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3 Reasons Why the World Loves Hawaii



Hawaii is the perfect destination that gives all those who visit it the experience of awesome tropical weather and relaxing beaches. But does that mean that’s all there is to this paradise? Hawaii is a gem in itself. Here are the 3 reasons why the world loves Hawaii.

Find out for yourself and see how sooner would you want to step foot in this state!

1. You can do mind-blowing adventures here

Whatever it is you got planned, make sure it’s mindblowing, and make it a goal to do it in Hawaii. This place is unrivaled when it comes to the number of fun and exciting outdoor activities! Do you want to kayak near lava flows? Or maybe you just want to explore the landscape from the top of the world’s tallest mountain? We suggest you go for it!

See lava up close 

Seeing the lava enter the sea is a one-of-a-kind occurrence that is hard to put into words. You can check the daily activity on the Hawaii Volcanoes at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park’s website. That way, you’d get an idea for ongoing tours that will take you closer to the scene so you can inspect lava in the dark.

Hike Mauna Kea 

Not many individuals know that Hawaii has the world’s tallest mountain (some still think it’s Mount Everest). Strive for the summit and see the breathtaking vista with your own eyes.

If these activities are too intense, you can opt for snorkeling, mountain tubing, a helicopter tour, or even a simple road trip.

2. You can find the world’s most beautiful places in Hawaii

You’ll never get tired of exploring Hawaii because there’s a lot of awesome destinations. Where should you head to first?

Blue Room in Kauai’s North Shore

Get ready to enter a whole new world by swimming (yes, you can only get here by swimming) to the Blue Room located in a wet cave! Just wait ’til the sun shines through the clear waters and turns the whole room blue.

‘Ohe’o Gulch Pools

The seven sacred pools are also part of the reasons why the world loves Hawaii. Here, you’ll see the spectacular waterfalls and pools empty into the Hawaiian ocean. In case you’re wondering, this place is best explored while doing a breeze walk or muddy hike.

Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls is a 422-feet waterfall frequented by those who are crossing the Hamakua coast. This natural wonder already appeared in a Jurassic Park movie, and that fact explains a lot about how majestic this place is.

3. You can choose between a laidback or wild lifestyle

Hawaii Life Hawaii
Source: ALOHA – Hawaii Life | The Boomcase

How does enjoying life with as few worries as possible sound? We don’t know about you, but it’s definitely tempting for us!

The Hawaiian way of life is all about a relaxed lifestyle. Everything is at a slower pace so you can just focus on how you should live every day with love and happiness. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of, or too much fun, though. You can also go on fun parties, watch and learn from the traditional Polynesian dancing, and indulge in large servings of buffets.

Have you been to this beautiful state? What can you add to the reasons why the world loves Hawaii?

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