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Here are 10 Things People from Wyoming Do That Seem Insane To Everyone Else




Welcome to the Cowboy State, where Wyomingites embrace a rugged and adventurous way of life that may leave others scratching their heads! From participating in rodeo events and encountering grizzly bears to engaging in high-altitude living and embarking on winter camping expeditions, residents of Wyoming showcase a fearless spirit and deep connection to their wild and untamed surroundings in ways that may seem daring or unconventional to those from different backgrounds. Join us as we explore 10 quirks and customs that highlight the spirited and distinctive character of Wyoming like nowhere else.

“Rodeo Participation”

Residents of Wyoming actively participate in rodeo events, showcasing their skills in bull riding, bronc riding, and barrel racing, demonstrating a fearless attitude and a deep connection to the state’s cowboy culture that may seem daring or reckless to those unfamiliar with rodeo sports.

“Grizzly Bear Encounters”

Wyomingites often encounter grizzly bears while hiking, camping, or engaging in outdoor activities in the state’s wilderness areas, showcasing a familiarity with wildlife and a willingness to coexist with dangerous animals that may seem risky or alarming to those from regions without such prominent bear populations.

“Buffalo Roundups”

In places like Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas, residents of Wyoming participate in buffalo roundups, where they help manage and corral large herds of bison, showcasing a connection to the state’s frontier heritage and a dedication to wildlife conservation that may seem adventurous or unconventional to those from more urbanized areas.

“High Altitude Living”

Wyomingites are accustomed to living at high altitudes, with many towns and communities located at elevations above 6,000 feet, showcasing a resilience to thin air and harsh weather conditions that may seem challenging or inhospitable to those from regions with lower elevations.

“Horseback Commutes”

In rural areas of Wyoming, residents may opt for horseback commutes instead of using cars or other forms of transportation, showcasing a reliance on equestrian travel and a connection to the state’s cowboy culture that may seem quaint or impractical to those from more urbanized areas.

“Winter Camping”

Some Wyomingites engage in winter camping, braving subzero temperatures and snowy conditions for outdoor adventures in the state’s rugged landscapes, showcasing a love for wilderness exploration and a resilience to cold weather that may seem extreme or uncomfortable to those accustomed to milder climates.

“Wind River Range Backpacking”

Residents of Wyoming often embark on backpacking trips in the Wind River Range, navigating remote wilderness areas and challenging terrain for days at a time, showcasing a love for outdoor adventure and a connection to the state’s stunning natural landscapes that may seem rugged or daunting to those from regions without such rugged mountain ranges.

“Pronghorn Antelope Hunts”

Wyomingites participate in pronghorn antelope hunts, showcasing their skills in tracking and harvesting game in the state’s wide-open spaces, demonstrating a commitment to hunting traditions and wildlife management that may seem intense or controversial to those from regions without such strong hunting cultures.

“Wild Mustang Roundups”

In areas like the Red Desert and the Pryor Mountains, residents of Wyoming participate in wild mustang roundups, helping to manage and preserve herds of free-roaming horses, showcasing a dedication to preserving the state’s wild horse populations and a connection to the frontier spirit that may seem adventurous or unconventional to those from more urbanized areas.

“Solar Eclipse Chasing”

Wyomingites may travel across the state to witness solar eclipses, often camping out in remote areas to experience the phenomenon in its full splendor, showcasing a fascination with astronomy and a willingness to pursue unique celestial events that may seem obsessive or eccentric to those from regions without such dedicated eclipse enthusiasts.

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