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7 Best Things to Do in Trenton, New Jersey



“Trenton Makes, The World Takes.” The capital of New Jersey takes its pride with its slogan. Trenton is known as a city that produces goods for exportation. Though there may be a certain stigma when you hear about this city, the residents just want this city to be known as a place for dreamers; a place where you can express all your hobbies.

Don’t know where to go? Here’s our recommendation for the 7 best things to do in Trenton:

1. See the Famous Lower Trenton Bridge

Lower Trenton Bridge Trenton Makes The World Takes
Source: Lower Trenton Bridge | Wikimedia Commons/Jag9889

One of the most famous landmarks in Trenton is the Lower Trenton Bridge as it flexes their city slogan “Trenton Makes, The World Takes.” Take your cameras and capture the bridge that represents the pride of the Trenton people. The Lower Trenton Bridge makes the city accessible to tourists as it serves as a link from Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

2. Learn About History and Government at New Jersey Statehouse

New Jersey Statehouse
Source: New Jersey Statehouse | WHYY/Emma Lee

Considered as one of the historical locations in Trenton is the New Jersey Statehouse. Being the capital of the state, they are privileged to be able to domicile their statehouse. Visitors are welcome for guided tours where you can learn more about the history of New Jersey.

There are also times where you can visit during a legislative meeting that is open to the public.

3. Go on a Museum Tour

Old Barracks Museum Trenton
Source: Old Barracks Museum

Touring any city or state in the United States of America wouldn’t be complete without appreciating the art and history. We highly suggest you take a museum tour in Trenton and see a variety of things. From artistic diversity and outdoor sculptures to museums that serve as a remembrance from the war, they’ve got them all.

Here are some of the suggested places you can go to:

Artworks Trenton
Visit this quirky visual arts center which displays a wide variety of colorful galleries. Sometimes they do interactive events that offer live music, art contests and other activities where visitors will enjoy.

Grounds For Sculpture
It is a 42-acre outdoor museum with over 270 sculptures that is a visual feast for art enthusiasts. They are exhibits that you can enjoy there every season and you might also want to participate in sculpting classes offered there.

William Trent House Museum
The William Trent House is a national landmark acknowledged by the United States Congress. This place is the right one if you would want to know more about the revolution and history of New Jersey.

Old Barracks Museum
Want to see how the colonial life looked like? Visit the Old Barracks Museum and learn about how it was used to house soldiers and their impact on history.

4. Watch a Baseball Game in ARM and Hammer Park

Be like one of the locals and watch a baseball game of their team, Trenton Thunder! Everyone knows that baseball is one of the favorite American sports, so don’t miss out on your chance while you’re in Trenton.

Reminder: Watching a game would range from $11 to $12 and parking would cost you around $3. But if you go early, you might be able to park for free!

5. Shop at Trenton Farmers Market

Trenton Farmers Market
Source: Trenton Farmers Market | Hidden Trenton

A bang for your buck? We’re all looking for that! If you want to shop for fresh produces, remember to drop by Trenton’s farmers market. It has been standing there for over a hundred years so it’s not only a place where you can get affordable food but also to get your experience of the Trenton local culture.


  • Go here early in the morning so you won’t get drained by the heat of the sun.
  • Try to haggle. You can get bargains if you’re buying multiple items.
  • List down what you need to save time shopping.
  • Don’t buy at the first stall that you’ll find. Try to compare the prices first and select the best before you decide on where to buy.
  • They usually drop prices at the near close of the market so be mindful of that.

6. Try Wall Climbing at Rockville Climbing Center

In Rockville Climbing Center, the sun being too bright while climbing up wouldn’t be an issue because this is Trenton’s indoor climbing center. It’s a good place to activate your bones and muscles and get proper exercise.

People of all ages can try activities here. Don’t worry, the staff will be always there to assist you if don’t feel too confident enough to climb the walls.

7. Watch Awesome Performances

“What’s your favorite past time?” It’s a question that we all get a lot. Frankly speaking, watching is one of the things most people like to do. It helps us release all the stress of the day: whether it is watching a movie, a theater play or a concert. If you can’t decide what show to watch, you might as well take into consideration our suggestion on places you can visit:

Trenton Downtown Association
It is a non-profit organization that promotes engaging activities towards locals and tourists. They host outdoor concerts, live music and art shows for everyone to enjoy.

CURE Insurance Arena
Previously known as Sun National Bank Center, this arena houses the worldwide famous “Disney on Ice.” Here you can also watch concerts of famous singers, and if the season fits, you can even watch sports games.

Passage Theatre Company
This humble theater company in Trenton works hard to provide knowledge to aspiring performers in every field like acting, singing and, dancing. They run shows for the audience quarterly to showcase the talents they want to promote, and in order to inspire other people to follow their dreams especially if it involves getting into theater arts.

If you open your eyes and see all the possibilities that this city could offer, it will be one of the wonderful memories of your life. Which best thing to do in Trenton would you like to try?

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