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North Carolina

7 Reasons Why Living In North Carolina Isn’t the Worst

Carly Rutledge



Living in North Carolina causes the locals to brag about their beautiful state. North Carolina ranks among the top 10 most popular states in the country. The perks of living in the Tar Heel State are endless. From sunny beaches to dense forests, North Carolina has a lot to offer.

1) There Are Many Job Opportunities


With Charlotte as the second-largest banking city in the country and the Research Triangle continually offering new employment, there are just too many choices! Living in North Carolina is not only affordable, but it also offers peace of mind when it comes to lucrative employment.

2) You Can’t Open a Door on Your Own


Chivalry and southern hospitality do still exist, and North Carolina is a frustratingly perfect example of it. Walking in and out of buildings, you’re sure to be bombarded by courteous people offering their manners.

3) You Can’t Stop Eating the Food


Feel free to blame the state for its addicting southern cuisine. It’s not your fault you’ve gained weight; the state should really produce less tasty meals.

4) The Beautiful Landscapes Spoil Locals


Anyone who gets to wake up to this view every day is obviously a spoiled person who takes life for granted.

5) It’s Too Sunny

Man and woman embrace while living in North Carolina.
Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

People living in NC often spend more money on sunscreen and after-sun products. If you live by the coast, you’re likely always having to drag your heavy sunglasses around with you as well.

6) You Can’t Order Alcohol Before Noon on Sunday


So this one really can be unfortunate at times, especially if you enjoy watching intoxicated people make a fool of themselves at breakfast. So much for breakfast and a show!

7) School is Canceled as Soon as One Snowflake Falls


What’s worse than waking up to a snow day? Unfortunately, schools in NC are notorious for closing early at the first signs of snow. You’ll just have to forgive your school for the lack of homework.

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