!

Arizona petrified wood table

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This Arizona petrified wood table must remind you of the Arizona park filled with rainbow-colored logs or petrified wood. Don’t you think it’s perfect for your home? It comes with a hefty price tag – one that involves 5 numbers – but if you deserve it, what’s stopping you?

Zeus Mineral Figure

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Come and take a selfie with big ‘ol Zeus if he’s still in the store! Look closer if you don’t want to miss the impressive details.

There Are Also Sound and Healing Items Available

This wouldn’t be the “8th Wonder of the World” without beautiful sound and healing items. This includes a Natural Black Tourmaline in Quartz face roller that can help reduce wrinkles and puffiness. Not to mention, it can also help with blood circulation and bring a natural glow to your face. Many people use this as a massage tool for their faces. You have the option to use it as it is or in your skincare routine. The best thing about this is that it can protect individuals against negativity and ease stress.

Thousands of years ago, metal Tibetan singing bowls have been used to play an integral role in meditation. This instrument transport individuals who play, listen, and chant along with it to a deeper meditative state. If you are keen on going on a spiritual level every so often, then you will find this particular piece helpful. The red, brass singing bowl is a beautiful piece for your meditation space or living room. It can also easily fit in your hand so you can practice your mindfulness anywhere. Who says you can’t relax or stay calm at a place you desire? The red color of the singing bowl also has its color because it is a color associated with the root chakra – it can help with grounding.

Why don’t you set the intention to get in touch with your higher self and receive wisdom with gratitude? For instance, the Love Organic Roll is an aromatherapy must-have. It has a delicate blend of therapeutic oils and rose quartz gemstones. This is known to help bring love into your life. Now who doesn’t want that? In addition, this roll also helps promote compassion, self-love, and self-care. The ingredients used here, or the proprietary blend of Rose and Lavender oils, are specifically chosen to strengthen the individual intentions of each bottle.

Location: 6401 E Cave Creek Rd, Cave Creek, Arizona 85331

Have you been to Rare Earth Gallery? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below.