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10 Amazing Sculptures in Downtown Oklahoma City You Must See



Downtown Oklahoma City has a lot to offer. It definitely would be a shame not to mention how many unique and beautiful sculptures abound within the city’s limits. Here are a few sculptures that will surely captivate your imagination.

1. Skydance Bridge

Skydance Bridge

The Skydance Bridge adorns the sky and acts as a gateway from the interstate into downtown Oklahoma City. During the day, it stands as a giant piece that promises magic once dusk arrives. And when dusk arrives, it truly delivers a beautiful sight as it changes colors slowly. It is hard to remove your eyes from this truly amazing work of art.

2. The Womb

The Womb – Psychedelic Arts Center by The Flaming Lips

Art galleries like the Womb are counter-cultural centers where on any given day, you can see unique sculptures. Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips is always giving back to the city of his birth, where his own imagination and creativity were formed. The Womb is his special place and it can be your special place too!

3. Jesus Wept

And Jesus Wept
And Jesus Wept

And Jesus Wept is appropriately placed at the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial.

4. Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial contains unique memorial sculptures that illuminate the pool of water and the tree-lined area where the building once stood. It is a sad reminder of man’s instability as well as a reminder of man’s mortality.

5. Abstract Sculptures at the Municipal Building

Sculpture at the Municipal Building
Sculpture at the Municipal Building

Abstract Sculptures at the Municipal Building downtown perfectly set the vibe of a city known for its peaceful and creative dwellers. Even when busy at work, these sculptures relax the mind and re-center oneself.

6. Botanical Garden Abstract

Botanical Garden Abstract

This Botanical Garden Abstract is just one facet that adds to the charm and beauty of the downtown park where the Myriad Botanical Gardens reside. You could spend all day at this park alone, taking in the marriage of human artistic creativity and nature.

7. The Bird 

The Bird
The Bird

A statue of the Bird eyeing an apple is a hidden gem between buildings housing various business suites. It’s just one of those things that remind us that nature is all around us, even when busy at work in the office.

8. Downtown Abstract 

A Downtown Abstract
A Downtown Abstract

A Downtown Abstract sculpture captivates visitors and Oklahoma City natives alike, as it defies gravitational and geometric logic.

9. The Oddity

The Oddity
The Oddity

Interestingly, the Oddity of this sculpture seems to find you rather than you finding it. There are many interpretations of its symbolism; I see butterflies!

10. The Old Cowboy Downtown 

The Old Cowboy Downtown
Old Cowboy Downtown

The Old Cowboy Downtown greets many a traveler as they stay in the beautiful Sheraton Hotel during their stay in Oklahoma City. He reminds us of the past but also reminds us that not far from the city’s limits, cowboys and farmland abound throughout the state’s beautiful rolling hills.

There is plenty more to see in Oklahoma City, and during your visit, you’ll encounter various man-made works of art like these gorgeous sculptures. Plan your trip now!

John Ghost is a professional writer and SEO director. He graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in English (Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies). As he prepares for graduate school to become an English professor, he writes weird fiction, plays his guitars, and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. He lives in the Valley of the Sun.