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Here Are the 10 Best Florida Beaches for Glass Pebble Hunting



The Sunshine State isn’t only famous for its numerous attractions, such as the Kennedy Space Center, Everglade National Park, and of course, Walt Disney World. Florida is also world-renowned for its many beaches and beach resorts that offer a menagerie of activities for the old and young alike.

One adventure you can embark on Florida beaches is collecting sea glass. If you’re looking for unique sea glasses to add to your collection or just getting started because you saw one and suddenly became fascinated by it, here are the 10 best Florida beaches for your glass pebble hunting endeavor!

If you have no idea what it is, sea glass is a piece of broken glass that came from shipwrecks or even litter from a hundred or just a few years ago. The ocean is responsible for tumbling the glass around the sand, rounding the sharp edges, and giving the sea glass its frosty, enchanting appearance.

Usually, Florida is host to white, Kelly green, and clear sea glasses. But suppose you get truly immersed in your sea glass hunting adventure. In that case, you might be lucky to find rare colors, including jade, amber, amberina, forest green, soft blue, purple, citron, cobalt blue, gray, pink, black, yellow, turquoise, and more! Let’s see which beaches can give you the most of these rare sea glasses!

Siesta Key Beach


Siesta Key is a beautiful white sand barrier island housing Sarasota Beach, Siesta Key Beach, Turtle Beach, and Crescent Beach. It is a great location for hunting for sea glasses or just stumbling upon one. Unbeknownst to most people, especially the tourists, just off the Florida Keys are dozens of sunken ships that provide all the best and even rarest sea glasses one can find. According to the locals, the best time to spot a sea glass is after a storm when the waves have brought and uncovered some of the frosted treasures you’ll be looking forward to collecting.

Location: Siesta Key Beach

Navarre Beach


Navarre Beach is situated on the Gulf Coast and possesses clear turquoise waters and white sands—a relatively quiet spot despite being surrounded by buildings such as condos, houses, and rentals. Its often windy weather and strong waves contribute a lot to the sea glass treasure lying all around the seashore and sands of Navarre Beach. Navarre Beach possesses most of the common sea glass colors, but you’ll also be able to spot a few green, blue, and brown sea glasses as you stroll by.

Location: Navarre Beach

Jupiter Beach


Here’s yet another white sand beach with clear blue waters to add to your bucket list: Jupiter Beach. Located on the East Coast of Florida, Jupiter Beach is a great location for finding or hunting sea glasses because of its gentle waves, allowing you to browse around the seashore for longer periods. Additionally, there are many shells in the area that you might find unique enough to take home.

Location: Jupiter Beach

Jacksonville Beach


Jacksonville Beach isn’t only well known for its golf course, fishing pier, and tons of water activities—it’s also the best place for sea glass hunting. With abundant sea glasses around the coast, Jacksonville Beach is the perfect location for those who love beachcombing. Tourists aren’t the only people you’ll find flocking around the shoreline. After a storm, sea glass collectors rush to Jacksonville Beach to find sea glasses ranging from blue to green to brown.

Location: Jacksonville Beach

Cinnamon Beach


Cinnamon Beach is called that way because of the cinnamon-colored coquina sands that captivate locals and tourists alike. But more than its extensive history and the tons of water activities one can do by the seashore or in the water, Cinnamon Beach is also a great place to look for sea glass. Unlike most of the beaches mentioned on this list, Cinnamon Beach has a few isolated areas that are host to various kinds of sea glasses you can spot before anyone else.

Location: Cinnamon Beach Way

Clearwater Beach


White powdery sand paired with crystal clear beach waters—Clearwater Beach sounds like a dream! Home to various hotels, beach activities, and more, Clearwater Beach also hosts various sea glasses that collectors and even first-time goers can spot even from a mile away. Thanks to its powdery sands that are soft to the touch, it’s easy to go sea glass hunting on Clearwater Beach. Aside from sea glasses, you’ll also be able to find whole shells, sand dollars, and other beach treasures that have stood the test of time and waves.

Location: Clearwater Beach

Sanibel Island


Sanibel Island is home to Lighthouse Beach and Bowman’s Beach, where locals and tourists can find an abundance of seashells by the seashore. No, that’s not a tongue twister—it’s what you’ll see in real life! If you’re a sea glass hunter who loves a little bit of a challenge, Sanibel Island’s seashells house several sea glasses, some with rarer colors, under its covers. You will find great shells and an abundance of sea glasses!

Location: Sanibel Island

Fort Myers Beach


Are you looking for a great vacation location and a beach that would be a treasure trove of sea glasses? Look no further than Fort Myers Beach! This beautiful beach on the Gulf of Mexico serves powdery white sand and clear blue waters responsible for the easy spotting of seashells, various colored sea glasses, and even the perfect scenery to sit back and relax.

Location: Fort Myers Beach

Venice Beach


Here’s yet another addition to your expanding list of white sand beaches with clear blue waters that make for a great vacation destination and a good location for kids! Venice Beach in Florida hosts many hotels and rentals that can make your stay truly worthwhile. More than that, Venice Beach is also where an abundance of rare sea glasses can be found. They even have green, clear, and aqua-colored sea glasses! Embark on an adventure by the seashore, and you’ll have a big collection of sea glasses in no time.

Location: Venice Beach

Daytona Beach


You might have heard of Daytona Beach already, considering it is a world-renowned beach that hosts many tourists annually and has many great locations (hotels and the like) for tourists to spend their time in. You might not know that Daytona Beach is one of the best beaches in Florida and one of the best beaches for sea glass hunting. Whether you only appreciate the frosted sea glasses peeking by the shore or in the white sands of Daytona Beach, the light-colored sands make it one of the easiest spots to find and collect various colored sea glasses. Here’s your chance to grow your sea glass collection while enjoying everything that Daytona Beach has to offer!

Location: Daytona Beach

Have you figured out which beach you’ll venture out first? Whether you’re looking for places to relax as you stumbled upon this article, or you’re genuinely trying to collect sea glasses that don’t often come along the coastlines where you’re at, here are some of the best Florida beaches offering not only its captivating and relaxing natural sands and waves but also a menagerie of sea glasses waiting to be uncovered!

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