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Ever Wonder Why Hawaii is The Best State?



Hawaii is called the Aloha State, but to the world’s biggest travelers, it’s the must-visit destination that’s evidently placing high up the bucket list. It’s not a surprise, though. Hawaii is big on scenic views, stunning beaches, including fun and exciting activities. Many tourists will definitely argue that this is the best place to be. Now, if you’re doubtful, take a seat and learn why Hawaii is the best state:

It is the melting pot of different cultures

Hawaiians Best State
Source: Hawaiians | Real Hawaii Vacations

Hawaii has come a long way since the time of its original settlers, the Polynesians. Today, it is home to several native Hawaiians and other ethnic groups from Japan, China, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Korea. There are also immigrants from the mainland U.S., Europe, Azores, and elsewhere in the Pacific.

The place is a melting pot of different cultures so you can expect several interesting customs, languages, cultures, and religions. It has made the Hawaiian way of life truly fascinating!

The beaches are too beautiful for words

Waikiki Beach, Oahu
Source: Waikiki Beach, Oahu | Oyster

Every island in Hawaii is certainly home to a famous beach. And believe us, you won’t be able to get enough of its beauty! Here are two of the most beautiful beaches that answer why Hawaii is the best state:

Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Waikiki is Honolulu’s most popular beach mostly because it was once the playground of Hawaiian royalty. You can surf the waters, or just relax on the white sands with the Diamond Head Crater as your backdrop. Since the place is also a vibrant neighborhood, you can just stroll around the nearby streets for drinks and fine dining.

Kauna ‘oa Beach, The Big Island

This crescent-shaped private white sand beach is said to be the best beach on all the Hawaiian Islands. Described as a “serene tropical paradise” by most visitors, you can visit this place if you want to escape the crowd as you do activities such as swimming or snorkeling.

It’s where you can find endless summers

Hawaiian Summer
Source: Hawaiian Summer | DeviantArt/alierturk

Hawaii is close to the equator. With that said, you can pretty much get the feeling that the sun is closer here than anywhere in the continental US. There are a lot of people who sweat continually even when they’re not doing anything physical.

But if you love summers, that might not be a problem for you. You will probably experience around 300 sunny days on Oahu in a year, as well as frequent rain and a gentle breeze in some areas.

It makes for a good romantic destination

Are you and your partner planning a romantic getaway? Or perhaps you’re looking for the best honeymoon destination? Look no further because Hawaii will definitely take the top spot! It is a postcard-worthy place that will make every moment with your loved one beautiful and magical. You can check out these places:

  • Goat Island, Oahu
  • Haleakala Summit, Maui
  • Na Pali Coast, Kauai
  • Tantalus Drive, Oahu
  • Gardens at the Four Seasons Resort, Lodge at Koele, Lanai

Do you believe Hawaii is the best state? Share your answers by leaving a comment below!

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