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Unbelievable! This Seemingly Scary and Risky Hike in Arizona is Actually Kid-Friendly

Suny Errot



Sedona is no stranger to amazing red rock scenery and beautiful trails. In fact, you can just search for “Sedona trails,” and you’ll immediately see a lot of suggestions come up. If you want to take on a fun and exciting adventure here, you might want to put Devils Bridge at the top of your list. It may sound (and look) quite intimidating, but just so you know, it’s a trail that’s perfect for families!

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity of Getting Your Photo at the Iconic Red Rock Arch

Can you believe there’s an arch as beautiful as this one? Leave it to Sedona to wow you with their rock formations. Devils Bridge is considered the largest natural sandstone arch, and it is located in the Sedona area of the Coconino National Forest. You can just breathe in the fresh air and take a good look at the unbelievable Red Rock country views in front of you.

There’s something so humbling about being on top and seeing the raw beauty of the earth. We can’t blame you if you want to take your time here to really take everything in.

Devils Bridge Sedona Natural Arch

Source: Instagram

But of course, don’t forget to pose for a photo because your companion might be waiting in the wide, flat viewing area next to the bridge.

Since Devil’s Bridge is one of the most popular hikes in Sedona, you need to anticipate the big group of hikers with you. It might take a while before you can have your photo taken at the arch. If you want the bridge all to yourself, maybe you can try climbing late so you can avoid the midday heat and the big crowds altogether.

The Devils Bridge Climb

Devils Bridge Trail View Sedona Best Hike

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The good thing about Devils Bridge is that it’s perfect for casual hikers who don’t have the stamina to conquer harder climbs. That being said, this one is also actually kid-friendly.

The early going will feel effortless, but it will eventually bring you to an uphill challenge, so you need to be more careful. The trail will become steeper as you progress. If you get tired, you can just absorb the beautiful scenery before you to get that extra kick of energy.

Sedona Hike az

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After several sets of steep and rocky steps, you will reach what you came here for. The beautiful Devils Bridge. Once you see it, you’ll know the rock scrambling was worth it.

You’ll probably see a lot of other hikers already up there. Be courteous and let them take photos at the arch since they got there before you. It’s also best to keep your eye on the kids (if you brought them along) because there is a big drop off at the viewpoint for Devils Bridge. Remind them to sit back and just enjoy the view without getting too close to the edge. The space is wide, so you just need to make sure they don’t fool around.

Nailing the Classic Shot

Advise whoever is taking your photo to capture the height and scale of the Devils Bridge for a more dramatic effect. To nail this, he or she will have to go towards the edge of the cliffside, which is to the left of the main trail. As for you, be careful as you walk on the bridge. It’s wide, but don’t be too distracted by the view that you end up ignoring your steps.

Safety Reminders

Winter Natural Arch Sedona

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  • Hikers can walk on the bridge, but they are advised to be extremely careful. There is one recorded death from Devils Bridge and it involved a 53-year old woman who fell over 70 feet.
  • Avoid the narrow sides of the Devils Bridge. Additionally, it’s never a good idea to step down to a lower portion of the bridge. If you miss your step, it might be the last day of your life.
  • Steer clear from the arch in the event of strong wind, rain, or accumulation of snow and ice.

Devils Bridge Hike Information

Distance: 2 miles roundtrip from the Devil’s Bridge parking area, 4.2 miles round trip from the parking area on Long Canyon Road, and 6 miles roundtrip from the Dry Creek Vista parking area.

Elevation Gain: 400 to 500 feet

Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate (you will one encounter one section with steep steps where you might have to do a bit of rock scrambling)

Pass: Purchase a Red Rock pass for the Devils Bridge hike. It costs $5 and you display it in your car window at the parking lot.

Best Time to Go: Anytime but summer

What do you think of the Devils Bridge? Do you think you can take your kids to see this beautiful arch?

There is also a world-renowned resort in Sedona that will enchant you with the grandeur of the Southwest landscape and Native American culture. You can stay there if you want. Or, you can just proceed to this beautiful treehouse that offers delicious home-cooked pizza, perfect after a tiring hike.