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Hike to the Ruins of This Abandoned Resort in Arizona to Discover Something Interesting



The greatest life experiences come from trying the unfamiliar. It is the constant fact known by travelers, whether it’s ticking the best things to do in Arizona one by one, or going on a fun road trip. Now that we’re on the topic of trying different things, did you know that Arizona is also home to some very interesting hot springs that happen to be apart of an abandoned luxury resort from the early twentieth century? That’s right, they’re at the Verde Hot Springs not far from Sedona! Keep reading…

The Location is Abandoned, Yet Many Still Flock Here

The Verde Hot Springs is the remains of an old luxurious resort that once thrived in the early twentieth century. The resort eventually closed down, survived a fire and was left abandoned. What remains there today is a hot springs pool that reaches 98 degrees!

According to natural science, deep groundwater is cooked by the primal heat of the earth and travels quickly back up to the surface before losing its heat. This results in the existence of hot springs, which are usually found near mountain ranges around the world. And as you may know, hot springs have been known to be a popular destination for many tourists and travelers because of its relaxation and well-being benefits.

The Verde Hot Springs is the best place to be for those who want to enjoy the state’s wilderness. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and take in the soothing and calming effects of the warm, mineral-rich water.

Where is the Verde Hot Springs?

The Verde Hot Springs is located at the end of a 2.5-mile moderately trafficked out and back trail. It has an elevation gain of 190 feet said to be good for all skill levels. You can take the trail if you want to hike, walk, go on a nature trip, or bird-watch and dip in the hot spring after. Dogs can also use the trail but they must be kept on leash. If you’re going here by car, you can take I17 to exit 285 (General Crook Trail) before going east for about three miles. Then, turn right on East HWY 260, and go about 8 miles before turning right on Forest Service Road 708. You will see a “Fossil Creek & Verde River” sign and the start of the 19-mile drive down a dirt road. Go slow until you reach the intersection with Forest Service Road 502, then turn right.

What Makes These Hot Springs so Intriguing?

There are three reasons why Verde Hot Spring is the talk of the town.


Colorful Interesting Art!

You’ll notice interesting looking art and graffiti leftover from previous visitors.


It Remains Abandoned in the Woods

For many, the “abandoned” factor adds to the charm of this hot spring in Arizona. History reports state that the resort burned down in 1962, leaving only the foundation stones as well as the hot springs.

Chill or Bring Out Your Inner Daredevil

Let’s make it clear: The pool has a noticeable and funny smell because of the bacteria and algae that live in the water. Almost all hot springs have this. But be cautious. There are also dangerous types you should ignore as some amoeba living in hot springs can get to your brain through the nose and cause a brain infection. Be careful not to ingest water to avoid this from happening. You don’t want your vacation to turn into a nightmare!

Remember: if you go, you are on your own — there is no lifeguard or nearby hospital. Use it at your own risk.

  • Also, please remember that nudity is prohibited so make sure to bring a spare change of clothes!

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Do you think you’d want this intriguing paradise on your itinerary list?