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You Can Rent This Crazy Arizona Mansion with a Lazy River For Cheap

Suny Errot



A beautiful getaway can be more taxing than relaxing if you don’t consider other visitors that will crowd and spoil the place for you. Nowadays, everyone would surely appreciate days that are simple, quiet, and far removed from our stressful jobs and busy lives. Now, if you are one of those who value peace of mind, this Arizona mansion is 100% perfect for you!

It’s not all bad that the resort-style experience will make you feel like royalty, too!

Exhibit A: This Arizona Mansion Has its Own Lazy River


Just so we’re clear, let’s start by saying that this beautiful home has an amazing pool and lazy river! The owners spent over half a million dollars just to create this one-of-a-kind showpiece, so it’s only right we spend a minute or two appreciating the thought they put in here!

Just by the look of it, you’ll know you and your friends will have an epic pool party! Guests who will stay at this Arizona mansion Airbnb will have private access to the pool and river, which both have multi-colored lights at night.

Doesn’t it look magical?

Exhibit B: You Can Play Any Game You Desire

Shoot your shot at the basketball court! Or, you know, just do a quick skill-fun drill technique because there are still lots of activities you can do here.

The Pool House also has its miniature golf course. Not only that, you can find a netted area close to the patio off the back of the house.

And if you don’t feel like playing basketball or golf, you can try the other outdoor activities. The owners conveniently put in cornhole boards, a giant four-in-a-row game, and even hopscotch on its paved area. After all, they’re not one of Scottsdale’s’ top listings just because of their lazy river.

Exhibit C: It’s Very Chill…

Did we mention that this Arizona mansion also has a chill outdoor fire pit? You can literally just spend the whole day here while bonding with your friends with a beer in hand.

The spacious outdoor kitchen will breathe new life into your summer backyard barbecues.

If you’re not your group’s designated chef, you can just relax and chill and wake up to the scent of flavorful meat.

Exhibit D: A Luxurious Experience Wherever You Are Inside the House

If everyone had a beautiful kitchen like this one, we’re sure more people will be motivated to prepare a delicious meal for their family and friends.

Dining would be an enjoyable experience, too (we’re not saying it already isn’t).

Forget about the bedroom. The living room is the real definition of Netflix and Chill!

Now, talk about the perfect man cave, huh? Play all the games you want! No one will stop you.

Exhibit E: Relax Like a Prince or Princess

You can bubble-bath your stress away…

…or you can get a restful sleep in a comfortable bed after an eventful day.


  • The Arizona mansion is meticulously maintained and furnished with high-quality furnishings. Additionally, it has the awesome amenities you would normally expect from a luxury home or a 5-star resort like The Four Seasons or The Ritz-Carlton. Don’t abuse nor trash the property.
  • The owners offer extra amenities at a fee such as Pool and Hot Tub Heat. You will be charged $225 per day to cover the cost of propane and electricity. The owners typically recommend that the pool be heated from October through May for a more comfortable swimming experience. Note: If you want your pool to be heated, you must give 3-day advance notice.
  • Stay a week to save more and get a 10% discount!
  • You can enjoy a cheap rate of as low as $105 per person per night in a group of 16. That’s a fraction of the cost of staying in a 5-star hotel! Note: The rate is based on a 4-day stay and does not include cleaning and service fee, and occupancy taxes and fees.
  • For more details, you may check out the Airbnb listing here.

How do you feel about the “Pool House?” Rad, huh?

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