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12 Best Things to Do in Newark, Ohio




Newark, Ohio, was named after a small town in New Jersey by the pioneer surveyor General William C. Schenck. But before that, indigenous people first settled in Newark, Ohio, later rewarding us with beautiful lush greenery and landscape that will wow the tourists for years.

Whether you are just visiting on a day trip, having a week-long vacation in Newark, Ohio, or filling up your next best vacation destinations list — this list has got you covered. From fun nature hikes to golf courses and shopping boutiques to restaurants and historical landmarks, Newark, Ohio, can give you the best of both worlds. This historic city can offer you all kinds of adventures in one go! Check out the 12 best things to do in Newark, Ohio, below.

Visit the Dawes Arboretum


The Dawes Arboretum is a 2,000-acre property filled with beautiful gardens, a huge collection of shrubs, trees, and ornamental plants, a native bald-cypress swamp, a Japanese garden, wetlands, and a museum. It is the brainchild of nature-lover couple Beman and Bertie Dawes, founded in 1929.

Over 100 trees dedicated to Ohio’s public figures await you at Dawes Arboretum. You can walk around, relax, or take photos of nature’s beautiful, well-taken care. Additionally, if you visit during the fall season, the jaw-dropping fall foliage will welcome you with all its beauty.

Location: 7770 Jacksontown Rd, Newark, OH 43056

Explore the manufacturer turned museum National Heisey Glass Museum


The Heisey Glass Company opened its doors as a tableware glass and decorative figurine manufacturer in 1895. It was one of the oldest glass manufacturers in the world until it closed in 1957.

Fast forward to the year 1972, the National Heisey Glass Museum was established. The museum showcases the former manufacturer’s collection of preserved glass products. It is maintained by the Heisey Collectors of America, all while promoting the former manufacturer’s glass products from the old times.

The National Heisey Glass Museum has a shop where you can purchase several unique souvenirs, such as unique glass specialty gifts, jewelry, authentic Heisey items, and a collection of t-shirts for all ages and sizes.

Location: 169 W Church St, Newark, OH 43055

Explore the official prehistoric monument of Ohio — Newark Earthworks


All thanks to the indigenous peoples that settled in Newark and Heath, Ohio, between 100 BCE and 400 CE for creating the Newark Earthworks. It is a historical complex that not only stood the test of time but can also take you back in time.

Newark Earthworks consists of three preserved earthworks: the Great Circle Earthworks, the Octagon Earthworks, and the Wright Earthworks. These earthworks are places where the indigenous peoples gathered for ceremonies such as worship, trading, and more.

The 3,000-acre Newark Earthworks has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. The official prehistoric monument of Ohio is open to the public so we can all appreciate the greatness of nature and man, the beautiful fall foliage it creates, the scenery, and, of course, enjoy picnics and other bonding moments and activities with family, friends, and significant others.

Location: 455 Hebron Rd, Heath, OH 43056

Bike around the Horns Hill Park


Spend a great time alone at Horns Hill Park with family and friends. The park offers one of the most well-maintained biking trails in Central Ohio, so you can get around with your two wheels and enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature that surround you. The Horns Hill Park only has a single biking track.

The Horns Hill Park hosts several biking events where locals and tourist riders can participate. If you’re not keen on riding bikes, the park is also great for relaxing, disc golfing, picnics, sightseeing, and family gatherings.

Location: 1250 Horns Hill Rd NE, Newark, OH 43055

Have a relaxing fishing trip at Staddens Landing


Staddens Landing is Newark, Ohio’s best offering if you’ve come here to sit back and relax under the sun while holding a fishing rod. It’s a great fishing spot where many bluegills, striped bass, and catfish swim, waiting for you to catch them.

Additionally, Staddens Landing has access to the Licking River connecting Newark to Heath. More than peaceful fishing, you can also enjoy tubing on the water, kayaking, or canoeing. It’s the perfect place for dads, moms, and kids to spend the whole day!

