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5 Haunted Places in New York That Will Terrify You



These Are the Haunted Places in New York

New York is an old state with many historic places. Many amazing things happened there throughout history. However, with the good, comes the bad, and the bad can leave a lasting mark. Here are 5 haunted places in New York that will indeed terrify you.

1) The Amityville House

Exterior of the Amityville House. One of the most haunted places in New York.

Widely considered as one of the world’s most haunted places, it is definitely one of the most haunted places in New York. 112 Ocean Avenue has inspired heaps of folklore.

Following the DeFeo murders of 1975, in which a son murdered his entire family in their beds, a family of five, the Lutz’s, moved in. They immediately began encountering strange happenings. When upstairs, George, the father, would hear a noise which he described as a “marching band tuning up” or something radio-like but would cease to hear it when he went downstairs. His wife Kathy would feel embraced by “an unseen force,” and one morning woke up with red welts on her chest. Their youngest, Missy, would often see red glowing eyes, and sometimes an accompanying wild pig-like figure. Less than one year after moving in, the family moved out, leaving behind all their possessions. The final straw was seeing green sludge oozing from keyholes and down the hallway walls.

2) Rolling Hills Asylum

Rolling Hills has been many things over the years, a nursing home, a tuberculosis hospital, orphanage, poor farm, infirmary…and home of the dead. People in the morgue have reported strange disembodied voices and even being knocked off their feet. Then there is “Shadowy Hallway” in the East Wing, in which there are supposedly moving shadows that make their way towards you. These shadows take on all forms, human shape and otherwise.

3) Farnham Mansion

Currently open to the public as a B&B, Farnham Mansion is a hotbed for the paranormal. Some of the unexplained phenomena include phantom animals, lights being switched on and off, unexplained footsteps, shadowy apparitions, and strange mists that only appear in photographs. The Grays, who own and operate the mansion, even claim they were given a gift by one of the ghosts – a young girl who was a previous resident of the house.

4) One If By Land Two If By Sea

Claims of flickering lights, shoves from behind, eerie cold drafts, tilting picture frames, and mysteriously activated machinery are all part of the experience at this Greenwich Village eatery. One employee quit after being pushed down the stairs several times by “invisible hands.” Many female guests report losing their earrings while dining at the bar. This happens night after night with no explanation.

5) Bowery Hotel


Many guests have reported strange occurrences at this Lower East Side hotel. Some guests have had conversations with people who seem to simply disappear. One woman reported that she encountered a ghost in a white dress when she entered her room. Another Perhaps even more strange is that around 1 A.M. every morning, the elevators go out of control. Be careful of any late-night visits from your room to the downstairs bar.

Josh began writing for When In Your State in 2016. Josh is a born native of NYC and went to school in Leeds, and Miami, where he was a staff writer for the Metropolis newspaper. He now resides in Washington Heights. As well as writing for WIYS, Josh cofounded a production team, and does various freelance work.