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Did you know the World’s LARGEST McDonalds is right here in Orlando, Florida



Ah, the classic McDonald’s. Who hasn’t had them? With their world-class french fries, mouth-watering Big Macs, and even unique-tasting sodas, no wonder it has become everybody’s favorite! Additionally, McDonald’s has this unique thing that adapts to every state or country. That means every McDonald’s branch you go to isn’t unique, but they also serve differing items on the menu!

World's Largest McDonalds Orlando Florida


With so many McDonald’s branches worldwide, have you ever wondered which one gets the crown out of them all? So many people think the most unique, or at least the biggest branch of McDonald’s, can be found overseas. Little did we know, the Ronald McDonald giant sits peacefully and impactfully in the middle of Orlando, Florida.

Welcome to Orlando, Florida! The Home to The Biggest McD in The Whole World!

Orlando, Florida, is best known for Disney World and Universal Studios. This family-friendly city garners more tourists than any other state in the US of A! Attracting over 60 million visitors annually, Orlando, Florida, is known for many other things, such as their warm climate, shopping malls, golf courses, and nightlife.

McDonalds Menu


No one would ever suspect that a whopping 19,000 square meter and three-foot tall McDonald’s branch would ever reside in Orlando, Florida! But it’s more than fitting; since Florida citizens are known for making everything bigger and better, what better move can there be than placing the greatest McDonald’s branch to ever grace the face of the earth over there?

Point It To Me Exactly! Where Is the Epic McD in Orlando Sitting?

Largest McDonald's Orlando Florida


Epic McD (yes, that’s what the biggest McDonald’s branch in the world is called in real life) is sitting snugly at 6875 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32819. It has been a total tourist attraction even to the locals. If you’ve driven by here before and seen the big McD, chances are you still need to see it again. And why is that? Because Epic McD has undergone a complete makeover within the last few years. It would be nice to drop by after a long while, or if you’re a tourist, to experience the biggest McDonald’s worldwide!

It’s Bigger; It’s Better, and Then What?

Epic McD isn’t just called epic because it is humongous. There are tons of things to explore in this spacious McDonald’s branch. Orlando’s McDonald’s is unlike any other McD branch you’ve visited. Since it’s the American family’s staple, I bet you already know what you’ll expect. Freshly fried french fries, burgers that taste exquisite yet familiar, and chicken nuggets you go to when you don’t want to go through the entire menu. But do you know what else Epic McD serves? Read along to find out!

With Epic McD Comes An Equally Epic Menu!

With a bigger branch comes a bigger menu. This time, you won’t be stuck with just french fries, chicken nuggets, sundaes, and Big Macs – there’s much more in store!

Nope, you’re not in an Italian McDonald’s branch. Orlando’s Epic McD still serves the long-discontinued McDonald’s pizza. Unlike what you think, Epic McD’s pizza is cooked fresh in a brick oven you’ll see inside the gigantic building. Enjoy a slice or two while bonding with your family or friends. And when you’re done, you can peruse the Epic Menu for other things you haven’t seen yet!

Pizza at McDonalds


Care for some pasta? The Epic McDonald’s has an extensive pasta selection that can be customizable! Now that’s jaw-dropping. If you’re wondering if you’ll get served with plastic spoons, forks, and knives, this time, you won’t. You’ll face real plates, silverware, and a different fast-food dining experience.

Pasta at McDonalds


Although you’re not in Philadelphia, you can taste what Philly is like with Epic McD’s Philly cheesesteak selection. Much like their pizza and pasta menus, your Philly cheesesteak can also be customizable to your liking!

McPhilly Cheesesteak McDonalds


Of course, the classic burger menu will always be included! But instead of just getting cheeseburgers, Big Macs, and other usual items on the McDonald’s menu, you get a whole array of choices to build your burger from. How sweet is that? And it’ll even be served on a plate with a knife!

Big Mac McDonalds


But wait, I know what you’re thinking of. The real question is, will the McFlurry machine work in the Epic McD? While the answer is yes, you might want to stray away from the normal McFlurries and sundaes and look over to Epic McD’s impressive dessert section. Yes, you read that right! The Epic McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, offers a variety of desserts you can choose from – from ice cream cones to several kinds of cakes and pastries, to a big cheesecake selection, and even cookies – you’ve got everything here. Pair it with your favorite menu item from the McCafe, and it’ll feel like you’re sitting in a classy cafe that overlooks the beauty of Orlando.

Okay, Enough About The Food; What About The Inside? A Big Building Like That Must Hold So Much!


And you’re not wrong! Aside from having a lot of spaciousness, the Epic McD can take you into an equally epic time-traveling experience. And while it cannot give you the real deal of time-traveling, each corner of the McDonald’s in Orlando can give you a different feel. From the traditional McDonald’s fast food layout to a cafe-like seating arrangement and furniture, you’ll get all the feels you want in just one place.

Americas Biggest McDonalds



On the other hand, for the kids, there’s a big PlayPlace complete with a system of tubes, slides, and even a kid-sized hamster wheel. Now your kid will never get bored just sitting down after eating.


Playplace McDonalds


arcade mcdonalds


The 30-foot Ronald McDonald is surely not the only thing you’ll return to in Orlando, Florida’s Epic McD. With tons of different food items to try, varying areas to experience for kids and adults, and an overall different feel that the biggest McDonald’s branch in the world brings, it will be like having a new experience and reliving your childhood McDonald’s dreams all over again.

Have you visited the newly-renovated Epic McD’s yet? Are you looking forward to including this gigantic McDonald’s branch in your Orlando itinerary? If you are, remember Ronald McDonald will welcome you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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