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You Simply Must Visit the Kubota Garden When You’re in Seattle



For people with less than ideal current funds or for those just tired of paying for weekend activities, Kubota Garden is perhaps the best free place to go for anyone in Seattle. Rather than waste money on something less wonderful, this is a gorgeous Seattle city park and is hidden among the south Seattle neighborhoods. There are many beautiful gardens and parks to go to around the Puget Sound area. However, this garden often does get as much attention from visitors as it should. Below you will see what those of you who haven’t been there are missing out on.

Kubota Garden Bridge Seattle

The Kubota Garden bridge in Seattle, Washington. It's a sunny day at the Kubota pond.
The Kubota Garden Bridge – Seattle, Washington

Kubota Garden took over 60 years of vision to complete starting back in 1927 by immigrant Fujitaro Kubota and continued by his family. Mr. Kubota first bought 5 acres and now it is a lush 20-acre preserve. It is filled with a variety of flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.

The park is noteworthy for its design based on Japanese aesthetics. The Kubota Garden Foundation was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1988 to preserve the garden. Though, as another result, it also functions to establish continued support for its upkeep. The Foundation is a volunteer organization and is based on membership. The Foundation is supported by these members and funded with donations. In addition, the volunteer members also run a spring and fall plant sale to help bring in more funds.

A Pond in the Garden

Kubota Garden Pond in Seattle, Washington.
Kubota Garden Pond in Seattle, Washington | Image credit: Brandon Kim via Flickr

The garden is filled with cool pathways and beautiful ponds. It is also a perfect place for serenity. The garden is a great location for those who wish to relax, read a book, or have a picnic. People seem to feel that public parks in Seattle are all beautiful yet they may just not get much prettier than the Kubota Garden. And the garden is rather noteworthy for its beauty.

In Conclusion

Kubota Garden in Seattle.
Kubota Garden in Seattle | Image credit: Aurora Santiago

Looking for the most beautiful park for a more than fair price is easy when it comes to this amazing garden. It’s a great escape from the hectic city life as it allows you to meditate and be alone with your thoughts while you surround yourself with beautiful nature and wildlife. You simply must do yourself a big favor and come visit the Kubota Garden the next time you’re anywhere near Seattle, Washington.

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