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Here are the 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Pennsylvania, According to Statistics



Embark on a sobering exploration as we delve into the statistical landscape of Pennsylvania’s urban areas, revealing the 10 cities that grapple with higher crime rates. From rising incidents to localized challenges, these cities have faced complex issues leading to their designation as the most dangerous in the Keystone State. Join us in unraveling the factors that contribute to this ranking and understanding the broader context that shapes these communities.


Journeying to the eastern region of the state brings us to Philadelphia, a bustling city with a population exceeding 1.5 million. In the year 2018, Philadelphia witnessed a significant incidence of 14,420 violent crimes, encompassing 7,712 aggravated assaults, 5,262 robberies, 1,095 rapes, and 351 murders. Additionally, property crimes surpassed 49,000, predominantly marked by larceny/thefts, accounting for 36,968 instances.

  • Highest number of total violent crimes and murders in the state
  • Violent crime rate is 88% higher than the U.S. average
  • Property crime rate is 58% higher than the U.S. average


  • Highest overall violent crime rate in PA, 37% higher than Philadelphia
  • Highest murder rate, over 3 times higher than other cities studied
  • Struggles with poverty, with median household income 56% lower than U.S. average


  • Crime rate 81% higher than the PA average
  • High poverty and poor economy despite location near Philadelphia
  • 2,742 property crimes and 690 violent crimes reported in 2022


  • Total crime rate 116% higher than the PA average
  • Struggles with poverty and unemployment
  • 332 violent crimes and 542 property crimes reported in 2021


Continuing our exploration into Western Pennsylvania, the spotlight is on Johnstown, a city of nearly 21,000 residents. In the year under review, Johnstown witnessed 240 violent crimes, comprising 177 aggravated assaults, 32 robberies, 26 rapes, and five murders. Additionally, the city reported 620 property crimes, encompassing 406 larceny/thefts and 190 burglaries.

  • Crime rate 68% higher than the PA average
  • Median household income 56% lower than U.S. average, contributing to high crime
  • 1 in 30 chance of being a victim of crime


With a population of 22,792 residents, Pottstown recorded 196 violent crimes in 2020. This included 123 aggravated assaults, 36 robberies, 35 rapes, and two murders. On the property crime front, the numbers were notably higher, totaling 753, with 606 instances of larceny/theft and 113 burglaries.

  • 3rd highest crime rate in PA, 88% higher than state average
  • 3rd highest property crime rate in the state
  • 740 property crimes and 183 violent crimes in 2021 despite small population


In 2020 Darby, a city with a population of 10,702, recorded a total of 149 violent crimes. Of these incidents, 94 were aggravated assaults, accompanied by 37 robberies, 17 rapes, and one murder. The prevalence of property crimes nearly doubled that figure, reaching 346, with the majority consisting of 251 larceny/theft cases.

  • Very high violent crime rate, with 152 murders in 2021
  • High property crime rate of 4,625 incidents per 100,000 people
  • Struggles with high poverty rate and low incomes


  • 48 total crimes in 2021 despite small population of 3,252
  • Considered 8th most dangerous city in PA


Ambridge, home to 6,679 residents, documented a total of 89 violent crimes. Among these incidents were 79 aggravated assaults, seven robberies, one rape, and two murders. In terms of property crime, the city recorded a sum of 182 instances, including 139 larceny/theft cases and 26 burglaries.

  • Located in Beaver County
  • Considered one of the most dangerous cities in the state


  • 2nd highest number of violent crimes in 2021 after Philadelphia
  • Violent crime rate of 12.26 per 1,000 residents
  • 939 total crime cases in 2021

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