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9 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Augusta




More than just its famous golf courses, this bustling capital of Georgia feels more like a small town bursting with hidden gems to explore. You’ll easily find exciting and inspirational things to do the moment you step into the city. On top of that, there’s no shortage of sights and attractions that are an incredible feast for the eyes. Read through this list of the most beautiful places to see in Augusta for your next travel date!

1. Augusta National Golf Club

Augusta National Club, Augusta, Georgia
Source: GPB News

One of the world’s most exclusive clubs, Augusta National Golf Club is home to the Masters. It is the first established golf club in Augusta since 1899. Well-known golfer and one of the world’s greatest architects, Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie designed its dream-like setting and layout.

The Augusta National Club has played host to the Master’s Tournament, one of the well-known championships in professional golf. To keep up the challenge, the new-eighteen-hole course was developed continuously over the years. This course is a personal favorite of many American presidents like President Howard Taft and President Warren Harding.

A true treat for the eyes, this magazine-worthy course is one of the most beautiful places to see in Augusta.

2. Phinizy Center for Water Sciences

Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, Georgia, Augusta
Source: Froggyz

A nonprofit private center founded in 1996, the Phinizy Center for Water is the city’s response to the critical need for quality research, environmental education for K12 students, and stewardship of the environment.

Visitors are able to connect with nature all year round without an admission charge in Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. Guided hikes, bike rides, and other events provide the visitors opportunities to learn more about the importance of wetlands and water systems.

Every corner is filled with unique and interesting sights, so don’t miss this one on your trip to Augusta!

3. Augusta Canal

Augusta Canal, Augusta, Georgia
Source: Visit Augusta

As a testament to its importance, the US Congress selected the Augusta Canal to represent the story of the Industrial Revolution in South America. Today, the Augusta Canal is a source of pride and potential for its community.

The old Enterprise Mill now houses the Augusta Canal National Heritage Discovery Center. It is a place that exhibits the construction of the Canal and life during the industrialization. Visit the Canal, and witness its timeless reminder of the progress, dilemmas, and the potential of the South.

4. Savannah River Bluffs Heritage Preserve

Savannah River Bluffs Heritage Preserve, Augusta, Georgia
Source: Kuleigh Baker

A home for some of the federal’s endangered species, the Savannah Rover Bluffs Heritage Preserve is one of the most beautiful places to see in Georgia. It’s where you can snag rare sightings of animals like the:

  • Bottle-brush Buckeye
  • Upland Swamp Privet
  • Yellow-wood
  • False Rue Anemone

so important is the Savannah River, that the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources designated it as a preservation site. This 84-acre tract of land is just mere minutes from downtown. It has a nice hiking trail that leads to beautiful views of Savannah Rover.

Tourists enjoy its convenience too– it’s is very close to town, yet largely undiscovered. It is a place primarily used for hiking and walking, so you can enjoy the most beautiful places to see in Augusta without the rush.

5. Aqueduct Park

Aqueduct Park, Augusta, Georgia
Source: Visit Augusta

One of the most beautiful parks in the area, the Aqueduct Park is a perfect spot for those looking for swimming holes, rock climbing, and fishing next to the popular Augusta Canal Trail.

The Augusta Canal brings water through the cascading waterfall on one side and as go all the way down, you’ll eventually find that it goes to the Savannah River. It is located across the bridge from the Lake Olmstead Trail and a path will lead you to the base of a 35-foot waterfall that flows into a swimming hole.

A billow of spots appears as you explore the park, as well as hooks for rock climbing. Aqueduct Park is a fairly new park that was developed by local volunteers, but already one of the most beautiful places to see in Augusta.

6. Forks Area Trail System (FATS)

Forks Area Trail System (FATS), Augusta, Georgia
Source: Single Tracks

A series of curved hills in a forest area, the Forks Area Trail System offers a great hiking and biking experience for all. Though it may be a bit hilly, you aren’t going to find many climbs that require a lot of effort or dismounts.

There are many sections where you can choose on which trails to take.  Whether you jump on one side or roll through the ripples’ section, it is still great. The top of the mountains offers panoramic views of the area as well as a glimpse of the habitats of the wildlife that live there.

This trail system is an amazing addition to the Sumter National Forest area trails. It is worth the drive that you’ll want to see every inch of the place before you leave!

7. Augusta Museum of History

Augusta Museum of History, Augusta, Georgia
Source: Visit Augusta

This museum is a place devoted to preserving and presenting the local and regional history of the city. The Augusta Museum of History was founded in 1937 and is home to a permanent exhibition of Augusta’s 12,000-year development.

The museum of history curated the most important and biggest historical collection in the CSRA.  It also functions as historical research and resource center for professional and amateur historians, media, organizations, and individuals.

8. Sacred Heart Cultural Center

The Sacred Heart Cultural Center is one of the most celebrated places for its cultural activities including choral concerts, art exhibits, holiday events, and the annual Garden Festival. It was a former Catholic Church, now restored and features unique architectural details and modern amenities for any occasion.

Truly, a destination with a legacy of style more than a century. Its Great Hall offers many possibilities in the layout and design of any event.

9. Morris Museum of Art

A place for the art and artists of the American South, The Morris Museum of Art is the oldest museum in the country that includes more than a thousand artworks, paintings, photographs, and sculptures.

These collections are from the late-18th century up to the present. The museum also houses the Center for the Study of Southern Art and some public programs like Music at the Morris, Create with Me, Films on Friday, and Art at Lunch to name a few.

Explore Augusta, GA on your next trip!

Having a great fusion of nature and history, Augusta is a place that will never run out of admirable landscapes while telling a story of its origin. Don’t forget to include these places on your itinerary when you visit Augusta.

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