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Here are The 10 Best Things to Do in Tombstone, Arizona



Back in the good old days of 1877, an adventurous silver prospector who goes by the name of Ed Schieffelin set out from Camp Huachuca for the Dragoon Mountains. The Dragoon Mountains were known to have an abundance of silver. However, the soldiers warned Ed that he would find nothing in the Dragoon Mountains but his tombstone.

When Ed Schieffelin set out for the Dragoon Mountains, the place was still called Goose Flats. Upon the discovery of silver, Ed Schieffelin called the place Tombstone. At Tombstone, Arizona’s peak, it became one of the fastest growing cities in The Grand Canyon State, accumulating over 100 saloons, more than a handful of restaurants, schools, churches, publications, and even having one of the first public swimming pools in all of Arizona, that you wouldn’t believe is still actually in use to this day. 

Now, Tombstone is one of the best places you’ll ever get to visit in The Copper State. Check out the 10 best things you can do in Tombstone, Arizona, below. 

OK Corral


OK, Corral is one of the most iconic places you’ll ever visit in the United States. It has etched its place in the history of America when the most iconic gunfight took place in OK Corral in 1881. 

Now, you’ll see life-sized replicas that pay tribute to the individuals who carved their names in the annals of American history. Additionally, you’ll also be able to witness several reenactments of the gunfight, with actors and actresses donned in authentic cowboy attire, using guns that are reminiscent of the ones used in 1881 but loaded with harmless blanks. 

Location: 326 E Allen St., Tombstone, AZ 85638

Tombstone Courthouse State Park 


The Tombstone Courthouse State Park takes you on a step back when the place was teeming with notorious activities: gun fights here and there, outlaws getting grabbed by the hands of justice, and even daily mundane activities that took place once. 

The world-famous Tombstone Courthouse State Park boasts of first-hand accounts, authentic historic documents, exhibits, and a meticulously preserved area that has been preserved and taken care of throughout the years. 

Location: 223 E Toughnut St., Tombstone, AZ 85638

Goodenough Mine Tour 


The Goodenough Mine was once a rich source of silver. It was one of the reasons why Tombstone, Arizona, rose to prominence and prosperity faster than any other city back in the day. However, after exhausting the silver supply in the Goodenough Mine, this led to the downturn of Tombstone, which was once a flourishing silver mining city. 

Today, visitors can explore the Goodenough Mine through the various tours it offers, paired with knowledgeable tour guides armed with fascinating facts about the mining area, Tombstone, and more. 

Location: 501 E Toughnut St., Tombstone, AZ 85638

Bird Cage Theater 


Tombstone, Arizona’s Bird Cage Theater, has had its fair share of experiences throughout the years since it was erected. Constructed in 1881, the Bird Cage Theater not only was a theater, but it also served as a dance hall, brothel, watering hole, and more. The place had accumulated over 200 bullet holes put there by rowdy customers. 

Rumor has it that the restless souls of the bodies that once had the times of their lives in the Bird Cage Theater still roam the area. Walking inside the iconic theater will take you back to the good old days of 1881 when it was filled with grandeur and rowdiness. 

Location: 535 E Allen St., Tombstone, AZ 85638

The Wyatt Earp House and Gallery 


The legendary Wyatt Earp is an American lawman involved in the OK Corral gunfight. He was also a famous and generous gambler. The Wyatt Earp House and Gallery is housed in the actual Wyatt Earp house. It is overflowing with his memorabilia, providing a glimpse into the interesting yet intriguing life of Wyatt Earp.

The Wyatt Earp House and Gallery contains numerous artifacts about the history of Tombstone and Wyatt’s intriguing life. The place is a tribute to the great Wyatt Earp and one where you can stand on the land where a piece of America’s history took place. 

Location: 102 E Fremont St., Tombstone, AZ 85638

Tombstone Epitaph 


The Tombstone Epitaph was once Tombstone’s historic news bearer. It once became home to many newspapers, all competing against one another to bring the most sensational news ever. 

The Tombstone Epitaph still contained all the original printing equipment. Local enthusiasts passionate about the Tombstone Epitaph continue to print the local paper to continue its legacy. 

Location: 11 S 5th St., Tombstone, AZ 85638

Boothill Cemetery 


The Boothill Cemetery was established in the late 1870s. It contains the names of the iconic legends of Tombstone, Arizona, the outlaws, and many more who met their untimely demise through participating in gunfights, hangings, shootings, tragic mining accidents, and more. The cemetery was rapidly filled up with bodies, so you’ll be able to see numerous tombstones and even unmarked graves that have stood the test of time. 

Location: 408 AZ-80, Tombstone, AZ 85638

Flandrau Science Center 


The Flandrau Science Center is a place filled with wonder and facts merged to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for curious minds of all ages. From its famed planetarium to the many artifacts in the science center’s many exhibits, you’ll find that there is truly something for everyone. 

Seasoned explorers and young curious minds will have the time of their lives going through discovery after discovery and artifact after artifact in the Flandrau Science Center. 

Location: 1601 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85721

San Pedro National Conservation Area 


The San Pedro National Conservation Area is Tombstone’s best offering for nature lovers. The well-marked trails will allow you to discover the flourishing flora and fauna in the place, including many other species of birds. 

The San Pedro National Conservation Area has earned its reputation as a birdwatcher’s paradise because of the many species of birds that nest, migrate, and pass through the area in all seasons. 

Benson Arts and Historical Society Museum 


The Benson Arts and Historical Society Museum has a different, albeit slightly similar, offering than that of the iconic Tombstone. In Tombstone, you can return to the thrilling moments that left people afraid, in awe, and excited with fear. In Benson, the museum showcases the lives and the lifestyle of the people who have been long gone, leaving their artifacts behind to be seen by locals and tourists who visit the museum. The Benson Arts and Historical Society Museums is a treasure trove filled with artifacts from a once thriving bygone era. 

Location: 180 S. San Pedro, Benson, AZ 85601


From gunfights to visiting the outlaw’s graves and even immersing yourself in the once teeming and lively area of Tombstone, Arizona, to science discoveries and even looking back into the mundane life of the people who lived in the tumultuous times of the 1800s, Tombstone has something for everyone. Which adventure from this list fits you best? 


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