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10 Photos That Prove Nothing Grows in Arizona

Cheyenne Reed



Plants in Arizona Are Amazing and Plentiful

Arizona is more than just desert. Plants in Arizona grow all over bringing a plethora of beautiful colors together. Here are 10 beautiful pictures of plants in Arizona to prove our point.

1) Buffalo Park Near Flagstaff

A butterfly sits on a pink flower in Arizona.
Flickr User Jana

It looks rather barren, don’t you think? No way! There is just too much beauty.

2) Bartlett Lake Near Phoenix

Bartlett Lake near Phoenix.
Flickr User Guy Schmickle

Apparently this yellow stuff is called Brittlebush.

3) Organ Pipe National Monument in Ajo

Orange Pipe National Monument in Arizona has many great plants.
Flickr User Mike Jones

Orange Pipe Cactus? You’ve got to be making this stuff up.

4) This Lovely Field is Near Globe

Arizona plants growing in a field near Globe.
Flickr User Wade Lengele

These ones are called Mexican poppies.

5) Flowers Along Highway 177

A variety of flowers grow in Arizona. These plants are diverse and interesting.
Flickr User Steven K. Willard

We aren’t really sure why, though.

6) Here’s a Shot from Sedona.

White flowers and plants grow out of a rock in Sedona, Arizona.
Flickr User Jennifer Seitz

Blah, blah. Who cares about these boring white blossoms.

7) These Wildflowers are Two-Tone!

Two-tone flowers and plants grow in Arizona.
Flickr User Cynthia

We’re *so* impressed.

8) Gorgeous Starbursts of Color

Purple and yellow flowers bursts from the Arizona plants.
Flickr User ladyjock75

But they’re pretty average anyway, right?

9) These Flowers Were Spotted Mingling in Catalina State Park

Blue bonnets and yellow tulips in Catalina State Park.
Donna L Sisley

Nice try, but we still aren’t buying it.

10) Here’s an Absolutely Ridiculous Photo of Plants in Arizona

Beautiful flowers, trees, and plants in growing in the Tucson sunlight.

Obviously, we know that things like this can’t possibly grow in the desert that is Arizona. Arizona wildflowers are on point!

Just a Couple More Plant Pictures in Arizona

Wildflowers and plants in Arizona growing in the wilderness.

Beautiful Flowers Abound

A variety of flowers.

There Are Many Plants in Arizona

Most people just aren’t aware of how many plants, flowers, and trees there are in this beautiful state. There are so many wonderful things to see and witness. Don’t believe it until you see it for yourself.

Do you have something growing in your backyard that might bring us round? Let’s see it! Add it in the comments below.