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8 of the Most Beautiful Places to See in Ohio

Jamie Delos Reyes



Ohio, known as the Buckeye State, is filled with amazing places to see and visit. On display is some stunningly beautiful nature to admire, many charming little towns, and larger, urban cities to explore. Read on to see the most beautiful places to see in Ohio!

1. Corkscrew Falls

Corkscrew Falls, Ohio
Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Located in Hocking Hills, Corkscrew Falls features many cliffs, shelters of rock, waterfalls, and gorges. Moreover, it is surrounded by multicolored rock and vibrant green foliage. Those are just some of the reasons why it’s one of the most beautiful places to see in Ohio.

Aside from the colorful rocks, the water is crystal clear and vibrant blue. It is off the main trail and few people know about the place. Visitors should not expect to see big crowds here, but instead, a quiet, secluded place where they can admire a beautiful view of nature in peace and quiet.

2. Nelson Kennedy Ledges

Nelson Kennedy Ledges, Ohio
Photo Credits: Rachel Gribble

Very few people are aware of the breathtaking, adventurous views and nature hike that can be experienced at Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park. It’s a lesser-known, underrated state park. It features rugged cliffs, hidden waterfalls, and unique hiking trails that can be found nowhere else.

The park has hiking trails that take visitors along the rim of the ledges and straight into the gorge. It is an enchanting, surreal park, with giant tree roots and moss-covered rock formations. Enjoy the natural waterfalls, and stroll on a boardwalk that leads visitors to Cascade Falls. Although there are no overnight facilities, visitors to the park will find it a beautiful and memorable day trip for all ages.

3. The Rock House

The Rock House, Ohio
Photo Credits: Flickr | Mark Spearman

The Rock House is an above-ground cave within the Hocking Hills State Park that offers a truly surreal experience for visitors. The cave boasts a 25-foot tall ceiling with enormous window-like openings onto the scenery below, offering hikers a spectacular view of the trees outside.

The cave links to a cliff, which visitors must hike to get to, and can be strenuous for those who are not used to hiking. However, the nature of the scenery gets more and more beautiful the higher you climb up. Wait until you reach the cave full of multicolored rock formations that feel like they come from another world! At the end of the cave is an overlook that features a spectacular view of the forest that visitors have just hiked through, making this hike a unique experience.

4. Clifton Gorge

Clifton Gorge, Ohio
Photo Credits: Outdoor Project

Clifton Gorge can be found near John Bryan State Park, following the course of the Little Miami River, making it a truly gorgeous hiking destination. It is at the top of every hiker’s bucket list, featuring a beautiful gorge, numerous waterfalls, and even a quaint restaurant and the only water-powered grist mill in the state. Not only that, but the trail also features beautiful examples of natural limestone gorges, following fascinating pieces of Ohio’s history along the way. Along the way are natural waterfalls and rapids, making for beautiful photos, with a nature center on-site to answer curious visitors’ questions about the local wildlife. A few minutes off the trail, the best breakfast food in the state can be found at the Clifton Mill, a historic mill and restaurant.

5. Chateau Laroche

Chateau Laroche, Ohio
Photo Credits: Flickr | qrtr2four

The Love Land Castle, also known as Chateau Laroche, has a unique history. Sir Harry Andrews built it using his own hands. Nowadays, it is a museum run by modern-day knights. It’s a one-of-a-kind attraction, full of rich history and fascinating details.

In addition, the castle is a little-known site, and so visitors can expect smaller crowds during their day trip here. It is a charming medieval structure, filled with beautiful gardens, and various memorabilia of Sir Harry Andrews. He lived in the castle while he built it. Before he passed away in 1981, he bequeathed it to the Knights of the Golden Trail. Today, members of the Knights of the Golden Trail run and maintain the castle.

6. Ohio Caverns

Ohio Caverns, Ohio
Photo Credits: Arthur Oleary

Found in West Liberty and nicknamed “America’s Most Colorful Caverns”, the Ohio Caverns emerged thousands of years ago. An underground river passed through underground, ancient limestone. The force of the river over millions of years formed enormous rooms and passageways.

Now filled with stalactites and stalagmites, the Ohio caverns boast incredible rock formations that will make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also inside the caverns is one of the world’s largest and most perfectly formed stalactites, called the Crystal King. Visitors to the area can look forward to cave systems formed thousands of years ago. Get ready to encounter ancient rock formations. You can even experience gem mining for a small fee! Available are several different tours, and visitors can take advantage of them to explore these unique caverns.

7. Whispering Cave

Whispering Cave, Ohio
Photo Credits: Trek Ohio

Another cave found in the Hocking Hills State Park, the Whispering Cave is a 300-foot wide cavern that not as popular as other Ohio attractions. Visitors to this cave will experience a unique trail going to the Whispering Cave. The trail features enormous sandstone cliffs, a brand new cave, and a massive waterfall.  There’s even a swinging bridge on the Hemlock Bridge Trail!

8. Lake Erie Bluffs

Lake Erie Bluffs, Ohio
Photo Credits: Flickr | Kevin Vail

A beachfront metro park found in Perry, the Lake Erie bluffs feature 600 acres of beautiful lakefront shoreline, with stunning 40-foot high beach bluffs and incredible picturesque beaches. There is also a towering coastal observation tower with amazing views of the lake and the surrounding area.

Ohio is a state full of adventures for backpackers and lovers of the great outdoors. Moreover, its stunning views, adventurous hiking trails, and unique geographical landscapes make it a must-visit. It is also a state full of all kinds of wildlife and forestry. Its natural monuments are a testament to the natural splendor of the state. Visitors to Ohio looking for a unique experience should visit its most beautiful places now!