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6 Reasons Why Jerome is the Absolute Best Ghost Town in Arizona



Jerome, Arizona was once the most talked-about mining town in the United States. Today, it stands with all of its original buildings, but with a new perspective on life. Jerome is one of the most unique cities in Arizona, attracting visitors from all over the world. It is located within the Verde Valley not far from Cottonwood, Prescott, and Sedona.

In Jerome, you’ll find people from all walks of life including bikers, ghost hunters, artists, goths, and international travelers. The rich history of mining, crime, and debauchery has made it one of the most haunted towns in the country. Come see why Jerome is the real Halloween Town and explore all the great things to do there.

1. Jerome Has Historic Mine Museums

Photo by: Jamie Kroll
Gold King Mine Museum. Photo by: Jamie Kroll

There are a few mining museums throughout Jerome, Arizona. Each of them boasts different aspects of the town’s dark and interesting past.

The Jerome Historical Society’s Mine Museum

Address: 407 Clark St, Jerome, AZ 86331

Located on Main Street Jerome and houses a wonderful collection of mining artifacts and things used in the mines back in the day.

The Gold King Mine and Ghost Town

Address: Perkinsville Rd, Jerome, AZ 86331

An eclectic museum with countless old vehicles, buildings, and well, a little bit of everything. Visiting this little ghost town is an absolute must for Jerome first-timers.

Douglas Mansion

Address: 100 Douglas Rd, Jerome, AZ 86331

Located just north of Main Street Jerome, or just down the hill in the Jerome State Historic Park. This is a free museum that takes you on a trip through how Jerome, Arizona came to be.

2. Jerome’s Restaurants are Very Unique – Some are Even Haunted

Skeletons climbing on the outside the Haunted Hamburger in Jerome, Arizona.
Outside the Haunted Hamburger in Jerome, Arizona | Image credit: Alexandra Gaspar via Flickr

The restaurants in Jerome, Arizona are some of the best in the world! They have everything from bar fare to fine dining. The Haunted Hamburger is my personal favorite. Located in the middle of town they have some of the best hamburgers, the best views of the Verde Valley, and even a ghost story! When remodeling the building into the restaurant, the owner would find his tools always had a way of traveling elsewhere in the building- especially hammers.

So if you make a trip, be sure to take your hammer! The Spirit Room on Main Street has an excellent atmosphere for adults with live music every weekend. If you’re looking for fine dining, be sure to make your way up the hill to The Asylum. This family-friendly restaurant is located in the Jerome Grand Hotel and has select tables that offer that million-dollar view.

Here is a Complete List of the Best Restaurants in Jerome

The Bordello of Jerome

Address: 412 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

Your place for American comfort foods. This quaint spot is a good place if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat.

Haunted Hamburger

Address: 410 Clark St, Jerome, AZ 86331

The Haunted Hamburger was once a boarding house for miners. The building is haunted by several miners whose souls have yet to pass on to the ever after. Today, it is the premier hamburger joint in all of Jerome, Arizona. Make sure to make reservations during the busy summer weekend season, because it books up very fast.

Grapes Restaurant & Bar

Address: 111 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

This is the place to go if you’re in the mood for delicious Italian food that you can eat while taking in the views of the Verde Valley. The bar also boasts an impressive and extensive wine list.

Mile High Grill and Inn

Address: 309 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

This cute little restaurant delivers American food in an aircraft-themed atmosphere. This is the place to go if you’re craving the best appetizers and sandwiches – honestly, I think I’ve had the best sandwich in my life here. Try their pretzels too!

Asylum Restaurant

Address: 200 Hill St, Jerome, AZ 86331 (Grand Jerome Hotel)

If you’re looking for romance and elegance, then look no further. Asylum Restaurant is located within the Grand Jerome Hotel

The Flat Iron

Address: 416 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

The Flat Iron is an all-day breakfast spot that has a quirky cool vibe.

Vaqueros Grill and Cantina

Address: 63 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

Delicious Verde Valley Mexican food with a Southwestern twist.

Hilltop Deli

Address: 403 N, Clark St, Jerome, AZ 86331 (Jerome UVX Center)

A very cool deli that boasts some of the best food in the whole town. Simple, yet wonderful. What can I say, I love delis.

3. The Shops in Jerome, Arizona are the Best in the State

Shops in Jerome, Arizona.
Shops in Jerome, Arizona | Image credit: Michael Kemper via Flickr

What do you like to shop? Toys? Souvenirs? Home goods? Clothing? Let me tell you, Jerome has a shop for just about everybody! About half of the town is art galleries, so window shoppers are in for a treat too. While not on Main Street, the old school (to the left as you enter Jerome) is an eclectic mash of Art Galleries. Art galleries can also be found down Main Street Jerome. Most artists sell their work. Besides the art galleries, there are a lot of artistic shops that sell unique items. Here are a few of my favorite stores in Jerome:

Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes

Address: 136 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

One shop that has spectacular art is Nellie Bly Kaleidoscopes – which is one of my must-stops whenever I’m in town. Nellie Bly is the largest dealer of kaleidoscopes in the world! And what’s better? They encourage you to look around, try them out, and engage your childlike spirit. They have kaleidoscopes for every budget.

Amore Pin-Up Boutique

Address: 327 Main St., Jerome, Arizona

There are also unique boutique shops like the Amore Pin-Up Boutique. One side of this shop is dedicated to unique gothic and 1960s chic clothing and accessories. The other side is dedicated to gorgeous and sexy lingerie. This classy establishment is a must for those who want unique clothing that impresses.

