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Test Your Wizard Skills at This Harry Potter Escape Room in Arizona



Many people dream of being part of the wizarding world even just for a moment. Imagine seeing Hogwarts with its soaring spires and winged-pig statues. It is surely a magical picture already etched in every Potterhead’s mind! What if we tell you there’s a Harry Potter-themed escape room in Arizona that will force you to do your best wand-toting and spell-casting moves? Don’t you just agree that it is an ABSOLUTE must-visit?

The answer is simple. It may not be your favorite amusement park in Arizona. But, heck yes. It is a must-visit!

It’s Only the Valley’s #1 Escape Room Destination…

You better keep your priorities straight if you’re out and about and just strolling around the Tempe shopping center. The place is also home to the valley’s most popular escape room, Alcatraz Escape Games, and it is perfect for any Potterhead! This Harry Potter-themed escape room in Arizona is aptly called “Wizard Hysteria,” as it will surely test the players’ sorcery skills.

The Set-Up Looks 100% Legitimate!

The atmosphere already sets the mood. One look and you will already be transported to the real Hogwarts. You can find the world of wizardry and witchcraft in the details, such as the floating symbols, candles, and some symbols from the books.

Wizard Hysteria also has many props perfect for its players and visitors. We’re sure that you won’t leave without a smile on your face because this escape challenge is simply magical!

How Can You Find Your Way Out of the Room?

The evil wizard has escaped death is now ready to torment everyone who lives in the magical and non-magical worlds alike. Plan your best escape before the wizard lets loose his curse on all of you! To do that, you must successfully find the six cursed objects hidden within the castle. This Harry Potter-themed escape room in Arizona requires the best minds to find the way out. Is one hour enough time? Well, you need to come up with a good strategy and fast!

Top to Bottom, So Wizardly-Dressed

Many players arrive sporting their favorite Harry Potter-themed shirts, scarves, and hats. Because think about it, if you’re already in the best escape room in Arizona, why should you even hold back? Go all the way!

Source: Alcatraz Escape Games 

Wizard Hysteria Details:

  • Players must arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the booking time.
  • Playtime takes anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Reservations are considered final and refunds are not available.
  • Before starting the challenge, you and your friends will have to sign a waiver and pay $30 per person. (Note: Price may change without prior notice. It depends on the peak times and holidays, so plan accordingly).
  • No worries if you are coming with a big group. There can be up to 12 people in each group.
  • You can also book a private event for $360, subject to holiday price increases.

Address: 1290 North Scottsdale Road Suite 103, Tempe, AZ 85281

See website for more information: https://alcatrazescapegames.com/tempe/


Test your keen senses now at this Harry Potter-themed escape room in Arizona. The best escape time is 40 minutes. Do you think you can beat it?

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