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Ever Wonder How and Where Tabasco Sauce is Made?



Tabasco Sauce is perhaps most people’s favorite hot sauce in the United States. Very often restaurants have Tabasco sauce as their main choice for hot sauce. The Tabasco brand seems to be well known by just about everyone. But what do you know about it? Did you know that it comes from a small island in Louisiana where it’s been in production since 1868?

Where is Tabasco Sauce Made?

The Tobasco Sauce factory in Avery Island, Louisiana.
The Tobasco Sauce factory in Avery Island, Louisiana.

CBS News show 60 Minutes did a special report on this history of Tabasco Sauce as well as the location where it’s been manufactured since 1868 in Avery Island, Lousiana.

Being in Avery Island is like stepping back 100 years. Avery Island is a stretch of private land in the bayous. It is full of extraordinary wildlife and history. The Tabasco company has been family-run by descendant family members of its founder Edmund McIlhenney since 1868.

It continues to be the leading brand of hot sauce in the United States. It has even become the official noun when someone refers to hot sauce. Its the perfect marketer’s dream-come-true. You can even find a bottle of this hot sauce on tables across South America and Europe.

Explore the Island and Learn About the Sauce and Its History

Sanjay Gupta of 60 Minutes on assignment in Avery Island.

This short video hosted by Sanjay Gupta, explains the origins of Tabasco Sauce and explores the natural beauty of Avery Island. It was more difficult for him to consume the sauce than he thought it would be.  A deeper understanding and respect for the Tabasco sauce brand of sauces has grown a lot for him.


Louisiana does have a variety of other hot sauces. Food from the bayou just wouldn’t taste the same without the spice of adding hot sauce. It’s no secret that the hot sauce is a beloved staple at many restaurants. Hopefully, this video and article will give you hot sauce lovers a whole new appreciation for Louisiana’s bayou country as well as Tabasco sauce.

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