Location: Co Hwy 315, Newark, OH 43055

Have the best tee time at The Trout Club


Established in the 1960s, the Trout Club is a golf course that houses 164 acres of 18 holes for a par of 72. Paired with rolling hills and beautiful natural views, golfers are bound to have one relaxing tee time.

Aside from one of the best views that Newark, Ohio, has to offer, the Trout Club also features an outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor bars, a full-service restaurant, a Pro Shop, and live entertainment all year round.

Location: 2250 Horns Hill Rd NE, Newark, OH 43055

Take a break and have a slice of pizza at Elliot’s Wood-Fired Kitchen and Tap


Elliot’s Wood-Fired Kitchen and Tap was established in 2017, yet they’ve picked up so much traffic to become one of Newark, Ohio’s best pizza places. Their signature pizza called “Bomb” is a tourist favorite, consisting of diced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, jalapeños, sausage, banana peppers, and sriracha sauce.

The wood-fired pizza has a different flavor, making it a crowd favorite. There are vegetarian options for non-meat lovers, street tacos, and 16 special draft beers for everyone.

Location: 16 W Main St, Newark, OH 43055

Join a paranormal tour at the Licking County Historic Jail


The Licking County Historic Jail has a Richardson-Romanesque style architecture standing since 1889. It hosts the Flashlight Tour and the Jail of Terror, which is not for the faint of heart. It is said that the souls of its former inmates may haunt the fourth local jail in Newark.

The scary tours won’t only scare you to death but also provide facts and information about the jail’s history.

Location: 46 S 3rd St, Newark, OH 43055

Sip on a glass of red at the Buckeye Winery


Buckeye Winery invented the famous jalapeño wine that’s taking Newark, Ohio, by storm. If you haven’t tasted it, here’s your chance to finally take home a bottle or two of the famous spicy and sweet wine made with white grapes and jalapeño.

More than sipping on the famous jalapeño wine while enjoying Newark’s picturesque views, Buckeye Winery also offers 50 varieties of wine, and you can even make your wine for a reasonable price.

Location: 25 N 3rd St, Newark, OH 43055

Or have a cup of joe at the River Road Coffee House


River Road Coffee House results from a father-son partnership between Mark Forman and his son David. It is one of the best coffee houses in Central Ohio, using state-of-the-art roasters and coffee beans as well. Enjoy pastries, coffee, boba, tea, and other baked goods. Relax inside the coffee house or have everything to go while you enjoy Newark, Ohio.

Location: 973 N 21st St, Newark, OH 43055

Buy souvenirs at the Gallery of Dreams


Gallery of Dreams should be included in one of your last stops in Newark, Ohio. From different kinds of clothing to accessories like hats, sunglasses, and the owner’s line of jewelry, this boutique is the perfect place to get souvenirs for the whole family and friends when your Newark vacation is nearing its end.

Location: 37 N 3rd St, Newark, OH 43055

And finally, go hunting at the Rocky Fork Whitetails

Rocky Fork Whitetail


Are you looking to experience something different than enjoying the beautiful nature, hiking, walking, and touring around town, or simply eating in a restaurant or cafe? Newark, Ohio, has just the right activity waiting for you.

Try hunting at the Rocky Fork Whitetails. Whether it’s your first time or not, you will surely have a great time in the 283 acres of hunting areas filled with wild game you can catch. If you’re savvy for bow hunting, there is an available 120 acres of tree nursery in the outfitter’s operation premises where you can practice your aim.

Rocky Fork Whitetails’ hunting packages include permits, hunting tools, experienced guides, tags, and a lodge. Their 5-star lodge offers comfort and amazing food. If you did catch a wild game, an in-house taxidermist can debone your catch with a fee.

Location: 6529 Fallsburg Rd NE, Newark, OH 43055


From thrilling hunting trips to relaxing in nature and even tubing through a river — Newark, Ohio, can offer you all sorts of activities to bring out the best of each vacation day. Additionally, if you’re just passing by, there are plenty of things you should not miss out on in Newark. From haunted jails to wood-fired pizzas and jalapeño wine, isn’t Newark, Ohio, just the perfect place for everyone?

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