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10 Pictures That Prove Arizona Has No Chill

Cheyenne Reed



These Pictures of Arizona Prove Its Beauty

All of the other states might be content to blend in, but Arizona definitely has no chill. Here are 10 knock-your-socks-off pictures of beautiful Arizona, you know, just doing its thing.

1) No Other State Can Compare to Arizona’s Brilliant Sun

Pictures of Arizona don't get more beautiful than this colorful desert shot.

Tell me where else you’ve seen sunshine like this. I dare you! 

2) Green Water in Reid Helms Fossil Creek

The green and blue waters of Reid Helms Fossil Creek.
Reid Helms / www.azpano.com

For those of you out there who prefer greens to reds, Reid Helms Fossil Creek is the perfect desert oasis.

3) Sunset Near Marshall Lake in Flagstaff

A picture of Arizona's sunset near Marshall Lake, Flagstaff.

This one is for the people who prefer white.

4) Doesn’t Arizona know that things don’t grow in the desert?

Apparently Arizona didn’t get this memo. That’s good news for the rest of us, because pictures of Arizona desert landscapes are amazing! So pretty, so prickly.

5) Monument Valley is Unreal with Its Beauty

Monument Valley in the background and a road to it in the foreground.

Arizona: the original home of the scenic drive.

6) Arizona’s Wildflower Game is Definitely on Point

Pictures of Arizona wildflowers and the sun peaking out over a hill.

Who’s feeling up for a picnic? Or maybe a song and dance routine?

7) Pictures of Arizona Sunsets Always Win

Pictures of Arizona sunsets are the best, including this one of a pink, blue, and orange sky above the desert.

Who wouldn’t want to end their day like this every day?

8) Pictures of Ravens Aren’t Rare in Arizona

 A raven poses with the Grand Canyon in the background.
Photo by Matteo Paganelli on Unsplash

9) Sedona is One of Many Places Arizona Shows its Beauty

Colorful pictures of Arizona can be taken in Sedona like this one.
Seth Meyerowitz

This spot is called The Perch. You’re basically guaranteed an awe-inspiring view of the beautiful and interesting city of Sedona.

10) And don’t forget that Arizona is home to The Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon at dusk.

To call it grand is kind of an understatement because we think we’ve pretty much got the best view in the U.S.

Do you have a beautiful shot of Arizona that will make our jaw drop? We want to see them in the comments!