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Here are 7 Lazy River Tubing Trips you Need To Start Planning for This Summer

Suny Errot



Make good use of your self-quarantine and start planning summer vacations to the state’s most beautiful attractions. While many think Arizona is nothing but a big, old desert, you’d be happy to know that the place has no shortage of rivers where you can go have fun. Go on a lazy river tubing in Arizona this summer to beat the insane heat. Sound good?

Check out our list for the best lazy river tubing Arizona experience: 

1. Colorado River

If you searched for “lazy river tubing Arizona,” then we might as well start with Colorado River! This one is a major river of the whole North America that flows for 1,450 miles. It is one of the state’s most visited destinations for those who love doing recreation activities.

There’s nothing better spending the day tubing down on one of Colorado’s many scenic rivers during summer. Enjoying the thrill on a ride down some whitewater may sound great, but it’s also great to relax and float down a gentle, lazy river. The good thing is there are many opportunities waiting for you if you plan to go to Colorado River. There’s Yuma, Lake Mead, and many more. Now, all that’s left is for you to pack your bags and head down here immediately.

Location: Yuma, Arizona
Tube Rental: https://www.yumarivertubing.com/

2. Salt River

Salt River Tubing Arizona Summer

Source: Instagram

We started strong with Colorado River, but this one right here is a real winner. Salt River is easily Arizona’s most popular tubing destination because it gives such a fresh and serene experience.

You can just go on a floating picnic and experience firsthand the wonder of the Salt River. There are many different tubing trips you can choose from depending on the time you have to spare. You may choose any among the two, three, or five-hour trips offered. Can you believe that it only costs $17 per person/tube?

There’s no time to waste. You need to check out the leisurely current of this famed destination!

Location: Mesa, Arizona
Tube Rental: https://www.saltrivertubing.com/

3. Golfland Sunsplash

Golfland Sunsplash Arizona Amusement Park Tubing

Source: Instagram

You’ve probably already seen Golfland Sunsplash somewhere. Well, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an article about it here. After all, it’s one of the amusement parks in Arizona where you’re sure to have the time of your life.

Golfland Sunsplash is both a waterpark and a family fun center, so you best believe you can find lots of activities to keep you and your friends or family entertained. If you’re done trying their 30+ rides and attractions, you better rest and relax in the 800-foot-long Endless River which offers low-key fun in the sun. There are also some water buckets that will give you a lighthearted surprise.

Location: Mesa, Arizona
Website: https://www.golfland.com/

4. Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak

Are you still searching for ideas on lazy river tubing Arizona? Well, our fourth suggestion won’t disappoint! The Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak offers a half a mile long man-made lazy river that flows around a center island filled with palm trees. It’s just like floating down in paradise. Just look for the River Ranch Water Park.

Surely, the four-acre waterpark isn’t just good for its 130-foot-tall waterslide, cascading water slide, and waterfalls. Don’t you think? Yep, you’re definitely putting this on your must-go-to list. You can just relax as you float down and admire the beautiful water park.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Website: https://www.squawpeakhilton.com/

5. Verde River

Verde River Tubing Arizona Adventure Waters

Source: Instagram

The Verde River is not just a simple river. It’s famous because it is one of the state’s two wild and scenic rivers. Not to mention, it offers a breathtaking landscape rich with wildlife and history. While it’s still pretty underrated compared to the other rivers in Arizona, you can’t say that this desert stream only has little to offer. It’s now becoming a popular recreation spot, especially for tubing activities.

Join a guided float down Verde River or go on your own and be in awe of the lush greenery that surrounds you. It will be one of your most memorable experiences in Arizona. We guarantee that! To make it more fun, just gather all your best friends.

Location: Cottonwood, Arizona
Tube Rental: https://sedonaadventuretours.com/river-trips/

6. Arizona Grand Resort & Spa

We’ve got to give the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa some credit. They surely put the fun in any lazy river tubing Arizona experience. The hotel is known for its impressive lineup of water attractions such as its wave pool, exhilarating slides, and a hot tub. But of course, let’s not forget why they are part of this list.

Arizona Grand Resort & Spa is perfect even for your family or friend’s impromptu tubing adventure! Their Zuni River has the qualities of an actual river with its side-by-side active river that gives a rolling effect.

Once you’re done tubing, why not treat yourself to a nice, cold drink and kick back in their Private Oasis Cabana? That certainly sounds like a cool summer.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Website: https://www.arizonagrandresort.com/oasis-water-park/

7. JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa

Starr Canyon lazy river jw marriott tucson arizona

Source: Facebook

Last but definitely not the list in our lazy river tubing Arizona guide is the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa. This hotel is one of Tucson’s top-rated hotels with its multi-level outdoor pool, golf courses, polished Mediterranean restaurant, and more. They also have one of the nicest lazy rivers called the Starr Canyon lazy river that is perfect for tubing! Believe it when you see it, the place is your much-deserved peaceful getaway in a secluded desert environment. You can just float your worries away.

Location: Tucson, Arizona
Website: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/tussp-jw-marriott-tucson-starr-pass-resort-and-spa/

Do you know of any good tubing place you want us to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll take a good look at it!