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Go on an Epic Kayaking Tour Through an Emerald Cave in Arizona



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Be enchanted by the beautiful world starting with this natural destination. The Emerald Cave in Arizona has easily become one of the state’s famous underground wonder due to its mesmerizing beauty and the adventure that comes with it.

Find out what the hype about this destination is all about. You won’t regret it!

A Magical Kayaking Adventure Awaits

The Emerald Cave is located on the Black Canyon Water Trail just along the Colorado River, which runs between Arizona and Nevada. Guests who will choose this particular magical kayak tour will get the best of both worlds.

The Beautiful Scenery Will Prove to Be One of Earth’s Best

For every second that you travel upstream and paddle past the wonderful historical sites, you’ll be soothed and left in awe. Since this tour will cover around 4 miles (roundtrip), it is best if you take lots of photos so you can keep the magical experience forever. Afterward, feel free to chill and relax on Willow Beach.

Take the Tour to See the Emerald Cave in Arizona

Emerald Cave Kayaking Arizona
Source: Emerald Cave Kayak Tour | Kerrick James & elena_p_photography

Do you want to see this underground beauty? Then you better allow a half-day for the kayak activity. The put-in point for the trip is Willow Beach, Arizona. The good thing about that is that it’s just about an hour and a half away from downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. You can just paddle your way here.

The kayak tour is already inclusive of snacks, a professional tour guide (which are all friendly and knowledgeable, by the way), and your own touring kayak. The usual touring time is from 11 am to 2 pm, and is available all year round.

How much is it? The Emerald Cave Tour will cost $139 per person, but it will definitely be cheaper if you go with your friends. If you want a complete adventure, there’s also an additional option of kayaking the Hoover Dam for $239.

An exciting summertime adventure or relaxed autumn activity

The kayaking tour in the Emerald Cave in Arizona is available all year round. No matter the time or season of your visit, you’ll find that this is a place you need to see before you die. But of course, since the “emerald” beauty of this cave is its main highlight, it’s best to visit when the sun is up and shining brightly. By visiting during the early afternoon, you’ll explore the cove better when it’s not hidden in the shade of the tall rock cliffs on the opposite side of the river.


  • Wear water shoes. There is a possibility that you’ll get wet while on this kayak tour.
  • Keep your eyes open for the desert animals and vegetation of the Black Canyon. You will also see the Mojave Desert flora and fauna.
  • The cove is ideal for picnics activities. On the other hand, the Emerald Cave is also a great place for photographs. Make sure to charge your phone and power bank so you can take lots of photos.

Gorgeous Emerald Green Water

The reflection of the green algae at the bottom of the river gives off a mesmerizing, green color when the sun shines on it. If you think about it, it gives us the picture-perfect shot and the most memorable experience. Those who are tired of kayaking may pull over in the nearby beaches to chill and swim.

Note: We leave it up to you if you are willing to step in the 53-degree water.

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