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One of the Most Unique McDonald’s is right here in Roswell, New Mexico and it’s Totally Out of this World



How does visiting the only space and UFO-themed McDonald’s in the world sound to you? Pretty interesting, huh?

Casual travelers will be in for an interstellar treat when they chance upon this particular McDonald’s store! Roswell, New Mexico is home not just to delicious burgers, but also to cosmic wonders and out-of-this-world friends!

Get the extraterrestrial McDonald’s experience right here in Roswell

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Get this – this is the only McDonald’s on earth that is shaped like an alien spaceship! You can still eat your regular favorites such as the Big Mac, but the bonus is you can also pose and take photos with welcoming aliens.

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Savor the crispy perfection of your out-of-this-world fries, and take in a moment to soak in the atmosphere around you. The staff at the Roswell McDonald’s aren’t just employees; they’re ambassadors of the extraterrestrial experience.

Some of them are sporting smiles as bright as the North Star! Worry not. They’re here to ensure that your journey through the cosmos is nothing short of stellar.

Earthlings are welcome

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What sets this McDonald’s apart isn’t just its otherworldly aesthetics and mouthwatering menu – it’s the sense of community that thrives within its walls. Whether you’re a local regular or a weary traveler passing through, you’ll find yourself welcomed with open arms and a hearty “Greetings, Earthling!”

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The goal of this beautiful UFO McDonald’s from Roswell is to unite burger lovers from all walks of life under the same celestial canopy. Some events and celebrations make the Roswell McDonald’s a hub of excitement.

There are UFO-themed costume contests, as well as alien-inspired karaoke nights to ensure that this mothership is never dull. And let’s not overlook the annual UFO Festival, where visitors from across the galaxy flock to Roswell to revel in all things otherworldly.

Make a pit stop at the McDonald’s in Roswell

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The next time you find yourself cruising through the desert plains of New Mexico, make a pit stop at the McDonald’s in Roswell. Indulge in the flavors of the cosmos, bask in the warmth of community, and let yourself be swept away by the magic of it all.

The fast food store is also a nod to Roswell’s rich history of UFO sightings and conspiracy theories. This is why there are cosmic murals, alien memorabilia, and even life-sized replicas of the friendly neighborhood Martians. Forget about spending a lot just to step into a sci-fi movie set. This is as close as it gets and you don’t have to worry about actual aliens.

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The only thing abducting you here is the irresistible aroma of freshly cooked fries. Who knows? Maybe as you gaze up at the night sky while munching on your Galactic Burger, you really might just catch a glimpse of something truly extraordinary – a shooting star, a passing comet, or maybe even a UFO soaring through the heavens.


Have you been to this UFO McDonald’s from Roswell?

Address: 720 N Main, Roswell, NM 88201
Contact No.: +1 575-622-4752

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