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Here Are 10 Things People From Arizona Absolutely Love



Say all the jokes you want about Arizona being closer to the sun than earth. But there’s no denying that the beautiful things about the state far exceed its disadvantages. If you need help with that reminder, then let us help us refresh your memory on what to love about Arizona. It helps to know why you can’t get enough of such an insanely amazing place. Here are 10 things people from Arizona absolutely love:

1. The sensational deserts courtesy of Mother Nature

Monument Valley Arizona

Source: Instagram

If you’ve been to Arizona, there’s a good chance you get the notion that this is Mother Nature’s favorite. Just look at the desert landscapes which are nothing short of amazing. It seems as if Mother Nature decided on a place she wants her beauty to be most evident and she chose this state.

Of course, the sensational deserts are all meant to be appreciated, enjoyed, and captured. Whether you’re a local or a visiting tourist, we’re sure this is something we can agree on.

2. Some mind-blowing destinations that take you to Mars

Little Painted Desert Arizona

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Arizona is not purely desert. Some believe it’s also part-Mars. Some destinations feature spiky spires, multicolored layers of rocks, and massive sandstone structures that seem like the terrain frequented by Martians. Check out this article on the 12 Places in Arizona that will make you feel like you’re on another planet.

3. A plethora of outdoor activities

Canyoneering Arizona Queen Creek

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You can’t leave Arizona without first trying fun and exciting outdoor activities. There’s literally a lot you can choose from. Take your pick among hiking, camping, canyoneering, mountain biking, boating, and so much more. You just need to find what activity you like best, search for the town where you could do that, and be on your way.

If you can’t decide, you can always brave beginner hiking trails, take a scenic drive in a terrifying yet beautiful highway, or visit a hidden hot spring. You can also ask an Arizonan or check with a local tour the next best outdoor activity.

4. The beautiful snow

Arizona Snowbowl Flagstaff Winter

Source: Instagram

Yes, we’ve said it numerous times already. It does snow in Arizona! It’s not just a big chunk of land on the map contrary to popular belief. It’s also not just a cacti-studded desert.

If you happen to stay in places that are in the northern and southeastern latitudes, and higher elevations, you might just see your first Arizona snow. Some of the areas that enjoy snow include Flagstaff, Williams, Payson, and Prescott among others.

5. The state boasts one of the world’s best sunsets

Tonto National Forest Arizona Sunset

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Imagine being in the front row seat of a Red Mountain sunset. It’s not just unforgettable. It’s also such a magical experience and will surprise you more than you think possible. Arizona is home to a lot of natural wonders, so you can pick any from these destinations and enjoy the setting sun.

Take a photo and capture the experience. The insane beauty will only make you fall in love! You don’t need anyone to tell you that sunsets are part of what to love about Arizona. Once you see it, you immediately know it.

6. Getting a spiritual awakening in Sedona

Cathedral Rock Sedona Arizona Trail

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Arizona is indeed a land full of surprises. You already know about the beauty of the desert and the Grand Canyon, but you’ll surely be in awe of Sedona. It is everyone’s favorite place if you need healing or perhaps a spiritual awakening.

Sedona is home to the world’s famous vortex spots, which is known to provide powerful and transformational energy.

Some say staying in a vortex spot is an exceptional experience. You will feel subtle energy vibrations such as a faint buzzing throughout your body, or a rush of energy. You may also experience a sudden shift in consciousness or perception.

7. The other beautiful wonders aside from the deserts

Havasu Falls Supai Arizona

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Arizona is not just home to a dry and barren landscape. You will find many bodies of water such as a gorgeous waterfall, a beautiful natural pool, and more. The lakes are also nice, peaceful, and picturesque. Basically, they have a pretty decent water supply for being a desert state. If you must know, Arizona is among the states that issue the most boat licenses.

The key is discovering the hidden gems and discovering the best spots in this highly diverse land. Once you do, you can just take a vacation and see it for yourself.

8. The humbling land formations

Canyon X Arizona

Source: Instagram

It’s one thing to look at a natural wonder from a far viewpoint. Being there is another thing. Imagine seeing towering rock formations or being surrounded by deep slot canyons formed by the erosion of water and rock millions of years ago. It is pretty amazing.

It gives you the realization that you are a small speck in this world, and all your problems, worries, and frustrations are minuscule as well. Truly, the land and rock formations in Arizona are not just beautiful, it’s also completely humbling.

9. The beautiful trails

Bellota Ranch Arizona

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Okay, as long as we’re on the topic of what to love about Arizona, the beautiful hiking trails are definitely part of the list. You can just go on countless adventures because the state provides the perfect hiking experience anyone could ever wish for.

Choose from easy hikes where you can bring your furry friend along, an underground hike that will take you through a lava tube, or even the challenging 800-mile trail.

The bottom line is, Arizona is undoubtedly any hiking enthusiast’s wonderland.

10. The interesting towns and cities

The interesting towns and cities really make up Arizona’s charm. Each place has its own personality that will keep you interested. For instance, you might want to check out the cheapest places to live in Arizona, or the happiest cities. Or you can just explore your way throughout the whole state.

You’ll find that there are ghost towns, historic districts, art hubs, outdoor recreation areas, and social venues. Spoiler alert: all these places are great!

Are you still thinking of what to love about Arizona? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!