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You And Your Partner Will Love These 7 Unique Date Ideas In North Carolina

Ever want to really wow your partner with a special date but can’t come up with a the right idea? You’re in luck! We’ve comprised a list of seven unique date ideas for you and your partner in North Carolina. Check out these fun couple ideas that you’re both bound to love!

  1. Take the ferry to Southport and wander around the quaint southern town

    While you and your partner can easily drive to this charming beach town, we suggest taking the scenic ferry route. Biking or driving onto the ferry will enhance the getaway feeling of your date and allow you to explore more of the town.

  2. Create your own pub crawl with the local breweries in Asheville

    With more than 40 craft breweries in Asheville you’ll have no trouble mapping your own route! Your date is sure to be impressed by your creative and organized outing. Just make sure to walk or Uber home after!

  3. Spice things up at Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen

    Looking for a more hands on dining experience? Try attending a cooking class like Chef Alyssa’s in Charlotte.

  4. Get physical and hike to the top of Hanging Rock

    Being active with your partner is terrific for both your relationship and your health. Hanging Rock offers some pretty romantic views you can both share making your way to the top.

  5. Or skip the hike and jump on board for a sunset cruise in Wrightsville Beach

    Searching for a date that is a bit more relaxing? How does an hour and a half sunset cruise with your partner sound? You can even make it into a dinner or wine tasting cruise if you’re feeling extra ambitious.

  6. Get close on the rollercoasters at Carowinds

    Share the adrenaline rush with the one you love or bravely experience a first date at Carowinds theme park. You’re bound to take your relationship to new heights and probably learn a thing or too about your date and his or her opinion of heights!

  7. Seal the date with a kiss under the Dry Falls in the Highlands

    Rain, snow, or cats and dogs, the Dry Falls are open year round. Take advantage of nature’s romance and spend the day exploring North Carolina’s national forest side by side with your favorite person.


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