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10 Memes You’ll Only Understand If You’re A True Californian



Ah, California — the sunny state that everyone fights to be in. Well, literally and figuratively. California is the sunny paradise you’ve always dreamed of living in until you come here. All jokes aside, let’s have a laugh at all these Cali memes that’ll strike you where it’s hot. Whether you’re a Californian native or a tourist, all these seem too relatable. Everything’s too on point — from the Cali diets to the traffic situation. Remember, take nothing too seriously and get a chuckle or two from the Cali way of living.

Ever experienced what it was like to drive on California roads and highways? Well, it’s quite an experience, to say the least.

california meme

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Remember when everyone thought you were living near the Hollywood sign every time you said you lived in California?

california meme 2

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It’s getting a little bit breezy and cloudy here! It must be winter in California already.

california meme 3

California cuisine is just built differently. Did someone say avocados?! Oh boy, I could put that on so many dishes!

california meme 4

Is English your second language? It doesn’t matter. California has a different form of English you’ll only understand if you get here.

california meme 5

Dreaming of moving to another state or country? Bring some winter clothes in case the weather gets over 50 degrees.

california meme 6

Changing seasons? Nah, it’s just the Californian course of the day!

california meme 7

Ice scraper? What’s that? I’ve never heard of that here in Cali! It must be something the aliens use to conquer Earth.

california meme 8

What planet sits closest to the sun? Well, it’s none other than Sacramento, California.

california meme 9

Housing crisis? What’s that? There’s no other best place than California! Just make sure you make over 6 figures a year.

california meme 10

Isn’t California just so easy to love? With traffic, housing, and even weather crises, there’s no other state to best spend your time in than California! What are you waiting for? Book that flight or take that long drive now. The Golden State is waiting for you! 

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