Puscifer – The Store

Address: 140 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

Another shop that simply must visit, especially if you’re a Maynard James Keanan fan, is Puscifer – The Store. Not only does this store sell Puscifer merchandise, but it’s also a very cool record store, hair salon, and T-shirt printing shop. This establishment is run by Maynard’s wife and is a prime example of what makes Jerome such a unique place.

Tommy Rocks

Address: 110 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

This awesome little music shop is located within the Jerome Historical Society’s Mine Museum. You’ll notice it on your left once you enter, it’s the place with all the guitars and ukuleles. Tommy is a cool guy that plays a mean guitar. He has vintage guitars lining the back wall with autographs from rock legends. So, make sure to stop by the Tommy Rocks music store.

Threads on Main

Address: 367 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

Threads on Main is a friendly fashion boutique that specializes in women’s clothing. You won’t find these clothes anywhere else, it’s that special of a place. This is one of those stores that I always need to stop at to see what’s new every time I’m in Jerome.

Mooey Christmas and Udder Things

Address: 111 Jerome Ave, Jerome, AZ 86331

Mooey Christmas and Udder Things is a year-round Christmas store. That’s right… year-round. This nifty little place is your one-stop-shop for all your Christmas decor.

Liberty Theatre & Gifts

Address: 110 Jerome Ave, Jerome, AZ 86331

During the flu epidemic of 1918, a very unique movie theatre was constructed. And because of that epidemic, it didn’t open until a year later. It quickly became a very popular silent movie house that showed the best Hollywood masterpieces. It didn’t stay open long, however, because the owner didn’t want to install a sound system for talkies. The Liberty Theatre sits 480 people and plays movies every day.

What makes the theatre even cooler is that it’s on the second floor of a very cool gift shop. You’ll find a lot of crazy things here including animatronic monsters, wild art, and cool clothes.

4. Jerome Boasts the Best Wineries in Arizona

Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room | Image credit: Clay Piercy via Flickr

Jerome is just a stop along the Verde Valley Wine Trail and boasts four wineries/tasting rooms. The vineyards in the Verde Valley provide a uniquely dry and cool climate. This produces a flavor that is unique to the region. The four wineries include the following:

Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room

Address: 158 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room is located on Main Street and is open 365 days a year, making it the perfect place to stop in and sample some delicious locally made wines. Merkin Vineyards are actually owned by Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle fame.

The Original Jerome Winery

Address: 114 Jerome Ave, Jerome, AZ 86331

The rustic Old West atmosphere of The Original Jerome Winery offers the best views of the Verde Valley that you can kick back to while enjoying delicious wine.

Cabal Cellars

Address: 417 Hull Ave, Jerome, AZ 86331

Cult-like in its design, Cabal Cellars is a very cool winery that exclusively serves Cabal wines.

Vino Zona

Address: 527 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

Vino Zona is a quaint and inviting winery that offers delicious wine tastings and other wonderful get-togethers.

5. Authentic Old West Architecture Makes Up the Entire City

Old Western look architecture in Jerome, Arizona.
Old West Jerome buildings | Image credit: Dan via Flickr

Jerome is literally built into the side of the hill and contains all of the original structures as they once were (with a few exceptions, of course). If you are one for 19th-century architecture, this place is just a gold mine… figuratively speaking, of course. Though the mines are no longer functional, the buildings and homes will make you feel like you’ve stepped back into time. It is quite a sight to see!

Another interesting building that still barely stands is Jerome’s Sliding Jail. This jail cell is in ruins but the bars still work. This place surely saw many crazy things over the years.

6. All of Jerome’s Hotels are Haunted!

Outside Ghost City Inn in Jerome, Arizona.
Ghost City Inn

Sold on coming to Jerome, Arizona? That’s perfectly fine, there are many hotels and Bed and Breakfasts to allow you to extend your day trip into a haunted over-nighter. That’s right… haunted. Every hotel in town is haunted by at least one ghost.

Jerome Grand Hotel

Address: 200 Hill St, Jerome, AZ 86331

The crown jewel of Jerome is the Jerome Grand Hotel. It used to operate as a hospital back when the mines were open before being converted into a hotel. You won’t need to ask for a mountain view, in this case, you will literally see the side of the mountain it’s built upon. You’ll want a valley-view though, it looks over the Verde Valley and the rest of Jerome.

Ghost City Inn Bed & Breakfast

Address: 541 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

If a bed and breakfast is more your pace, try the Ghost City Inn Bed & Breakfast. The Ghost City Inn is located just off of Main Street, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jerome, Arizona but still boasts the old-time construction.

Connor Hotel

Address: 160 Main St, Jerome, AZ 86331

If you like being close to bars and the hustle and bustle of Main Street, the Connor Hotel is definitely the way to go. It is close to restaurants, shops, and steps away from all of the action. It is also home to the popular nightspot, the Spirit Room.

Surgeon’s House Bed & Breakfast

Address: 100 Hill St, Jerome, AZ 86331

This was the home of the chief surgeon of Jerome, Arizona. It was built in 1917 and even though it went into disrepair after many years of vacancy, it now is completely restored and even surpasses its original glory. Today, the Surgeon’s House Bed & Breakfast is an interesting and beautiful lodging option. It’s just down the hill from the Jerome Grand Hotel and next to the

There’s No Place Like Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona
Jerome, Arizona | Image credit: Chris Deahr via Flickr

Where else in Arizona will you find a cluster of Victorian mansions on the side of a mountain? The answer is simple… nowhere. This kind of city planning is only available in Jerome. Arizona. Whatever you choose to do in Jerome, may you have a hauntingly good time!

John Ghost is a professional writer and SEO director. He graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in English (Writing, Rhetorics, and Literacies). As he prepares for graduate school to become an English professor, he writes weird fiction, plays his guitars, and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters. He lives in the Valley of the Sun.