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Here are 29 Slang Terms You’ll Only Understand if you’re from Montana




Step into the vast expanse of Big Sky Country, where the laughter flows as freely as the pristine rivers. Montana, with its rugged landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, has birthed a lexicon of humor that’s a secret handshake among locals. Join us on a chuckle-filled journey through 29 unique slang terms, each a testament to the wild spirit and good-natured wit that define the laughter in the heart of Montana.

Big Sky Banter

A light-hearted exchange of jokes and humor, referring to Montana’s nickname, “Big Sky Country.”

Apple Picker

Someone from the state of Washington.

Big Stick

A nickname for the city of Big Timber, Montana.

Prairie Maggots

Another term for sheep. Also known as meadow maggots.

Grizzly Guffaw

A hearty laugh associated with the University of Montana’s mascot, the grizzly bear.

A Buck Ninety Eight

Slang for expensive. “A buck ninety eight?! No way!”

Cowboy Up

A phrase used to encourage someone (usually a male) to “suck it up” or “deal with it” instead of standing around and whining.


 A brook trout.

Treasure State Titter

Laughter inspired by Montana’s nickname, the “Treasure State,” possibly related to the rich natural resources.

Montana Mirthquake

A playful term for a burst of laughter that shakes through the state, emphasizing the seismic humor.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

Friend bull testicles. No, these are NOT oysters. Unusual, yes. Delicious? Yes.

Cattle Country Chuckle

Humor associated with Montana’s significant cattle ranching industry.


Mosquitoes, also known as B-52s.

Curtain Crawlers

Children. Also known as Ankle Biters, Fuzz Pickers, Rug Rats, or Free Ranch Hands.

Spud Muncher

Someone from Idaho.

Bigfoot Belly Laugh

Amusement related to the mythical creature Bigfoot, with occasional sightings reported in the state.

Let Her Buck

A phrase that originated on the ranches and rodeo grounds of Montana. It can mean “to conquer” or to “let it go.” During the first World War soldiers from Montana in would yell “let her buck” as they charged into battle.

Ski Slope Snicker

A laugh related to Montana’s winter sports culture, particularly its ski resorts.

Chicken Foot

Of course, we’re not actually talking about a foot of a chicken. It seems the term chicken foot is used to describe a fork in the road.

Huckleberry Hilarity

Jokes and laughter inspired by Montana’s huckleberry culture, with huckleberry picking being a popular activity.


Here’s another term we supposedly use often in Montana. Caboodle means a full amount.

Yellowstone Yarn

Humorous tales or jokes associated with Yellowstone National Park, a major tourist attraction in Montana.

Rodeo Riff

Jokes and humor related to Montana’s rodeo culture, with numerous rodeo events held throughout the state.

Mule Deer Mischief

Playful teasing or laughter related to Montana’s abundant mule deer population.

Big Timber Tickle

A term for humor associated with Big Timber, a town in Montana known for its rich history.


The miles and miles of border between northern Montana and southern Canada.

Wild West Wit

Jokes inspired by Montana’s historical association with the Wild West and cowboy culture.

Flathead Frolic

Amusement related to the Flathead Valley, known for its stunning landscapes and recreational opportunities.

Bitterroot Bellyache

A playful term for laughter associated with the Bitterroot Valley, a picturesque region in western Montana.

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