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You Should Head to These 6 Awesome Spots in Arizona for a Fun-Filled Adventure



Whether you want to conquer a moderate hike, make summer more bearable by swimming in clear waters, or explore the underground, Arizona sure has a lot of unique destinations that will put a smile on your face. Many visitors visit the state for a fun-filled adventure, and no one leaves disappointed. Do you love the great outdoors? Then head out and check the best Arizona adventure spots now!

These 6 Arizona adventure spots are perfect if you are looking for a fun-filled adventure

1. Water to Wine Kayak Tour

Water to Wine Kayak Tour az

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Fortunately, one of the most interesting Arizona spots happens to involve wine, and is also a world-class experience. Did you know that you can go on a self-guided float trip down the Verde River? And after that, you can just indulge yourself in a fun outdoor wine tasting at the Alcantara Vineyards, giving you the best of both worlds!

Once you avail the Water to Wine Kayak Tour, you will find yourself in awe of the view in front of you. The gorgeous floating scenic stretch of the Verde River calms your mind and soothes your soul. The river trip ends on a sandy beach with a visible sign marking the end of the river experience. You’ll just find yourself standing under the shade of giant cottonwood trees at the confluence of Oak Creek and the Verde River. Then, the fun begins because you can finally make your way through the vineyards, and to the Tuscan farmhouse at Alcantara Vineyards for your outdoor wine tasting delight.

What You Should Know: Everyone will enjoy their own private, safe, stable, and easy-to-use inflatable kayak. Just hang tight and enjoy the scenic views! The fee is $108.50 for weekday tours and $120.00 for weekend tours. There is also the $20 wine tasting credit added at checkout.

Location: 3445 S Grapevine Way, Cottonwood, Arizona

2. Lava River Cave

Lava River Cave arizona adventure spots

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Let’s start with one of the best underground attractions in Arizona, the Lava River Cave. It is a mile-long underground lava tunnel that has a rugged path perfect for hiking & exploring. You will be amazed by how it is formed given that the cave dates back to 700,000 years ago. Lava River Cave was formed when a volcanic vent nearby Hart Prairie erupted and spew molten rock over this place. The top, sides, and bottom of the flow cooled down and solidified first. Then, the insides of the lava river continued to flow, emptying the present cave.

Once inside, you will also see icicles hanging from above and some small wave-like undulations on the floor. These undulations look like frozen lava ripples. Hikers who come here will have to get ready for a pitch-black adventure. They need not worry about the trail because there are wide and spacious passages with ceilings that are over 30 feet tall. Although some claustrophobic individuals might freak out a bit when they see the smaller passages with ceilings as low as 3 feet.

What You Should Know: Dress appropriately when you come to visit Lava River Cave, with warm clothes and sturdy shoes. The cave will be as cool as 42° even in summer. It will also be very dark one mile from the nearest light source, so be sure to bring at least two or three sources of light. Lastly, the Lava River Cave is currently closed. Be sure to check out the website for updates regarding its reopening.

Location: 171B Forest Rd, Flagstaff, Arizona

3. Tonto National Monument

Tonto National Monument az

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Hundreds of years ago, the blended ideas of neighboring Native American cultures gave rise to a unique and vibrant society. If you check out Tonto National Monument, you will be amazed by the detailed cliff dwellings that used to be the home of the Salado Indians. There are about 14 different native lines can trace their ancestry to these people.

You will surely find it a privilege hiking the paved trail that will treat you to views of the gorgeous plants, flowers, and saguaro. Envision how life was like back when the 40 or so inhabited the lower dwelling, as well as many thousands in the valley below.

What You Should Know: The Salado people who occupied the cliff dwellings before were fine craftspeople. They produced some of the most flamboyant polychrome pottery and intricately woven textiles found in the Southwest. You will find some of the artifacts excavated nearby on display in the visitor center museum.

Location: 26260 AZ-188, Roosevelt, Arizona 85545

4. Cibecue Falls

Cibecue Falls arizona adventure spots

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If you want to visit the best Arizona adventure spots, then you’ve got to take the Cibecue Creek Trail adventure! This experience seems more of a walk along the creek, but it is made more beautiful because you get to see the stunning canyon throughout the journey, plus a waterfall at the end!

You don’t have to be an extremely skilled hiker to see the magnificent waterfalls at the end of the trail. However, you may want to be more careful because the hike will require you to scramble over large rocks from time to time. The elevation gain of Cibecue Creek Trail is 439 feet, and it only covers a distance of 3.5 miles. It is perfect for everyone!

What You Should Know: All guests who wish to visit Cibecue Falls are required to secure a permit before embarking on a Cibecue Creek Trail adventure. It costs $30, and you can pay for the permit online. This is also a dog-friendly trail.

Location: Whiteriver, Arizona 85941

5. Fossil Creek

Fossil Creek arizona adventure spots

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Do you want to swim in clear water with a distinct color that varies from blue to green? Lucky for you, one of the best Arizona adventure spots lets you experience nature at its finest at Fossil Creek! You should also

A short, one-mile trail leads to a beautiful creek, and a natural waterfall. It is a perfect spot you should go to if you want to relax and escape for a while. The area is usually secluded, so you will enjoy your quiet time here. Not to mention, the Fossil Creek Waterfall also has the clearest water of any swimming hole in Arizona.

What You Should Know: There is a $6 per vehicle per day fee from April 1 to October 1 during the spring to summer season. The permits are not issued on-site, and you should also reserve for a parking slot in advance on On the other hand, there are no fees, permits, or reservations required during the fall to winter season, which is from October 2 to March 31.

Location: Camp Verde, Arizona

6. Oatman

Oatman az

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Oatman is a tiny historic town that has been around since 1915. Its humble beginnings were that of a tent camp. But everything changed for the better when two miners suddenly uncovered $10 million worth of gold. In under a year, nearly 4,000 people had flocked to Oatman, hoping for a better chance at life.

Today, you should come check out Oatman if you want to be entertained. Visitors will love listening to the sound of a double-barreled shotgun announcing the daily Wild West shows. It’s not something you always see when visiting Arizona destinations.

What You Should Know: For a fun-filled day, you should drive along Historic Route 66, which brought many to Oatman in its heyday. Once you reach Oatman, don’t forget to see their roaming burros.

Location: Oatman, Arizona

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