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Here Are The 10 Best Things to Do in Yuma, Arizona



The Sunniest City on Earth has several offerings for locals and tourists alike. Yuma, Arizona, situated on the confluence of the Gila and Colorado Rivers, has every kind of adventure for every kind of person out there. 

Being near California and Mexico, it’s often passed by everyone who looks right ahead into the neighboring destinations, which are obviously more renowned worldwide. But now that you’re here and reading this let’s start listing down some places and exciting activities that will make your Yuma, Arizona trip more than memorable. Check out the 10 best things to do in Yuma below.

Explore the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park


The great Colorado River situated the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park to prevent prisoners from escaping on dry land. True enough, there have been fewer prison escapes since the prison was built. However, the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park was shut down in 1909 with only 33 years of service. 

During the prison’s heyday, it housed over 3,069 prisoners. Today, you’ll be able to tour the area, including the prison cells, and see what life was like for the prisoners over a hundred years ago. Check out some of the artifacts that the real prisoners left behind and take a step back when the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park was still in motion. 

Location: 220 Prison Hill Rd., Yuma, AZ 85364

Check out the Castle Dome Mine Museum


Yuma, Arizona, was once one of the largest mining cities in America. The Castle Dome Mine Museum in the Castle Dome Mountains once saw many men mining to earn a decent living. 

The Castle Dome Mine Museum shows the miners’ lives, their houses, and some artifacts that they left, including several personal things. It is like stepping back when mining was still a huge part of the place’s development. 

Location: Castle Dome Mine Rd., Yuma, AZ 85365

Have Instagrammable photos at the Sanguinetti House Museum


Eugene Francis Sanguinetti, also known as the Merchant Prince of Yuma, built the house of his dreams in what is known now as the Sanguinetti House Museum. His home is incredibly beautiful, including a beautiful, extensive, and well-maintained garden that will truly be Instagrammable. The Arizona Historical Society does its best to preserve the house and the Garden in its beautiful state, all for the locals and tourists to witness. 

Location: 240 S Madison Ave., Yuma, AZ 85364

Learn about Yuma’s history at the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area


The Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area was once the only entrance to the growing town-now city of Yuma. The Spanish explorers entered the city through this route, and the development of Yuma also came to be because of this route. 

History buffs will have a swell time learning about Yuma’s history, its development, and the impact of what once was the only entrance to the city of Yuma at the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area. 

Location: 180 W 1st St ste e, Yuma, AZ 85364

Taste Yuma’s iconic dates at Martha’s Garden


The sunniest place in the world has the perfect conditions to grow and harvest dates. Yuma is well-known to be the best and the biggest provider of dates in the country, contributing a lot to the local economy. 

Martha’s Garden shows you how dates are grown and harvested, and you’ll also get to taste some of the best-tasting dates in the world. Tour the Garden, learn how to harvest dates, and take home the best dates you have ever tried. 

Location: 9747 S Ave. 9 ¾ E, Yuma, AZ 85365

Cross the McPhaul Swinging Bridge


Have you ever heard of Arizona’s world-famous “Bridge to Nowhere?” The famous swinging bridge can be found in Yuma, Arizona, and was built in 1929. The McPhaul Swinging Bridge was meant to be used as a suspension bridge, but after many unsuccessful attempts, it was declared unsuitable for vehicles to pass by. The McPhaul Swinging Bridge has survived several calamities, but locals and tourists can still see it today, making for a great photo background or being the subject itself. The McPhaul Swinging Bridge indicates Yuma, Arizona’s developing city, many years ago. 

Location: Yuma, AZ 85365

Try your hand at fishing at the Martinez Lake


Martinez Lake is near the Lower Colorado River basin and contains almost 500 acres. That said, it’s the perfect fishing destination where you’ll get to catch fish like carp, largemouth bass, bullhead, redear sunfish, bluegill sunfish, catfish, tilapia, and smallmouth bass. Many fishing tournaments also take place in Martinez Lake. Additionally, the lake and surrounding areas are great for birdwatching.

Stroll around the historic Downtown Yuma


If you want to experience life in Yuma, nothing can get better than strolling around the historic Downtown Yuma. The place used to get heavily flooded, with some areas still containing flood marks from the 1920s. Additionally, if you’re looking for additional places and activities in the Sunniest City, you’ll never run out of that in Downtown Yuma. Most of Yuma’s best restaurants, shops, and more are in the downtown area; you’ll see them as you walk along.

Birdwatch at the Yuma East Wetlands Environmental Restoration Area


The Yuma East Wetlands Environmental Restoration Area, situated along the Colorado River, has over 1,400 acres of animal habitat. Surprisingly, the place was a former garbage dump transformed into a wildlife habitat. Tourists and locals can go for a relaxing bike ride along the river’s muddy trails, but bird watching is the most famous activity in this area. The yellow-billed cuckoo is the most common kind of bird that frequents the area. 

Location: Yuma Crossing Bike Path, Yuma, AZ 85364

And finally, try your luck at the Lutes Casino


The Lutes Casino is one unique place to be. The decorations on the front of the building could be junk, but they could also be regarded as eclectic. Both kids and adults will enjoy the Lutes Casino as there are several activities they can try, such as games and even coloring pages. 

An extensive menu is also available for those who’d like to grab a bite, as well as several branded goods, gifts, and Lutes Casino keepsakes. I know you’re thinking about the vibrant Vegas casino scene, but the only gambling that’s going on in the area is the selling and buying of state lottery tickets. Who knows? You might be the lucky one in Yuma! 

Who knew the Sunniest City on Earth could have a collection of thrilling and relaxing adventures and activities for all ages? It’s only 10 on this list, but choosing which ones you should embark on and which you should return to is harder.

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